Letter #81

They Love Your President!

“I tell you Iraqis hated Saddam’s regime. It was only George Bush who liberated us; without him it wouldn’t have happened. If he hadn’t done it, the sons of Saddam would have ruled us for years. He saved us from Saddam and that’s why we named our son for him.”

(The mother of George Bush Abdul Kader Faris Abed El-Hussein, born July 11, 2003)

They Love Your President!

Following are excerpts from an Army captain in Iraq who was present when President Bush showed up for Thanksgiving dinner.

“(Ambassador) Bremer thanked us all and pulled out a piece of paper as if to give a speech… He then paused and said that the senior man present should be the one to give it. He then looked at (Lt. Gen.) Sanchez, who just smiled. “Bremer then said that we should probably get someone more senior to read the speech. Then, from behind the camouflage netting, the President of the United States came around. The mess hall actually erupted with hollering. Troops bounded to their feet with shocked smiles and just began cheering with all their hearts. The building actually shook. It was just unreal. I was absolutely stunned. … The cheering went on and on and on. “Soldiers were hollering, cheering, and a lot of them were crying. There was not a dry eye at my table. When he stepped up to the cheering, I could clearly see tears running down his cheeks. It was the most surreal moment I’ve had in years. … Here was this man, our President, came all the way around the world, spending 17 hours on an airplane and landing in the most dangerous airport in the world, where a plane was shot out of the sky not six days before. “Just to spend two hours with his troops. Only to get on a plane and spend another 17 hours flying back. It was a great moment, and I will never forget it.”

So, Who HATES Your President?

Just the News Mafia, Hollywood, most college professors and the Democrats in Congress and some of our more merciless Brethren. So then, just who’s out of step with reality?

Off Target!

Following is the national policy of Target Stores: “Veterans do not meet our area of giving. We only donate to the arts, social action groups, gay & lesbian causes, and education.” This past Christmas Target refused to help the Marine Corps “Toys For Tots” program. Target Stores are French owned! You have every right to choose not to shop there and DO NOT allow some Liberal dictators intimidate you by calling you names.

America! Can’t SOMETHING Be Good?

Americans are constantly bombarded with everything that is wrong with our country. Our food is too fatty, our factories pollute the air, our economic system favors the rich, our cities are evil… Now stop and think. Even Nazi Germany produced the Volkswagen Beetle! Don’t you think that there must be something good about America? Why can’t the New Mafia ever report anything positive about your country? Maybe the problem is in the reporting!

Meeting the 7000

J. W. Willis

I first met J. W. in 1987. Some years earlier he had fallen 13 stories down an elevator shaft in a building he was helping to build. In the sub-basement, his arms caught a 6″ conduit that turned him 90 degrees and slung him across the basement floor. He has had countless surgeries and lives in terrible pain daily. A few years ago a doctor thought he had too much metal in him and removed 71/2 lb. of screws and braces.

But J. W. was serving the Lord in 1987 and he is still at it today. What does it take to stop you?

Remember to pray for J. W. Willis.

Fight on!

There were only 12 Army Special Forces soldiers in the Vietnamese village of Nam Dong on the night of July 5, 1964, when it was attacked by an overwhelming number of Viet Cong guerillas. The A-Team leader was 30-year-old Captain Roger Donlon. His team sergeant was 45 years old Gabriel “Pop” Alamo, a veteran of World War II. The camp was training about 300 Vietnamese troops. At about 2:30 AM a Viet Cong force of about 900 men struck the Special Forces camp, aided by over 100 spies among the 300 trainees. As Capt. Donlon headed for a mortar pit he was wounded by an enemy mortar round that blew off one of his shoes. As he prepared to help the crew another round hit, wounding his left arm, ripping his stomach open and blowing away his other shoe. Donlon crawled to another mortar pit where all the men had been wounded. He provided covering fire as they pulled back. He had to leave the body of Sgt. Alamo. Captain Donlon then tore his shirt up to bandage two wounded men and then stuffed the rest in his abdomen to help hold his intestines in. He then reestablished the mortar and crawled back to the abandoned pit for ammunition being wounded again in the leg by a grenade. For five hours Donlon directed the camp’s defense, being further wounded in the face, leg and his entire body. Finally, dawn and relief came. The camp had held. Captain Donlon lived to retire from the Army as a colonel. But first, he received the first Medal of Honor awarded in Vietnam. Fight on!

One Plane, 80 Targets

In September of 2003 a B-2 bomber, flying at 35,000 feet released 80 individually guided 500 lb. bombs on its 80 targets 10 miles away. Every one of the 80 bombs landed within 10 feet of its target.

It is no wonder that the enemies of this country, abroad, in Congress and in the News Mafia, hate the Air Force and seek to weaken it.

The Wicked Witch of the West

You heard what soldiers thought of Pres. Bush’s Thanksgiving visit. Here’s what one said about Hellary Clinton’s Thanksgiving Day invasion of Afghanistan.

“Thanksgiving Dinner started at 3 p.m. that day, so the line was forming around 2:30 p.m. She didn’t show up until around 3:30 p.m. “Once she got there, Clinton and her entourage bumped everyone in line, forcing them to wait almost an extra hour.” The brass at Bagram apparently had a hard time rounding up New Yorkers who wanted to have dinner with Clinton. Only six GIs responded to an e-mail sent out last week that stated, “Looking for military members from New York and Rhode Island interested in meeting their Senator/Congressman.” People magazine was on hand to cover the event and wanted to interview the troops for reaction to Clinton’s visit. “But they were getting declined left and right,” … “People were actually telling the reporters, ‘You don’t want to print what I think about her and her visit.'”

After Clinton and her entourage departed, the only topics GIs wanted to talk about were “how great the food was and how fantastic they thought George Bush’s visit to Iraq was.”(NewsMax)

But the Liberals who own the News Media love her!
You are not wrong to dislike this woman and you are not wrong to do everything you can (legally) to keep her out of the White House.

In 1945 the average number of words in the written vocabulary of a 6-14-year-old child was 25,000. In 1994 it was 10,000. Cowabunga, Dude!

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