Letter #67

(Dear Friends, in light of the recent developments I am endeavoring to write as much as often as I can for awhile. There is much to update you on and the News Industry has abandoned reporting for “political correctness.” I will try to write once a month for as long as I see a need. Please understand, there are two restrictions. 1. I am working on several important projects that demand my time. This letter definitely takes away from those projects. 2. Every letter you hold in your hand costs me $300. IS that what it costs me to send it? I doubt it. The gracious folks at Calvary BC in Gaylord, MI pick up some of the slack. Is that a request for money. NO. I never charge for this letter for one simple reason. I call it “Letter From a Friend” and you shouldn’t have to pay for your friend to write to you. Just letting you know there may be time and monetary limits to what I can do. -SCG)

The House Judiciary Committee, 1854, on “Multi-culturalism

“Had the people during the revolution had any suspicion of an attempt to war against Christianity, that revolution would have died in its cradle…At the time of the adoption of the constitution and its amendments, the universal sentiment was that Christianity should be encouraged…That was the religion of the founders of the republic and they expected it to remain the religion of their descendants.”

Blast Into the Past

Overnight things in America changed radically on Sept. 11. The Muslim radicals that murdered those helpless people in the WTC did something no preacher has ever been able to do. They made America take a giant step backward. A giant positive step. Following are a few observations and predictions of the long-term outcome.

  1. Police and firemen have new-found respect in the post-WTC American society.
  2. We now feel pride when we see a soldier in uniform. Military enlistment is sky rocketing.
  3. Americans are suddenly interested in God and church again.
  4. The party atmosphere and our national haughtiness is gone.
  5. Americans are thinking in a more conservative mind set.
  6. Wide open emigration is seen as bad.
  7. The need for a strong military is recognized.
  8. A generation that never learned the Pledge of Allegiance is suddenly singing America the Beautiful.

Please understand, none of the above is reported with gloating. Americans have taken their national humbling to heart. There hasn’t been even one report of anger at God. Instead they nationally turned His direction. Now, you had better be there to guide them to Him! Fail in your duty and America may cease to be a nation.

Permanent 20% Cutback

I believe we will see a permanent 20% cutback in our economy. Why? Because the first victim of any war is liberal thinking. About 20% of our Pre-WTC economy was raw affluence. The arrogant, snobbish, “life of the idle rich” mindset has died. The only arrogant people left in America are the Muslims who demand an apology for our being upset that their Muslim brothers killed our people and tried to murder our nation. (?!)

Was the man who slit the throat of that Greyhound bus driver in Tennessee a Muslim? I say, “Yes!” Why? Because they never told us he wasn’t. The News Industry wouldn’t report it and dropped the story as fast as they could. The News Industry is more interested in being “politically correct” than reporting legitimate news. I told you before, the News Industry and the Muslim extremists have the same goal. The end of European Christianity in America. The News Industry would rather guilt-trip you about “discrimination against Arabs” than say anything bad about their Muslim terrorist cohorts. This is the same M.O. they use when not highlighting crimes by queers.

Just WATCH them and THINK!

If you watch any news broadcast (Except Fox, maybe) you will find they are more indignant about “racial profiling” against Mid-easterners than they are about the murder of 5,000 Americans in the WTC. They will call the attacks a “tragedy” but you will see no passion in them until they begin to condemn “racial profiling”. Why? Because the News Industry hates you and loves to put the normal people in America on the defensive.

Billy & JesseYou Can No Longer Be a Spectator

Bible-believing Christians are the only hope for our country right now. But what must you do?

  1. Invite people to church shamelessly. If they refuse, ask them, “Do you really feel it’s a good idea to say ‘No’ to God at a time like this?” Americans are more “God conscious” than they have been in years. Work while it lasts!
  2. Americans have been deeply hurt. If you stick your finger in their face or preach on the street and say, “You had it coming!’ and think they are going to fall on their faces in repentance you are a fool! They are hurt. Some of the brethren do not seem to understand that Americans really do deeply love their country. Its injury is their injury. Deal with people like you would with those who have lost a loved one. Offer them the hope that comes with trusting Christ. No one needs your self-righteous proclamations. Quit serving yourself and serve your people.
  3. Argue with every adversary! There are enemies of this nation among us. You have been invisible long enough. What has it gotten you? Public school shootings, Internet porn, homosexual parades to name just a few. Try to remember something. It is you who are on the moral high ground, not the liberals. Stand up to anyone who is against our flag and do not entertain their argument. Confront public school officials about the need to get God back in school. When anyone argues against anything biblical stand up to them loudly and give no ground. Quit trying to be “liked” and try being successful!
  4. When you watch a news report ask yourself, “Why did they report this story? What are they trying to make me think?” Resist the emotions you will feel after one of their propaganda attacks. Remember, they have been doing this for a long time and they know how to control your emotions. Think about how many times, watching a movie, you have cried right where the producer wanted you to! You may not see just how they do it, but when you feel guilty about “racial profiling” or mad because of government hypocrisy or think President Bush isn’t doing it right, those aren’t YOUR thoughts! Those are the thoughts the News Industry wanted to plant in your head. Resist!
  5. Hurt no one. We are not heathen. We do not kill, burn or physically attack our enemies.

What Should You Say to a Muslim?

You may come into contact with a Muslim. Do not hate them. They are spiritually blind. They are lost. They are heathen. They need Jesus Christ. But you are not going to get anywhere until they feel a little guilt for their sins. If you talk with a Muslim do not yell at them or accuse them of Sept.11. Instead ask them, “Do you feel shame for what your Muslim brothers did?” (If not, why not?) “Do your people really believe heaven is just a sex orgy?” “Would you like to escape Islam?” Be sure you emphasize the word “escape” since that is what they need to do. Remember, by offering them Christianity you are not “hating” them, you are helping them. You are being a far better friend to them than the News Industry and the liberals who would keep them in spiritual darkness.

