Letter #82

Liberals Hate “The Passion” with a Passion

Mel Gibson’s film about the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ has really got Christ-hating liberalism up in arms. In hopes of neutering its effect on the country, Newsweek wrote a story attacking the Bible. A Berkeley scholar said of the movie, “It makes God seem bloodthirsty.”Then, liberal theologians denied that Christ’s death was a payment for our sins.

One film critic whined that the film “fosters a one-dimensional view of Jesus, reducing His entire life and world-transforming teachings to His sufferings, to the notion that He was exclusively someone who was willing to absorb unspeakable punishment for our sins.” (Amen!)

The Washington Post called it a “gloomy gore fest.” Their film critic says a “parking space in hell has already been reserved” for Gibson’s portrayal of Christ’s death being for all of mankind. (Yes, I know. Some of our brethren who have a conviction against everything have sided with the liberals on this film. Oh well, at least they took a stand for all to see.)

Liberals Love “Judas”

Hoping to negate the damage of “The Passion”, Disney’s ABC produced a TV movie named after their favorite Bible character, Judas.

Although the special was poorly made, “Passion”- hating liberal critics were lining up to hail it. The New York Times called it “a balm to those who felt that Mel Gibson gloried in the violence of the Crucifixion at the expense of Jesus’ message of love and forgiveness.”

The “Jesus” of “Judas” is the kind Hollywood adores; wimpy, limp and benign. Maybe that’s why the Los Angeles Times called it “fun to watch.” (The betrayal of Jesus Christ?)

(Now, if I’m supposed to be against “The Passion” am I then supposed to be for “Judas”?)

Target: “Stop! Don’t shoot!”

Target stores have been quick to react to stories of their being a French-owned company and unwilling to donate to U.S. military charities. They are indeed owned and operated out of Minneapolis, MN.

The story of them denying a donation to a veteran’s group was true, but they claim the refusal was due to their policy of not donating to groups who personally solicit stores. They did not confirm or deny donating to homosexual groups but did claim they donate to “diverse” causes.

Target’s quick and terrified reaction shows that they fully understand the power Christians have even more than we Christians do. The lessons of the Christian boycotts of: Seven-eleven stores, K-mart, and Disney (Disney’s earning are down and Michael Isner was just fired) are very apparent to them even if some Christians don’t fully realize their own power.

What, you say you didn’t take part in any boycotts of these businesses? Then see what we did without you! Imagine what we could do together!

Thank God We Live in America!

Police in Germany held and investigated a young man in a train station for “removing electrical energy.” What had this dastardly person done? He plugged his laptop computer into a wall socket!

Meeting the 7000

Matt Burchard

Brother Matt started and pastors the Lewis & Clark Baptist Church in Lewiston, Idaho. Matt is 52. Recently he had a stroke. Although not paralyzed on one side like many stroke victims are, Matt left the hospital unable to swallow. Slowly he relearned how to eat. Bro. Matt has also lost his peripheral vision and with it his ability to drive. But Matt refuses to give up or give in. He has returned to the pulpit and struggles daily to regain those attributes he has lost.

What does it take to make you give up?

Anti-white Hate Crimes Continue

Kerri Dunn, a professor of psychology at Los Angeles area Claremont McKenna College, fueled more racial hatred recently. She told police that her car was defaced with racist, sexist and anti-Semitic slogans (too bad she wasn’t overweight too!) while she was giving a lecture against racism. 500 mindless college students rallied around the poorly abused liberal. Now, police say Dunn did the damage to her car and even have witnesses of the event. The professional liar may face federal charges. (Think she’ll lose her job?) Once again, the perpetrators of “hate crimes” are those who decry them. That’s the worst kind of hate crime.

Why don’t you write your Congressman with this information and demand that “hate crime” legislation be dropped from state laws? Oh, that’s right. You’re a Christian and they never do anything, except complain.

Another Professional News Media Liar

Like some sports figures, some news journalists seem to believe they are better than the rest of us and free to do anything they wish. In January, Jack Kelly, a journalist for USA Today, resigned after 21 years with that liberal political machine. Now it comes out that he lied, fabricated and plagiarized parts or all of many of his stories. Even being nominated for a Pulitzer prize for several of his professional lies.

Meanwhile: USA Today reporter, Marco R. Della Cara, was helping his dog perform yoga. Uh-huh. These are the people I’m supposed to trust to honestly and intelligently inform me on world events!

Repeat after me: “I can trust the News Media. I can trust the News Media. I can trust the News Media”

Fight on!

Captain George Eysser, of Ladder 6, Manhattan FDNY, tells of an incredibly courageous man in a fire he fought in the Wall Street area of New York City. There was a fire on the 35th floor of a building which trapped two men and a woman in a corner office. The fire had cut them off and was closing in on the trio. There was no place for the three to go but out onto the window ledge. So one of the men climbed out onto the ledge and lowered himself down to the window ledge on the floor below. Then he braced himself and had the other two climb down his body and onto that ledge where they reentered the building to safety. Fight on!


Matt McLaughlin, a Huntington Beach, California, the attorney is collecting signatures for a ballot initiative that will amend the state’s constitution to require public schools to use the King James Bible as a textbook in their classrooms. McLaughlin says that the Bible is literature and should be used to make the students “biblically literate.” (Tuscaloosa Tribune, Feb. 2004)

Why don’t you start the same initiative in your state? What? You say it will never pass. Maybe not, but it will scare the liberals to death and keep them subdued to the point that they may not institute their next hellish program. Or, you could do what you usually do…nothing.

Moon Over My Family

Sun Nyung Moon’s followers have gotten wind of the new Christian practice of making the family our god. They are hosting anonymous “Family Conferences” across the nation to draw in family worshippers. I mean, after all. How could anyone who exalts the family be bad?

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