Letter #70

Attention Pastors!

As we travel I keep hearing an advertisement for inexpensive steel buildings. Call: 1-888-98STEEL.

USAToday Criticizes Free Elections

In their continuing effort to spread racial unrest in the country they hate, the front page of the Jan. 21, 2002 edition of USA Today pictured the constitutionally elected governors of all fifty states surrounding the headline “These are America’s governors. No blacks. No Hispanics.” The publication then bemoaned the lack of either any black or Hispanic (whatever that is?) governor. This biased, liberal rag neglects to remind readers that every one of these fifty governors was voted into office, state-by-state, by whites, blacks, Hispanic (?), and any other special interest group they may wish to invent. USA Today’s disparaging comments are a revelation that the liberal News Industry does not believe in free elections! They apparently feel that people should not vote for the most qualified individual in a political contest (regardless of race) but should instead, blindly obey their News Media masters, and vote in minority candidates even if they are unqualified.

One Man! One Slave!

Remember the cry of the biased, millionaire run News Industry during their overthrow of the government of Rhodesia and its replacement with a newly invented country called “Zimbabwe” led by the “liberal approved” black dictator, Robert Mogumbe? Everywhere you turned you heard the righteous-sounding News Industry demanding “One man! One vote!” It all sounded like the News Industry believed in, and would ever be for, free elections. Not so! There has not been a free election since Mogumbe took power. Now he has arrested opposition candidates, and closed newspapers supporting them, to keep from being “voted” out of office. “One man” does not have “One vote” in the News Industry spawned country of Zimbabwe,( nor Communist China) and there will be no more free elections in this country if you let the News Industry do your thinking for you. Stand against whoever and whatever the News Industry supports!

More News Industry Misinformation

Remember the Jan. 2002 shooting at Appalachian School of Law where a student, Peter Odighizuwa (Nigerian) killed two professors and a student during a shooting rampage? The News Industry lied to us and told us that two men, Mikale Gross and Tracy Bridges, “overpowered” Odig…what’s-his-name. This didn’t happen! What actually happened is, when the shooting started Gross & Bridges ran to each of their cars and got their guns. What happened next? Here it is from the lips of Tracy Bridges. “I aimed my gun at him, and Peter tossed his gun down. Ted (an ex-Marine who helped capture the killer) approached Peter, and Peter hit Ted in the jaw. Ted pushed him back, and we all jumped on.”

How many lives were saved by the possession of a handgun by a private citizen? But millionaires Ted Turner, Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw, and Peter Jennings want to steal your guns so they never reported what really happened. Of 280 news stories about the incident, only four mentioned the heroes were armed, and two of those four were the local newspapers.

Never believe that the News Industry is telling you the truth. They have abandoned reporting the truth in favor of promoting their liberal agenda.

Meeting the 7000

Don Muckley Jr.

Bro. Don is not a preacher. He was raised in a Christian home but like so many got away from God in his youth. And like so many he paid for it. In 1995 he had a new dump truck, a beautiful house, a ‘67 Corvette…and no peace. That was the year he got right with God. He sold the house, the truck and the Corvette. He bought a lesser home and in 1996 started having neighborhood Bible clubs for kids. He’s been doing it for six years now. He and his wife have, in a generation ignorant of God, had numerous children come to know Christ. He personally told me with tears in his eyes, “My goal is to turn all of Canton [Ohio] to God. That’s something I can do.”

What can you do?

Check Out “NewsMax.com”

NewsMax.com is a conservative source for truth that is regularly and intentionally withheld from you by the millionaires that control the News Industry.

Are You an Agent of Satan?

You are if you have purchased, promoted or defended the “Harry Potter” books or movie. Here’s what Harry Potter’s creator, J. K. Rowling, thinks of Jesus Christ. “I think it’s absolute rubbish to protest children’s books on the grounds that they are luring children to Satan. People should be praising them for that! These books guide children to an understanding that the weak, idiotic Son Of God is a living hoax, who will be humiliated when the rain of fire comes… while we, his faithful servants, laugh and cavort in victory.”

A 6-year-old convert of Potter stated, “Jesus died because He was weak and stupid.”

Parents, are you leading your children to the altar of Satan?

Liberal Environmentalist Refutes “Global Warming”

In 1997, leftist, vegetarian environmentalist and ex-Greenpeace member, Bjorn Lomborg, a Danish statistician, sought to disprove claims that environmentalists were overstating their claims. He employed a team of the best statistical students at his university. The result is his new book, The Skeptical Environmentalist which demolishes environmentalists’ false claims that: the world is running out of resources; the earth is overpopulated; 40,000 species become extinct every year; pesticides cause cancer; our water supply is disappearing, global warming threatens all life, to name a few. What?! Did you say you didn’t hear about that on CNN?

Fight On!

On October 14, 1781, American colonists and their French allies attacked British Redoubt #10 at Yorktown. Immediately the attack went badly. The overall commander, French Colonel Jean Gimat was shot down. Next, French sappers rushed the wall hoping to plant charges in any holes the found to blow a breach. None were found and they fell to British shooters. As the British methodically shot down the attacking force American Captain Stephen Olney made a one-man charge on the wall only to discover a small breach. He called to his fellow colonists and then dove into the redoubt. He was set upon by five or six British troops. Having only a spear-like espontoon he fought bravely till it was broken. He suffered numerous sword slashes then bayonet wounds to his thigh and abdomen. He fought on with one hand while he held his intestines in with the other. Suddenly a point-blank musket blast knocked him backward just as his fellow soldiers dove into the fight. The fight lasted only ten minutes. The Americans won. It was the battle that decided the Revolution. America would be a free country. Stephen Olney died in 1832 at the age of 77. Fight on!

Just Saying “Thanks”

In 1867 New York City bought a fire “truck” for Columbia, SC, who couldn’t afford one. Now, 7th graders in Columbia have raised enough money to purchase a new fire truck for New York City.

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