You Are Not Alone!

As you seek to turn the enemies of America and Christ to flight and try to will souls, remember who is on your side.

  1. God: It is his mandate you are trying to fulfill.
  2. Our Founding Fathers: They expected you to win every foreigner to Christ who came here. They wanted this to remain a Christian nation. By winning people to Christ you are fulfilling the will of our Founding Fathers.
  3. The 7000: Elijah was SO WRONG when he thought he was alone serving God. Neither are you. There are millions of Bible-believing Christians serving the Lord. You never know when you will be the “second witness” that someone has heard. Don’t be quiet! Pass tracts like crazy.

Our Divine and Historical Right

Based on the truth above, we Christians not only have a Divine right to try to convert Muslims to Christ, we have a historic right to do so. Their conversion is the will of our God and our Founding Fathers! When you talk to an import (Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist etc.) Say this, “You are more than welcome to live in our country. But our Founding Fathers expected you to leave your religion behind. You are expected to trust Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour to be part of America. Get saved and join the nation.”

Record Sales!

In the wake of the recent terrorist murders, two items have been seeing record sales. American flags and Bibles. Now wait, you negative jerk! I’m as, or more, “King James” as you are. I realize that many of these people are being misdirected to buy modern perversions. They don’t know any better, Stupid. That’s what you’re here for. Are you going to try to intercept them and guide them right or are you just going to sit there and self-righteously ridicule them?

Was It the Devil?

Did you see the picture of the smoke coming from Tower 2 that seemed to have a likeness of Satan in it? It was eerie. There was the face of a man with beady eyes, beard and a sinister look. Some thought it was the Prophet Mohammed, but not me. I thought it looked like Al Gore!

Professional Rioters

Did you see all those “peace-loving” rioters (?) In Washington DC? They would have us think that they are so religiously dedicated to peace that they are willing to riot to stop war. Don’t believe it. They weren’t even in DC for that reason. They had gone to the Capital with the intention of rioting against the World bank. When their allies murdered all those people in the WTC they changed the theme of their riot! They just decided to riot for “world peace.” These people don’t care about anything. They just want an excuse to riot. (2 Pet 2:13)

There are no greater hypocrites that “peacenics.” What should you do when you encounter them? Challenge their sincerity! Tell them they are frauds. Use these words over and over, “Shame on you for your hypocrisy.” We cannot physically hurt them but we are on the moral high ground which gives us the obligation to shame them.

If you remain silent you are helping to damn this nation. Now either do nothing but gripe, or go out and challenge America’s opponents for supremacy! Got guts?

Meeting the 7000

Orville Theaker

Brother Theaker pastors the Wolverine Baptist Church in Wolverine, MI. He has been there for twenty years. He labors in a town of 300. There is very little in his town yet he has been a faithful witness in his community. He and his wife, Beverly, are two of the nicest people you could ever meet. They love the Lord and are a joy to be around. The northern Michigan winters cause him much pain, but Bro. Theaker lets nothing stop him. Do you?

We BOTH Preach It!

In their mindless defense of the Muslim faith the News Industry has repeated, to the point of boredom, that, “The Muslim religion preaches peace.” Well, so do we Christians. It just seems that only one of us practices what we preach.

If I Hated America

If I hated America and was in charge of the News Industry I would do several things to torment and frustrate the people I hated the most, Americans.

  1. I would badger Americans about being kind to Muslims. (Always put your enemy on the defensive!)
  2. I would show every anti-war protest I could to anger and frustrate American patriotism.
  3. I would interview every “expert” I could dredge up that would try to compare America’s policies to terrorism.
  4. Under no circumstances would I play patriotic music or encourage patriotism.
  5. I would continually run stories about possible chemical/biological attacks and economic peril to help my terrorist friends to keep Americans in fear.
  6. I would subtly undermine President Bush and try to make him seem inept and incompetent.

Fight On!

On June 28, 1776, the British attacked the ill-prepared Colonists at Charleston, South Carolina. Out on Sullivan Island, Fort Sullivan (Later named Fort Moultrie for its commander during the battle.) had only the two semi-completed walls facing the Atlantic. The 413 men behind those two hastily built walls had only 19 guns, ranging from 9 to 26 pounders to face 11 British ships bristling with a total of 272 guns and 30 transports with 25,000 soldiers aboard. For 12 hours the British lobbed over 8,000 rounds at the fort, killing 10 Americans and wounding 22. In turn, the Americans raked the British fleet, clearing the decks of the largest two ships; killing the captain of Bristol, the flagship. Sixty-four Brits were killed and 131 wounded.

Citizens of Charleston watched in horror as the fort shook from the pounding. Then a random British shot cut down the South Carolina flag, causing it to fall outside the fort’s wall. Ashore, citizens gasped. “They’ve struck the colors! The battle is lost!” Seeing the flag fall, Sergeant William Jasper leaped from the wall into the moon-cratered no-man’s-land and, under heavy fire, retrieved the flag, secured to a sponge used to swab a cannon and replaced it on the wall for all to see. At 11 PM that night the defeated British slipped their anchors and disappeared into the night. Fight on!

Israel’s Plight

We are told that it isn’t Muslims but Muslim extremists that are the problem. How to identify a Muslim extremist? Easy. They blow up buildings, attack buses and kill innocent women and children. Funny, that’s what the Palestinians have been doing for years in Israel!

If we had let Israel defeat them 20 years ago, Arab arrogance would have been humbled & we’d be safe.

We Will Never Know!

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