Letter #79

Should It Be “Light-Greenpeace”?

In all the years that Greenpeace has been busy breaking the law and spreading hatred, I’ve never seen a Black person represent them. The same is true of the Sierra Club. Could it be that these environmental organizations are “‘WhiteBoys'” clubs? Why hasn’t the White-bashing News Industry investigated this?

Peace Keepers?

On May 2, 2003, the cafeteria workers at the United Nations building walked out on strike. No one was left to serve, clean up after or monitor UN dignitaries (?). UN delegates from around the world saw their opportunity and wholesale looting and rioting ensued. The best people the world had to offer stole $10,000 in food, all of the available liquor and even the cafeteria’s silverware. A New York Post editorial commented, “‘And this is the outfit that wants to administer the rebuilding of Iraq?” (New American 5/2/03)

Good Intelligence, Bad Intelligence, and NO Intelligence

After those Muslims murdered over 3,000 innocent American men, women and children on September 11, we were told by the millionaires in the News Industry that there was intelligence that could have prevented it that had been ignored by the Bush administration. “‘He should have acted sooner!” they howled. Then, after he acted on intelligence and invaded Iraq they howled, “‘The intelligence was faulty, he shouldn’t have acted.” Think! If Bush hadn’t invaded Iraq and they had managed another 9/11, the same Liberals would have pointed at the same intelligence and screamed, “‘He should have acted.” Liberals are not interested in truth. They are interested in putting themselves in power. Vote against all Liberals.

Protecting Their Allies

In the Tom Clancy novel, Sum of All Fears, the villains are Muslim in the Middle East. When Muslim-loving, Christianity-hating Hellywood turned the book into a film they changed the villain to one of their favorite whipping boys, right-wing Neo-nazism. Hellywood hates anything to the right of them and they will do nothing to hurt the cause of their Muslim allies.

We Should Be Proud of Them!

We have much to thank Native Americans for. They invented the automobile, the steam engine, the airplane, the jet engine, the modern highway system, cures for; polio, smallpox, and rabis…What? You say they didn’t invent those things? Then who do we owe our thanks to for them? Oh! Well, we can’t thank them! So what did those bold, proud, wise Native Americans invent? Oh, the beaded belt? Great!

We should all thank those bold, proud, wise Native Americans for what they’ve added to all of our lives through their fearless invention of the beaded belt!

Navy Recruiter Poster

“‘Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Those Who Threaten It.”

Meeting the 7000

Jack Chick

Bro. Chick is famous for his cartoon tracts and comic books. But during World War II Bro. Chick was stationed in New Guinea. He had a great burden for those people and after getting out of the service he desired to go back as a missionary. Due to circumstances beyond his control, he has never been able to return to New Guinea as a missionary. But, instead, he got an idea to illustrate gospel tracts with cartoon stories. His first, “‘Holy Joe”, reflected some of his own experiences in the military. Today he publishes 150 tracts and books in over 100 languages.

But, as a gracious God would have it, years ago Bro. Chick led a young man to Christ who helped him on his early tracts. Later that man, Dennis Wells, went to Papua New Guinea as a missionary. Bro. Wells serves 30 churches and his son Brad has a church and a radio station in Mt. Hagan.

See what can happen if you simply refuse to quit?

The Lying News Industry

The millionaires who run the News Industry will do anything to get a liberal into office and anything to keep him there. This is nothing new. Now the facts are coming out that they hid the truth about the frail health of playboy, John F. Kennedy, while in the White House so as not to reveal that he may not have been physically fit for the office. While in office Kennedy made numerous secret trips to the hospital. The drugs he took while in office were codeine sulfate, Procaine, cortisone, penicillin, testosterone, Lomotil, and several sedatives. He was treated for; colitis, stomach problems, fevers, dehydration, abscesses, high cholesterol, and it is rumored that he had several venereal diseases. But, disregarding the welfare of the nation, the News Industry covered up these facts lest their Liberal idol fall from power.

It makes you wonder how long they knew about Monica Lewinsky. If that little episode had not been exposed by Linda Tripp, I can assure you they never would have reported it.

Don’t trust and don’t believe the News Industry!

Fight on!

He wasn’t tall. His voice was soft. There was nothing about him that would leave a lasting impression. Now, at 34 years old, he was deeply in debt and failing as a farmer. His life had been an uneventful failure. Then he gave up. He paid his debts and packed up his family and headed for a land to the west he heard about called, “‘Caintuck.” With his bare hands, he cut a road through the wilderness to allow others access to the lush wilderness. He established a town and fought Indians to preserve it until the area was populated and secure. Then at age 70 he got tired of the crowds and moved to the St. Louis, Missouri, area and did it again. In 1820 at the age of 86, he died. He had left the Carolinas and failure and never looked back as he marched west and into history. He helped to mold and establish this great nation. And just where would America be if Daniel Boone had been a successful farmer? Fight on!

Because I Care!

Regardless of whether you & I want it or not, bars and strip joints are never again going to be closed by the government. But might I propose an idea? Isn’t it odd that an establishment whose sole purpose for existing is to sell something that distorts one’s thinking and reflexes is also one of the darkest places on earth? A sober man could fall over a chair in one, let alone a drunk. I propose, in the name of safety that every bar and strip joint be as well lit as WalMart! That way their victims would have less of a chance of falling over something and hurting themselves. (Is anyone brave enough to propose this at their local City Council meeting?)

What Do You Call It?

What do you call the exposure of the inferior, biased and false reporting being done by the New York Times? A good start!

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