Letter #71

Visiting the Camps

In August of this year I will be in the Arctic again. I was there in 1999 checking on the construction of the “Recreation Camps” that are being built for liberals. Word is they’re just about finished and I’m going up to see if they will be overcrowded when we begin the “round up.”
(Now, of course, you know I’m just kidding? This is just an April Fool’s joke. Isn’t it?)

Truly “Amazing” Grace!

Have you ever been watching TV and you & your family saw something bad that made you mad? Have you ever been watching it and heard something you didn’t want your family to hear and it made you mad? Did you get rid of it? Of course not! But the first time a pastor makes you mad you leave the church and “badmouth” him to anyone who will listen! Most Christians have more grace with their TV sets than they do with their pastor! And I find that grace truly “amazing.”

Be Your Neighborhood’s Defender

Just about no one wants Jehovah’s Witlesses and Mormons knocking at their door. Here’s what you should do to help your neighborhood and get some positive points for Christianity with your neighbors. You should be your neighborhood’s “Defender.” You should first, STUDY these cults’ teachings so you can refute them. Then go door-to-door and tell your neighbors nothing more than, “If you are ever bothered by Jehovah’s Witnesses or Mormons just send them to my house and I’ll take care of them for you.” You needn’t say anything negative. Simply offer to help them. They will appreciate it and you may even get a chance to get in the Gospel.

Are You a “Doctor” or an “Undertaker”?

Since the moment the Colonies declared independence someone, somewhere, has been proclaiming the “imminent destruction” of the United States for one reason or another. Few have proclaimed it longer and louder than Christians. But it hasn’t happened yet and Christians are still trying to bury a living nation.

What is nobler than seeing a doctor in an emergency room or war zone fighting to save the life of his patient. There will be time for the undertaker if he fails! Let’s quit trying to bury a nation that isn’t dead yet. Let’s try to “save the patient” while there are still signs of life! There will be plenty of volunteers to bury it if we fail. Fail! I said if we Christians fail. Us! If we Christians miserably fail and let our charge die!

What are you? A “doctor” or an “undertaker.”

Liberals, Lovers of Grief

Liberals love to worry and demand that the rest of us join them.. Therefore, they are always inventing new “threats” to your security. (Just watch any major news program for something new to be afraid of!) They demand you worry about the purity of your food and its fat content. They claim your water is deadly. Your car is an “unsafe, environmental murder machine.” Every 3 seconds someone’s rights are violated.

Liberals seem to have a mental fixation with pain and suffering. Maybe we need to put them in camps where they can escape all the troubles of the world, relax and, most of all, be safe!

Meeting the 7000

Hank Thompson

Bro. Hank pastors Capital City Baptist Church in Austin, TX. He is one of the most gracious men you could ever meet. He cares for his guests like a mother hen and actually has enough grace to fellowship with someone who doesn’t agree with him 100%. (Is this guy saved!?)

Also, he has Capital City deeply involved in Bible quizzing. They travel all over the country competing with other churches. Interested? ( Call Hank at:512-447-9454) How gracious are you?

Three of a Kind

During WWII the Nazis enforced “political correctness.” Under bloody communism, it was the KGB. In our country, it is the News Industry. Is it strange that these three should be so similar? No. They all believe a totalitarian society is bad unless it’s run by them!

But You’re STILL an Agent of Satan!

In the last letter, I attributed a quote to J. K. Rowling that she may not have made. I withheld the quote for two months but could find nothing on it. There is a chance it was erroneous. Several Websites have defended Rowling, claiming the quote is bogus. I checked my source and he could not confirm it either.

But, there is something to be noted. Quote or no quote, Harry Potter is still a major tool in getting children interested in Satanism. Why would a parent need any such quote to tell them that a story that glorifies witches and wizards is of the devil? Why would any Christian parent feel their child is deprived of something if they don’t get to read about a boy wizard? Anyone promoting Harry Potter is doing Satan’s work for him.


There is a tactic the military uses to paralyze an enemy into inaction and thus defeat. It is called “FUD”, which stands for, “Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt.” If you can get your enemy preoccupied with these emotions you have a great advantage over him.

This is the exact tactic the News Industry uses on us. (It is also used on believers by Bible correctors.)

Imagine It!

The low-life, scumbag rock singers like to place themselves on the “moral high ground” as they sing their condemnation of greed and war, yet they can’t even get along with each other. The Beatles, Monkies, Jefferson Airplane, Mamas & Papas, and even Simon & Garfunkel broke up and refused to ever sing together again. Recently, Axel Rose was on an “old fogey tour” (they do it for the money!) with “Guns & Roses” and he was the only original member. In fact, he said he would walk off the stage if any of his former band members were allowed in the auditorium. One was refused entrance at the door. What a farce!

To all you hypocritical, money-grubbing rock singers, all I am saying is, give peace a chance!

Fight On!Fight on!

Defend your pastor! He’s all that stands between your family and Hell.

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