Letter #68

Another Attempted High-jacking by Godless Terrorists!

That’s right. While we have been watching for turban-wearing Muslims to attack us, the real enemy has been attempting to high-jack this entire nation. I’m talking about the millionaire terrorists that run the News Industry. Every day since Muslim “extremists” attacked the World Trade Center (WTC) we have been subjected to an attempt to high-jack our nation’s compassion. This is nothing new for these vicious terrorists. In the past, the News Industry has attempted to high-jack our compassion and guilt-trip us into feeling sorry for homosexuals, bums, sharks, and murderers. Now they are attempting to high-jack your emotions and make you feel sorry for Muslims and Afghani civilians who live in the wrong country and worship the wrong god.

It’s your own fault if you allow them to do it. Have compassion for Americans! Resist the News Media!

Smallpox is Coming

If the Christian-hating, Muslim “extremists” don’t find a way to attack us with Smallpox they really are living in a cave. Their allies in the News Industry have all but demanded such an attack. They have repeated over and over again our vulnerability to such an attack. When it comes, the blood of innocent American civilians will be on the hands of the terrorists in the News Industry.

Where’s Ted, Dan, Tom & Peter?

Following the evil attack on the WTC, there has been an outpouring of help. Even rock musicians, movie stars and athletes have stepped up and laid millions of dollars on the line for their fellow Americans. What have the millionaires, Ted Turner, Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw, and Peter Jennings donated to the victims? Other than Danny’s crocodile tears, nothing! They can’t find compassion in their liberal hearts for Americans!

Only Americans!

“Beat the snot out of him.” Those were the words of a US Airways pilot to his passengers concerning would-be hijackers. He said this while holding a fire ax in his hands. His statement was testimony that Americans aren’t “laying down” anymore. We were told, “Don’t resist and they won’t hurt you.” We found out that really meant, “Don’t resist and they’ll fly you into a building.”

I can assure you that the days of hijacking may be over due to the fact that Americans, the “can do”people of the world, will now react and stop them, even at the cost of their lives.

You can bet you’d never hear such a “Gung-ho” speech from a pilot from Germany, France, England or any other country. There’s nobody like Americans!

Firepower!Meeting the 7000

A Brave Woman

While all you “big, strong, men” have been running around whining, “There’s no hope. God is done with us… We can’t make a difference.” to excuse your slothfulness, a young mother called her local public school and demanded, “In the wake of these attacks I think it’s time you opened your classes with the Pledge of Allegiance.” She didn’t even get an argument. The change was instituted immediately.

Too many cowards have been ducking failure by hiding behind them, “There’s no hope – This is God’s judgment.” story. Why? Because if they can convince themselves that this is all of God then they can glorify their negligence as “Godly” and don’t have to worry about trying to counter it. You can’t fail if you don’t try! Meanwhile, they are being shown up by women who have the tenacity to make someone dislike them for Christ.

Post-WTC Attack Stress Disorder

When a wicked woman viciously murdered her five children in cold-blood, the News Industry demanded that we feel sorry for her. Yet when traumatized Americans lash out at Mid-Easterners following the stunning attack on their country and fellow citizens, it’s called a “hate crime.” Why doesn’t the News Industry stand up and defend these injured Americans by calling it what it really is: “Post WTC Attack Stress Disorder.” These people aren’t hate-criminals. They are just distraught due to their corporate grief.

A REAL Hate Crime

A black woman in Texas reported being abducted and raped by two white men wearing Ku Klux Klan outfits. She even showed where they had carved “KKK” into her chest. Later, she admitted that she made the whole thing up. She even admitted carving the “KKK” herself. This is one more example of the extremes hate-mongers will go to in order to generate hatred for a group they hate.

The woman is facing charges for filing a false police report and will be billed for the police department’s wasted investigation. (USA Today Sept. 6, 2001)

Fight On!

In 1973 Israel was again fighting Muslim extremists for its very existence in the Yom Kippur War. (That’s when Muslims attacked during a Jewish religious holiday.) Blond haired, freckled, Lt. Zvi “Zwicka” Greengold took command of three Centurion tanks to stem the Syrian advance in the north. His meager force dove into a Syrian force of 150 Russian tanks and knocked out many before being wiped out. Zwicka’s tank took a direct hit and, on fire, he bailed out, face, hands and clothing terribly burned. He promptly commandeered another Centurion and fought on in excruciating pain from his wounds.

