Letter #80

Building the Next “Super Power”

When the Soviet Union, that fictional “Super Power” created and maintained by the United States, fell apart unexpectedly in 1990 I said that the “Powers That Be” would manufacture China into the next “Super Power” in order to scare Americans into doing what they wanted. That is why.

China always gets kid glove treatment. No one goes around demanding “One man, one vote!” concerning China. No one wants to go to war to “Bring democracy to China.”
No Chinese “spy” stole those secrets from Los Alamos. They were transferred to China. The theft story was used to explain their disappearance here and sudden appearance in


Under Clinton, the entire contents of a MacDonald-Douglas plant in Columbus, Ohio, was crated up and sent to China to help build Silkworm missiles. It took 275 semi-trucks to haul the booty to the ship that carried it to China.
Also under Clinton technology from Loral, Hughes Electronics and Boeing Satellite Systems was given to our Chinese enemies.

Under George Bush a General Motors defense plant from Valparaiso, Indiana, was sent to China.

China has threatened us and knocked our airplanes from the sky. Yet I heard a State Department “Expert on China” say, “We can’t tell what China’s intentions toward the United States are.” If I, a lowly preacher, can figure out that they want us dead certainly this talking head knows the truth. That means he’s lying. And so is anybody who says China is not our mortal enemy.

I See a Trend!

Sexually perverted TV star Ellen Degenerate “came out” as a lesbian and she was soon off television. Rosie “The Hog” O’Donnell did the same and she’s gone too.

Maybe there’s something to this. Maybe Americans aren’t as accepting of perverts as Hellywood would have us think. Refreshing! Isn’t it?

Environmentalists Have Brought Death & Corruption

Fanatical religious environmentalists have passed laws that are driving ranchers, loggers, and recreationists off huge portions of our national forests. The vacuum has been filled by Mexican drug cartels growing marijuana. In California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah and Arkansas armed guards, and booby traps are threatening to kill anyone who stumbles onto one of their fields. It only seems right that environmentalists would be partners in crime with a bunch of drug dealers.

If There Is No “God” there Is No “Good”

“Good” is defined by the Bible. Eliminate the authority of the Bible (A common goal of Hollywood, public schools and the New Mafia) and “Good” will be defined by whoever has the biggest gun. Thus, as power is transferred from the Bible to the News Industry, we see that “Good” is: recycling, accepting homosexuals, free sex, gun control etc. while “Bad” is being anti-abortion, being pro-American, being aChristian etc.

Meeting the 7000

Tom Schulze

Bro. Tom & I were on the staff of the Massillon Baptist Temple over twenty years ago. Coincidently we both left and pastored churches in Georgia. Tom took a small church meeting in a plywood tabernacle and established it and built a beautiful brick building. Then life dealt him a “Broadside.” He left his church but never abandoned the Lord. TodayTom is still active in Central Baptist Church in Canton, OH. Tom has three sons & a daughter. Two sons are ordained and in the ministry. His daughter and her husband make frequent mission trips to Africa for their church and his remaining son is active in his church. And these kids are some of the nicest people you could ever meet.

Please don’t give up on God because of life circumstances!

Massachusetts, A “Short List” of Names

When it was time to give names to the towns in Massachusetts they must have had a very short list to choose from. The following towns are within 5 – 10 miles of each other. The location grid is from the standard Rand – McNally Road Atlas.

  1. Deerfield, East Deerfield, West Deerfield and South Deerfield …C-5
  2. North Amherst, Amherst, South Amherst…E-5
  3. North Hadley, Hadley, South Hadley, South Hadley Falls…E-5
  4. Brookfield, East Brookfield, West Brookfield and North Brookfield…F-8
  5. Adamsville, Lyonsville, Griswaldville and Shattuakville…C-4
  6. Lenox, New Lenox and Lenox Dale…E-2
  7. Northbridge, Northbridge Center, Uxbridge and North Uxbridge. ..G-11
  8. Westborough, Northborough, Southborough and Marlborough…E-11
  9. Lancaster, North Lancaster and South Lancaster…D-11
  10. Yarmouth, Yarmouth Port, West Yarmouth and South Yarmouth…J-19
  11. Westport, South Westport, Westport Point, Head of Westport, Westport Factory…K-14
  12. North Walpole, South Walpole, East Walpole, West Walpole…G-13
  13. Acton, North Acton, South Acton, East Acton and West Acton…E-12
  14. Northampton, Westhampton, Easthampton and Southampton…E-5

But where, oh where is Ware?

Fight on!

Early in the morning of November 22, 1847, the Great Lakes passenger liner Phoenix caught fire on Lake Michigan. The ship’s two lifeboats were lowered and quickly filled with crewmen who were indifferent to the plight of the Dutch Reformed Christians onboard. David Blish, a well known Southport merchant, was offered a place on one of the lifeboats. With plenty of reason to live but taken aback by the crew’s cold indifference, he refused. “I’ll take my chances with the rest,” he stated. At the height of the fire, Blish was seen protecting a helpless little girl by holding her and placing his body between her and the flames. Later in the water, Blish put together a crude raft on which he placed small children. He was last seen clutching a child in each arm until he slipped beneath the waters. Fight on!


The charge, “You’re just not progressive.” is often used to cower those who resist tyranny or apostasy. Here’s who has always claimed the title:

  • In the ’50s the communists in this country were called “progressives.”
  • In the ’60s immoral hippies were called “progressives.”
  • In the ’70s dopers were called “progressives.”
  • In the ’80s Liberals were called “progressives.”
  • In the ’90s One-worlders were called “progressives.”

Now Christians introducing apostasy into our churches call themselves “progressives.” Do you really want that name?

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