Letter #74

Thank God for Rosie O’Donnell!

We can thank God for the Lesbian pervert, Rosie O’Donnell. Why? Because I cannot think of anyone more repulsive to represent the queers. Her meanness, her hatred for normal people and her hypocrisy are wonderful examples of why homosexuality should be rejected by all. She is a far better spokesman for why perverts should be prosecuted than why they should be accepted into our society. Thank you, Rosie…you wonderful pig!

Rosie In Ruin

Hey, Ellen Degenerate revealed her sexual perversion and was soon off the television. Rosie O’Donnell did the same and is also gone. See a trend? Great, ain’t it?!

And that unfunny man, Dennis Miller, who knows nothing about announcing football is also out of a job. Glory!

Is Nickelodeon Doomed?

That bastion of homosexuality, the Entertainment Industry, is trying once again to force their perverted morals on the rest of America. Nickelodeon has aired a special called My Family is Different which defends and promotes the sexual perversion of homosexuality. Christian groups are debating on whether to boycott the homosexuals at Nickelodeon. Nothing is more effective than boycotts. Ask 7/11, K-Mart and Disney. Not one of these former economic giants ever recovered from a Christian boycott. But the News Industry, never one to help its sworn enemy, us, never reports the success of these boycotts. Both the Entertainment and News Industries want your children to grow up homosexual. Have you so surrendered your will, your family, to them that you won’t even try to resist their efforts?

Disney is Dying

Attendance at Disney World in Orlando is down 7%. “It’s the economy,” you say? Then why is attendance at Universal Studio’s theme park up 11%? The brave Christians who have boycotted Disney products have done this. You wimps who do nothing have…done nothing.

<3h>Only THEY Can Prevent Forest Fires

The recent Colorado wildfire was initially blamed on an unattended campfire. As soon as I heard the report I told my wife it wasn’t true. Sure enough, we now find out that it was started by a National Forest Service worker. These are the folks who are supposed to be protecting our “precious” forests for “idiots” like you and me who might set them on fire by just looking at them wrong. These are the same people who burned up thousands of acres and multiple homes around Los Alamos, NM a few years ago. Were the fires intentional? Maybe not, but it does have to be considered. But what these actions really prove, or rather disprove, is the infallibility of government. We Americans have been raised to believe that the government is always more trustworthy than private citizens. Not so! The government doesn’t trust us with guns and they can’t even be trusted with matches!

Environmentalism is a mental illness.

Meeting the 7000

Kathy Gipp

Kathy & I have been married for over 30 years. 29 of those years have been lived in the aftermath of my breaking my neck. I have some really miserable days. The pain makes me short-tempered and utterly useless. Yet Kathy has always been a lift. For all the negative force that the pain is in my life Kathy is a greater positive force. This is why I can take the pain so well. There are no problems in our marriage which means all I have to deal with is pain. As they say, “She is part of the solution, not part of the problem.” Lady, are you?

Supporting Their Failures

The News Industry is far more loyal to those on their side than Christians are to their own. The pinnacle of the animal rights movement was “Animal Rights 2002” which took place in McLean, VA with “the godfather of animal rights”, Peter Singer, a professor at apostate Princeton University. It is reported that attendance was “about 100 people.” That is a dead movement! Yet the News Industry will not declare its death. Rather they will continue to promote the animal rights movement in hopes of breathing life into it so they can help it destroy their enemy, the United States of America. There are more people in the average local church than attended this meeting! Furthermore, the NRA has over 300,000 members. It is a successful organization as opposed to the animal rights failures.

At this huddled mass of losers Singer declared it is all right to murder a baby within 28 days after its birth. Singer, who stated plainly, “I am an atheist.” also declared, “If you have a being that is not sentient, that is not even aware, then the killing of that being is not something that is wrong in and of itself…I think that a chimpanzee certainly has greater self-awareness than a newborn baby.”

If you, as a Christian, are in any way sympathetic to the environmental or animal rights movement then you are on Peter Singer’s side! You are an enemy of God and Christianity. You are a servant of the devil.

Insanity Confirmed

David Garber, a former federal employee of the National Park Service, is a prime example of the effect that the mental illness called, “Environmentalism” can have on an otherwise normal human being. Garber, in his madness, has revealed his hatred for humanity. He recently babbeled that humanity, “…became a cancer. We have become a plague upon ourselves and upon the Earth…Until such time as Homo Sapiens should decide to rejoin nature, some of us can only hope for the right virus to come along.” (Shortly, Garber will be picked up and sent to the “Re-education Camps” in the Arctic.)

Sherrie Tippie, (Now there’s a good name for an environmentalist!) Of Wildlife 2000, in commenting about the killing of a cougar that attacked and killed a helpless 10-year-old boy said, “[T]he only species we have too many of is the human one.”

Whenever you are confronted by an environmentalist, don’t remain silent, argue with them! Talk them down! Drive them from the public area! They are mentally ill and you will be helping society. Don’t you ever get tired of being a coward?

Fight On!

When the Newhall House hotel burned down on January 10, 1883, that those inside were hampered by extremely flammable wood construction, poorly located fire escapes and choking smoke. Crowds in the streets around the structure heard the terrified cries of a group of young women, table hostesses, trapped on the roof of the six-story-high building. No one could reach them. But firemen Edward Rymer and Herman Strauss headed to the roof of a neighboring bank building and were able to make a shaky bridge from that building to a window in the flaming hotel. Eleven times fireman Strauss crawled across the unstable span, each time returning with a young woman on his back. By his twelfth trip, the hotel end of the ladder was on fire. The woman on his back fainted and fell. But Strauss’ quick reflexes shot into action as he reached out and caught her by the ankle and hauled her to safety. Fight on!

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