Letter #72

John Adam’s Prayer

Inscribed on the mantel in the White House State Dining Room:

“I Pray Heaven to Bestow the Best Blessings on This House And All that shall hereafter Inhabit it. May none but Honest and Wise Men ever rule under This Roof.”

English IS Our Official Language

Thomas Jefferson, one of our Founding Fathers, had a vision of an America that spanned from the Atlantic to the Pacific, “speaking one language, governed in similar forms and by similar laws.” Now, are we to believe the language he referred to was Spanish? French?

This IS NOT Janet Reno!

“Islam is a religion in which god requires you to send your son to die for him. Christianity is a faith in which God sends His Son to die for you.”
Attorney Gen. John Ashcroft

Another Female Failure

The stupid Sacajewea one dollar coin has ceased to be produced. Not once, but twice, the politically correct liberals in the Treasury Dept. have tried to foist a politically correct one dollar coin on the American public and once again the public has overwhelmingly rejected it. Why? Because Americans unconsciously reject the politicization of everything by the oppressive liberal establishment. If they put George Washington on a one dollar coin it would fly!

Maintaining Their “Proud” Heritage!

It is so good to see that the Indians haven’t allowed the evil white man to eradicate their proud Indian heritage of casino gambling. Yes, everywhere across the nation Indian run gambling casinos are springing up. Soon the landscape will be filled with Indian run casinos, just like it was when Columbus got off the boat. Yes, how many times did a bunch of Indians spend a few hours at their local casino just before they went out and drove another herd of buffalo over a cliff? Hurray for those stalwart Indians who have fought so hard to maintain this remnant of their proud past! Isn’t it good to see that there are a few Indians who refuse to let that evil white man’s society corrupt them?

Let Elton Pay!Meeting the 7000

John Brown

Brother Brown lives in Mena, Arkansas. He is 99 years old. He was born in a log cabin that had no windows. He got saved at age 32. At a meeting I had in Mena recently he stood up and said, “I’d rather have Jesus than silver or gold!” He is still sharp as a tack. Talking to him, he told me, “I’m 99 and still learnin’.” Then he turned around and faced front beside his 92-year-old girlfriend. (!)

Bro. Brown hasn’t given up. Have you?

Only YOU Can Prevent WHAT?

We all heard about the terrible fires that swept through Yellowstone National Park in 1988. Even if you weren’t there you were guilt-tripped about it. “It’s all man’s fault.” was the general misinformation promoted by the News Industry. Well, here are the facts! There were 52 separate fires that year. 9 of them were caused by “man.” 41 were caused by lightning. Seems like good-ole “Mother Nature” is an incurable firebug. And the News Industry is filled with incurable liars!

Where’s the Apology?

Where is the apology that environmentalists owe America for:

Locking up land so we can’t be energy independent
Releasing wild animals in inhabited areas so they can kill humans
Stopping logging and putting thousands on Welfare
Vocally confront every environmentalist you meet and ask them when they are going to apologize to our nation. Take the moral high ground! Don’t cower and slink away. Make them do that!

The “Greatest Generation”?

Millionaire Tom Brokaw added to his great wealth by writing a book entitled The Greatest Generation where he rightfully praised the generation that fought and won WW II. What Mr. Brokaw intentionally neglected to tell his readers was that this “Greatest Generation” accomplished all this under a national culture that: opened every school day with public prayer; thought women should be in the kitchen; went to church on Sunday; acknowledged that homosexuality was perversion; didn’t worship spotted owls or Redwoods; had no sex education in schools and militarily pounded anyone who messed with them. You don’t suppose that this is what MADE the “Greatest Generation” great? You can bet! And you can bet that Tom Brokaw knows this and you can further bet you’ll never hear about it from him. Which shows that he didn’t write his book to praise that generation. He wrote it to fool people and make a buck!

Searching for the Worse

It seems that Bible believers can do nothing but tell you how bad things are. We hate good news or victories. We condemn our nation and society and cruelly never pay them a compliment, even if they do something we agree with. For an example, take the quote on the front page of this letter by John Ashcroft. If a preacher had said that we would think it was the greatest thing since the Chinese buffet. But, oh, no. John Ashcroft, (who is saved by the Blood of Jesus Christ) said it and he’s part of the wicked government.

Isn’t it funny that during the Clinton years so many of us prayed for a better president and administration? That during those weeks when the Democrats and their News Industry propaganda machine were shamelessly trying to steal the election we prayed they wouldn’t succeed. Yet now that our prayers have been answered we do nothing but curse the answer to our prayers!

If you read Ashcroft’s quote and then murmured some derogatory remark, you’re part of the problem! You are part of what’s wrong with Bible-believing Christianity. You are committed to losing and can’t stand even one good thing to happen that might help America or bring us a victory. Why don’t you just run up your white flag, carefully groom your yellow streak and get out of the way so some of us can get something done?! (Or you could get right and try winning.)

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