Letter #85

One Second Can Change History

There are 60 seconds in a minute, 3,600 seconds in an hour, 86,400 seconds in a day, 31,536,000 seconds in a year. The liberals only want 1/31,536,000 of your year on election day. They only want one second of your time. That’s how long it will take you to vote for John (Lurch) Kerry. Or to not vote at all. Either one helps the enemies of God and America.

Are you going to be so spineless as to not vote and grant your liberal enemies their wish?

Don’t Buy It Until Oct. 8!

The queers have declared an economic boycott of America for October 8. On that day they are going to buy nothing. They think this will jar the economy and show their “economic strength.” If you are planning a purchase of any sort hold off until October 8 and then spend, spend, SPEND! Remember it was Americans who invented the term “Militant Consumerism.” Let’s spend so much that there is a noticeable rise in income that day. Let’s show them who the real “economic power” is. We can beat the queers and have fun at the same time!

Of course, if you’re one of those whining, gutless, losers who have never lost a battle because you’ve been too much of a coward to engage in one, then just stay home and play with the remote. We don’t need you anyway!

Sex Education in Public Schools WORKS!

Venereal disease has become an epidemic in the United States. In the ‘60s 1 in 32 had it. By 1983 1 in 18 had it. By 1996 1 in 4 had it.

1 in 5 American children over 12 have genital herpes.

Infertility rose 500% during the 1990s. (Figures from World Magazine, June 12, 2004)

Don’t just gripe about these figures. Have the guts to take these figures to your local Board of Education and demand a change. (Or play with the remote.)

REAL Prisoner Abuse

The News Mafia has made much of the prisoner abuse in Iraq. They’ve ignored the following:

She was one of thirteen prisoners of war. She was heavy with child. She had been force-marched all day without a stitch of clothing on and no water given her. Then her captors ripped her abdomen open, pulled out her unborn child and tossed it into a boiling pot to be eaten. Then they walked over to the horribly violated woman and scalped her while she howled pitifully. Then they hacked her to pieces and tossed her arms and legs near the fire to be cooked next.

The men prisoners screamed for them to stop. Two of them yelled insults. Their captors held these two down and cut off their arms and legs but didn’t kill them outright. They lay bleeding to death as they watched their merciless captors cook and eat their flesh.

Yes! It really happen. But it wasn’t U. S. troops goading Iraqis. It happened on July 15, 1755, in this country during the French & Indian War. The prisoners were captured white settlers. Their captors were Indians. You know, these folks with a “Proud Heritage” and million-dollar casinos. (Wilderness Empire, pg. 350)

Meeting the 7000

John & Bonnie Tantanella

I have known Bro. & Sis. Tantanella for a number of years. They are good and faithful Christians. Bro. John works for the railroad but after being a Christian for 16 years decided he wanted to make his life count for Jesus Christ. He is not called to preach. But, unlike some who choose to just go down on a street corner and call everybody names and pretend they are equal to a real preacher he chose a better route. He heads up the Christian Veterans Association for the state of Pennsylvania. You wouldn’t believe the joy he has brought these forgotten heroes and the tremendous testimonies he has of their conversions. He recently had an 83-year-old Jewish veteran trust, Christ.

Who’s ministering to the dying veterans in your area? Not called to preach but want your life to count for more than a good golf swing? Contact Bro. Tantanella and see how you can have an effect for Christ if you’re willing to turn off the TV and get off the couch. (Call: 814-941-2292 or: tantanella @ CVAinPA.com )

You Already Are!

For years I’ve heard Christians say, “I don’t want to be so Heavenly-Minded that I’m of no earthly-good.” I’ve got bad news for you, you already are! Countless Christians use their “Heavenly-minded” attitude about the Rapture to do nothing for God. Say to them, “We should do this for the Lord.” and they’ll piously respond, “Oh. There’s no sense in bothering, the Lord will be here soon.” “Well, then why don’t we do this while we wait?” “Oh, no. He’ll be here this year. It all has to fall apart before Christ returns.”

These people have used their fake love for the Lord’s return to never do anything for God, all the while pretending to “love His appearing.”

Are you so “Rapture-minded” that you’re of no earthly good?

“And the Winner Is…”

I know who is going to be president after the coming election. It will be a hard fought battle but the next President of the United States will be…who we deserve. God granted us a reprieve during the last election and many of God’s cheap cowards have still done nothing to help turn this country back to Him. All they’ve done is piously condemned George Bush as frequently as the News Mafia, condemned the country as “too bad to help” and sat around hoping God will judge it. This election these same blowhards will do their usual…nothing while trying to stop anyone who really does care about the country from doing anything.

It would only take one act of voting to make these worthless chunks of meat worth something. But they have done nothing for so long due to their cowardice that they can’t break the habit so they sit around trying to make their inaction seem like a virtue.

If these air-sucking dead-heads do nothing again this election, then maybe God will give them the president they’ve been hoping for.

If George Bush gets re-elected, it’s because someone in this country has done something right and God is extending His grace. If a liberal Democratic dog gets in, it is because God sees that that is what we deserve. And the self-righteous blowhards will not enjoy what happens to them and their families due to their standard, cowardly inaction.

Fight on!

On the fateful April 3rd in 1977, when a tornado devastated Xenia, Ohio, 147 other tornados were also losing their destructive power along a path stretching from Windsor, Ontario, Canada, to Alabama in the deep South.

In Bear Branch, Indiana, a twister slammed into the home of Halbert Walston. The storm hit with such force that it drove Walston straight out through the wall of his house and threw him 40 feet out in the back of what had been his home, breaking his ankle, five ribs and puncturing a lung. But, oblivious of his own injuries, Walston, struggled back to the wreckage of his house to rescue his wife and son, Michael, whose arm had been almost completely severed at the elbow. Disregarding his own injuries and tremendous pain, Walston pinched off the boy’s artery and held it until his wife could go for help, saving his life. Fight on!

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