Letter #73

Save the Children…From the U.N.!

Reports are flooding UN headquarters that workers for the United Nations High Command for Refugees (UNHCR) in West Africa have been sexually abusing the very children they were sent there to “protect.” In some cases, they even withhold food to force the children to do their bidding. If sex abuse by the Roman Catholic Church is wrong…and it is, then why doesn’t some “brave, hard-hitting investigative reporter” blow the lid off the routine sex crimes of the United Nations?

The Height of Stupidity

Germany recently passed a new constitution. Germany is now the only country stupid enough to grant rights to animals! That’s right. From the people that brought you the Holocaust, human skin lampshades and World War II comes a constitution that recognizes the “rights” of animals as being equal with the rights of humans. Thank God, I live in America!

Environmentalists’ Heritage

Humans have many enemies. Some are natural and some are by choice. Lately, we have heard of humans being viciously attacked by sharks. Forest fires have destroyed countless acres because environmentalists prevent loggers from thinning them. California has experienced rolling blackouts. Gas prices have risen and fallen fitfully. Firefighters have been burned to death fighting forest fires because some environmentalist prevented water from being drawn to save them because it might affect a fish. There have been reports of wolves attacking cattle and mountain lions wandering into towns and murdering helpless humans. New homes have been burned.

One group is responsible for this death and destruction, environmentalism. No other group in the history of this country has visited as much grief and misery on its citizenry. Environmentalists are a disease to modern society. They produce nothing but grief and pain and are pleased by this. Environmentalists need to be rounded up and institutionalized to prevent them from hurting themselves and others.

Americans! They’ve ALWAYS Been in a Hurry

Lewis & Clark hired an Indian to guide them through the Bitterroot Mountains in their journey to the Pacific Ocean. Paddling the Columbia River, they came to a mile long stretch of horrific rapids that demanded the canoes be portaged. But the company was tired of stopping to carry their canoes around dangerous water and were in a hurry to reach the Pacific before winter so they elected to shoot the rapids. Indians lined both sides of the river to watch the deaths of these “crazy White men.” They tumbled, fought and bobbed through the treacherous water that no Indian would dare attempt to negotiate and made it through without losing a man… except their Indian guide who was last seen running back east along the river bank, before they shot the rapids, headed for home.

You see, you shouldn’t be ashamed or intimidated that you’re always in a hurry. Americans have always been in a hurry. We have helped an unthankful world by discovering new things and sharing them with them. As a nation, we have much to do and little time to do it. It is part of our national personality to be in a hurry. Don’t be ashamed of it, just…get busy!

Meeting the 7000

Bernard and Shirley Jeffries

While expecting a baby in 1973, Shirley Jeffries was exposed to German Measles. Her doctors told her that her child would be severely handicapped and should be aborted. Shirley and her husband, Bernard, are born-again Christians and refused to murder their defenseless unborn child.

Well, Shirley Jeffries definitely gave birth to a child who is “different” than others. Today her 28 year old son, Bud, is 5′ 11″ and weighs 350 lbs. He is normal except that he is one of the world’s strongest men. Bud does knee bends with 900 lbs. on his shoulders. He pulls 32,000 lb. buses and can straighten out horse shoes and drive nails with his bare hands. He has set two world and several national powerlifting records. Some handicap! Thank God for Christians who refuse to be intimidated by “experts.”

Send Your Kids to Public School

They may be molested by a teacher. They may be shot. Or maybe they will just spend 12 years learning the joys of homosexuality and the need to protect the environment But at least they’ll be able to play on a sports team! I mean, what could be more important?

Progress, Progress, PROGRESS!
During World War II it took 9,070 bombs to drop one bridge. During the Korean War, it took 1,100 to do the same job. In Vietnam, it took only 176 bombs. Today two bridges can be destroyed per plane!

In the present operation, “Enduring Freedom”, US Air Force airplanes hit the same number of targets with 200 sorties (missions) that it took 3,000 sorties to hit during “Operation Desert Storm.”

Fight On!

Lake Tanganyika, in Africa, is 450 mi. long and 50 mi. wide. During World War I its eastern shore bordered German East Africa, its western shore, the Belgian Congo and at its tips, British colonies. On August 22,1914 the German’s surprised their neighbors by sinking the Belgian ship, Alexadre del Commune, the only ship that could threaten Germany’s control of the lake. Germany, with three ships; the 45 ton, Kingani; the 100 tn., Hedwig von Wissman and the 800tn. Graf von Gotten now controlled the lake and threatened its neighbors. The situation seemed hopeless. But a British citizen, John R. Lee had a vision of hauling a ship across Africa to engage the Germans. His idea was accepted and two 40 ft. gunboats were hauled 3,000 by rail, steam traction engine and block & tackle to the lake. At times natives had to haul water for the steam tractors from a river 8 miles away.

On December 26, 1915 the two tiny gunboats sunk the Kingani. Then the ingenious Brits raised the ship, mounted a 12 pounder cannon and engaged the 100 ton, Hedwig von Wissman. The tiny boat expended all but two shells with misses. With its next to last shot, it sunk the Wissman. This panicked the Germans who later sunk the Graf von Gotten themselves.

The British had hauled two tiny gunboats across 3,000 miles of Africa’s darkest jungle, engaged ships with superior firepower…and won! Fight on!

Independence Hall is NOT Yours

The room in which the United States of America was created is no longer property of the country it spawned. Independence Hall has been designated a “World Heritage Site” and is now under the auspices of the United Nations.

Americans Not Interested

Visitors to Smokey Mountain “National” Park are down in number. Like Independence Hall, Smokey Mountain “National” Park has been stolen from the American people and turned over to the United Nations. Maybe Americans don’t like seeing a country that doesn’t belong to them!

Why don’t you barrage the National Park Service with email complaints?

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