Later a Jewish camp was overrun by a huge Syrian tank force. Three Israeli infantrymen fought desperately with a WW II bazooka. Out of ammunition, they stared down the 115 mm gun of a T62, preparing for death. Suddenly the Syrian tank exploded. Then another. Then still another. The Syrian attack dissolved. From the turret of a battered Centurion tank appeared the burned but cheery face of Zwicka! In spite of his wounds, he had fought on for 20 hours and stopped the Syrian advance. He saved his country. Fight on!

Our Friends?

Of the 19 Muslim “extremists” who murdered over 5,000 American civilians on Sept. 11, 15 were Saudi Arabians. Since then over 1,000 people have been arrested around the world, none in Saudi Arabia. In the next 6 – 9 months I look for “our friends,” the Saudis, to again cut off our oil. Good! We can drill Alaska.

Unnatural Silence

Why hasn’t the News Industry interviewed the Greyhound bus driver whose throat was cut? Why none of the passengers? Could it be that assailant yelled “Allah is Great!” and the News Industry doesn’t want to hurt the image of its Muslim allies? Whatever happened to our “right to know”?

“National Healthcare” Anyone?

Since most of you can’t think without your television directing your thoughts, let me place a thought in your brain that the News Industry never wants you to realize. If we had national healthcare right now our medical facilities would be overloaded with every grocery-cart-pushing-bum crying out for Anthrax testing and demanding “their fair share” of the Cipro. Thank God we don’t have national healthcare!

It’s Been Tried Before

This is not the first time the United States has been attacked by biological warfare. Who did it before? Not the Nazis. Not the Japanese. Not even the Communists. It was the Confederates!

In 1863 a Confederate operative was paid $70,000 to place a valise containing clothes infested with Yellow Fever in the White House in hopes of infecting and killing President Lincoln.

Reading From the Same Script

Recently Bill O’Reilly interviewed an air-headed woman from Berkley. (That foreign government hostile to freedom and America.) When discussing the bombing of Afghanistan, this glassy-eyed mental case whined, “We have to break the cycle of violence…” The next day, after Palestinian murderers killed several Israeli civilians, the News Industry interviewed a Palestinian henchman who bemoaned Israel’s retaliation. He whined, in perfect Berkley form, “We have to break the cycle of violence.” These people are reading from the same script and have the same goals, the destruction of America, Israel and freedom.

Are You Ready?

Very soon the United States will begin bombing countries other than Afghanistan in pursuit of Muslim “extremists.” Soon after that happens you can expect to see Muslim countries show their true colors. We’ve heard repeated over-and-over, “We’re not against Muslims, we are against Muslim extremists.” While we don’t see every Muslim as our enemy, we will soon see that the Muslims see every one of us as their enemy.

At that time you will have to view every Mid-easterner that you see as a potential threat. Civilization will have to abandon its foolish romance with the Arabs and realign itself with our real friends, Israel. If that happens it may be time to play “Cowboys & Muslims.”

1974 All Over Again

Don’t be surprised if the Saudis cut off our oil in the next year. At that time Congress should be pressured to drill oil in Alaska and tell the Saudis to drink theirs. If we drilled our own oil we would financially break OPEC and then we would be free of having to appease Muslims by stabbing Israel in the back.

CNN Hurting, Desperate

Cnn Headline News booted their regulars and revamped their format in a desperate attempt to catch Fox News. Now the screen is confusingly muddled with multiple news stories, weather, and sports info. It is too busy to concentrate on.

“If ya can’t beat’em, buy’em.” That’s what CNN did next. They romanced Paula Zahn to leave Fox and join CNN. When Fox heard of the ongoing negotiations they axed the hostess of their lowest rated show and sent her scurrying to the leftist competition where she is doing no better.

Unmanned Global Reach

Recently an unmanned autonomous aircraft, the Global Hawk, flew 8,600 miles from Edwards Air Force base in California to Australia. This flight was not remotely controlled. It was autonomous. The aircraft taxied out, took off, flew its proper course and landed unassisted by a human operator. A few weeks later it returned the same way. Now it’s operating over Afghanistan.

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