Letter #84

Shame On Canada

I like Canada. Unfortunately, liberals there have shown their hatred for free speech. The Canadian government has embraced totalitarianism and is destined to become oppressive to its citizens/victims. By embracing homosexuals (Hmm.) the Canadian government has taken a shameful stand not only against the Bible but against: freedom, justice and morality. Canadians should mourn their country’s action by flying their flags at half-staff on the yearly anniversary of this infamous, shameful decision. Or will the dictators in the Canadian government make that action illegal too?

Reagan’s Funeral

The liberal News Mafia was shocked and embarrassed by the huge national turnout for Ronald Reagan’s funeral. They hated him with all their power and can’t stand the fact that the majority of this country loved him even after they had spent years writing derogatory stories about him. They hate conservatives (read that “you”) so much that they had to find something about his funeral that they could use to put a negative spin on it. They found it. The cost. They ran stories (as though someone other than a liberal dog cared) about how much it cost taxpayers. Tsk. Tsk.

Look, Reagan was an ex-president. I have no problem with the state paying for his funeral. I wouldn’t even mind if the state pays for the garbage truck that takes Bill Clinton to his final resting place at the landfill. But where was the News Mafia criticism when the U. S. Navy used a destroyer to carry the ashes of young John Kennedy out to sea? Kennedy was a private citizen, the editor of a failed magazine. What was the cost to taxpayers for that? I’m a private citizen. Think they’ll use a Navy ship for my funeral?

Where’s the Big Story?!

In the USAToday of June 10 is a tiny box showing the most popular names for 2003. The five most popular boys’ names were: 1. Jacob 2. Michael 3. Joshua 4. Matthew 5. Andrew

Now you know how much USAToday hates white America. Every few years they run another tired story that basically declares, “The demographics of America are changing rapidly. Within the next 30 years, whites will cease to be the majority of its population.” The News Mafia has run such stories for 50 years.

They love it when they can point to an increase in Spanish sounding names. So where’s the story accompanying this data? (I know I didn’t treat “data” as plural!) Shouldn’t it be accompanied by a headline that declares, “Jewish names most popular in the U.S.!” or “Americans turn to the Bible for their boys’ names!” (Don’t hold your breath waiting for such a headline.)

Hey! Maybe America isn’t ceasing to have a majority of whites in its population! Maybe that’s just News Mafia misinformation.
International Apple Juice?!

This is from the label of Tropicana apple juice: “Contains concentrates from Germany, Austria, Italy, Hungary, Argentina, Chile, Turkey, Brazil, China and the United States.”

Please. Somebody tell me they’re kidding!

Meeting the 7000

Pastor Mel Swanson

Bro. Swanson is 79 years young. He founded the Berean Baptist Church in Rockford, IL 51 years ago. The church runs 700+. This kind man was married for 24 years when his wife and mother of 8 passed away. Two years later he remarried and has been married for 33 years. Bro. Swanson reads his Bible once a month. He reads the entire book of Revelation every Sunday morning before church. He prays 2 hours a day.

Where some might use the trials of life as an excuse to quit, Bro. Swanson has kept on going.

Hate-filled Silence

The News Industry hates American young people and wants them to live like immoral dogs. That’s why they never reported that Teen Pregnancy rates are down due to abstinence programs aimed at public school teenagers. The teen pregnancy rate is down 28% among whites and 31.5% among blacks. Why is the News Mafia trying to keep you from finding this out?

More Hate, More Silence

The United States Constitution is the oldest national constitution still in force. No constitution was so well conceived. No nation has been as stable. Why isn’t that fact praised by the News Industry? Because they are silently fuming that it is true.

Tale of Two Nations

The United States of America came into existence officially in 1787 when we ratified the U. S. Constitution. Just twenty short years later another country was born, Haiti. Where the United States was decidedly dedicated to God, the nation of Haiti was officially dedicated to Satan. Voodoo was the official religion. Look how each country’s God/god has blessed those who have served Him/him.

A Church or a Funeral Home?

At my father-in-law’s funeral, I noticed something about the funeral home he was in. In one room they had a statue of Mary on the wall. Obviously to please Catholics. In another room, they had a Star of David to please the Jews. In the room Pop was in there was no statue for those who don’t believe in such things. A funeral home doesn’t want to offend ANYBODY!

What are you attending? A church or a funeral home?

Fight on!

On August 10, 1966, a battalion of Marines was heavily engaged with a large number of North Vietnam regular Army (NVA) troops during Operation COLORADO. Four old H-34 helicopters were sent in to bring out the wounded Marines. Fire at their Landing Zone was so intense that two of them left the area and arrived at their base too shot up to return. But Captain Robert J. Sheehan managed nine trips into the maelstrom to retrieve his wounded comrades. On his last trip in his craft became a “bullet magnet.” Sheehan had two more casualties to load before he could take off, but they were five long minutes in arriving. Bullets tore up the foliage around the helicopter. Geysers of dirt exploded on the ground but still, Sheehan waited. He could hear enemy rounds impacting his craft as the NVA found his range. When he was told to get out while he could Sheehan flatly stated, “I’m not leaving without those two Marines.” Finally, the wounded men were loaded on and Sheehan poured the kerosine to his turbine engine and wobbled into the air and blazed out of the area at treetop level. Mission accomplished. Fight on!

OnStar OnStage

Yes. In case you didn’t think they would, the FBI has been using General Motors’ OnStar system to track the movements of people it is interested in. (There must be a fuse somewhere that disables it.)

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