Letter #77

SARS, The One That Got Away!

Severe, Acute, Respiratory Syndrome, SARS, just popped up in Hong Kong out of nowhere. Where did it come from? Try this for a scenario. The Communist Chinese have been working on their own biological weapon. There was a slight release at the laboratory and infected workers carried the disease to the general public. There are two highly suspicious incidents here.

  1. First, the Communists have refused to cooperate fully with the World Health Organization in their quest to find the cause. Why not help if you’re innocent?
  2. Not one news agency has even voiced the possibility of the above scenario. Being allies of the communists, they never report anything that could injure the communist cause.

Covering For the Enemy

The kidnapper-rapist of Elizabeth Smart is a Mormon. The News Industry is for any religion that is non-Christian. Therefore they are doing all they can not to mention this fact. They will do anything to help any enemy of Christianity.

Watch the Money-sucking Bigot

Watch and see if Al Sharpton, the hatemonger, doesn’t claim that they rescued Jessica Lynch because she was white and didn’t rescue the other woman POW because she was black. Never underestimate the bigotry of a hate-filled Liberal.

“Jihad” is a “Jihoke”He always Turns Up

Our country simply cannot escape paying with blood for the eight-year sentence that was served with the News Industry’ candidate, Bedroom Bill Clinton, as President. Starting in 1992 comrade Clinton permanently settled over 6,000 Iraqi POW’s in this country without so much as a security clearance. In dollars it cost us $70,000,000. In American blood, it cost us “September 11” and the Iraqi War. Liberal Democrats are a bloody lot.

There are about 1,500 deaths per year due to gun accidents.

There are about 60,000 deaths per year due to medical malpractice.

Meeting the 7000

Rev.David Frederick

Bro. Frederick is the Associate Pastor of Galilean Baptist Church in Livonia, MI. For years Bro. Frederick’s Jehovah Witness mother would have nothing to do with the Bible. As her health began to fail, he asked her if he could just read one chapter of the Bible each time he visited. She consented. After 400 chapters the Jehovah Witness of 50 years trusted Christ as her Saviour. She threw out her JW junk and then threw out the JW’s when they came to see her. What does it take to stop you?

Identifying Our Nation’sEnemies

To find who it is that wants America destroyed, all we need to do is locate who:

  1. Told our women that tattoos were feminine,
  2. Told our men that earrings were masculine,
  3. Told our high school girls they owed a boy their body,
  4. Told our boys that drinking and immorality were virtues,
  5. Told our criminals it wasn’t their fault,
  6. Told bums that someone owed them a living,
  7. Told our people the Bible couldn’t be trusted.

I keep running into the News Industry, Hollywood and public education.

When “Stupidity” Meets “Common Sense”

Sometimes it’s amazing how a little common sense exposes the stupidity of some folk’s thought processes. Two Christian women were talking and here’s how the conversation went:

Stupidity – “In the Garden of Eden they didn’t eat meat. Therefore we shouldn’t be eating meat.”

Common Sense – “In the Garden of Eden they all ran around naked. I guess God wants us to do that too!”

A News Media Secret

The News Media hates the independence that a privately owned car provides. (They want you on buses. Then they’ll be free to drive their cars!) When the Nazis in Congress were overpowered and the states were freed to raise their speed limits, the News Mafia screamed warnings that “carnage” was headed for our nation’s highways. Guess what? In 1997 the highway death rate was 1.6 per every 100,000 miles driven. The lowest rate ever! The News Mafia knows this. They’re simply not going to report anything that doesn’t further their agenda.


Recently two boys murdered their mother and cut off her head and hands to prevent police from identifying her body. They learned this from the HBO show The Sopranos. If gun companies can be sued for making a gun used by a criminal, why can’t HBO be sued for inspiring such crimes?

By the way, why does HBO have such a fixation with death, crime, sex, and perversion? They market shows like the following: The Sopranos, Oz, and Sex in the City. This is who you want educating and entertaining your family? What’s wrong with you?

Fight On!

In 1835 Richard Lawrence tried to assassinate President Andrew Jackson. As President Jackson walked by he raised a single shot shotgun and pulled the trigger. The gun misfired. He dropped it and raised his other shotgun and fired that one. It too misfired. Rather than run or recoil in fright, the enraged President Jackson attacked Lawrence with his cane and beat him until he (Lawrence) was rescued and arrested. Fight on!

Every enemy we’ve fought since 1950 has had the same ally, the News Media.

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