Letter #66

Professional Courtesy

During the recent violant killing of humans by sharks the News Industry has been falling all over itself trying to make the sharks look innocent. CNN has dragged out every soggy hippie they could find and propped them up as they parroted, “The sharks didn’t mean it. It was a case of mistaken identity.” Meanwhile, USA Today tried convincing us that overall shark attacks are down for the year.

Why are they doing this? Why are they taking the side of man-eating sharks? Professional courtesy. It’s just one wild, savage beast defending the vicious, anti-human actions of another wild, savage beast!

More Courtesy

The News Industry hates this country as much as any Arab terrorist. Therefore, following the massacre of civilians at the World Trade Center, they immediately started their propaganda campaign defending Muslims. Then they did everything they could to attempt to make President Bush look bad.

When the Muslim threat is gone, we will still have the greatest terrorist organization in the country, the News Industry, to deal with.

Vicious Shark Attack on Pres. Bush

Even though the liberal Democrats in Congress have called for unity with a president they do not agree with, the vicious sharks in the America-hating News Industry have called no truce whatsoever. Commentators, such as ABC’s hateful Peter Jennings, did everything they could to try to cause people to doubt President Bush’s courage and intelligence. Then, at a press conference, the news sharks hurdled vicious questions trying to make our president look bad. They were shameless and merciless, just like their aquatic counterparts. Furthermore, attempting to destroy the people’s faith in their leader during time of a national tragedy is tantamount to treason

Dancing In the Streets

While firefighters and policemen were dying, attempting to rescue victims from the Muslim massacre, just blocks away in New York City Muslims were dancing in the streets. These were not the Palestinians you saw in Israel. These were foreigners, living in our country, eating our food, enjoying our freedoms, rejoicing at the evil wrought by their Muslim comrades.

FOX Stands Out Again

While the sharks at ABC, NBC, CBS and CNN continued their terrorist attack on America and the president, FOX was again showing their stuff. Even the name for their coverage showed their difference. While the America-haters were calling their coverage by names like, “Attack On America” and “America Under Attack”, “America Mourns”, (all negative), FOX called theirs “America Unites.”

Don’t Believe It

Just hours after the World Trade Center attacks, Kabul, Afghanistan was attacked from the air. The White House said it wasn’t the U.S. Don’t believe it. You can bet that that attack was Bush’s equivalent of Doolittle’s Tokyo raid. Bush was letting the towel-heads know that what it takes them months to plan and execute the USA can do in a few hours.

Meeting the 7000


This is your chance to shine. We have often prayed that God would get the spiritual attention of Americans. From the moment the massacre happened, Americans besought God, many in the feeble way they could due to their diminished spiritual upbringing. But regardless, they turned their corporate hearts toward God for help. At our darkest hour our nation united around a church. Now is the time to push people to the Lord. Now is the time to call your neighbors and invite them to church. Now is the time to call your local Board of Education and demand that students start each day with the Pledge of Allegiance to the United States. Now is the time to intercept a young generation, bent on play, and turn them toward God.

Shamelessly declare that this nation was founded for God, not diversity and “multi-culturalism.” Aggressively and unapologetically direct people to the great God of Scripture

If we are not there for the people of our nation now, if we fail God now, we will see greater evil besiege our nation and will deserve every bit of it.

Real Courage

The plane that crashed in Pennsylvania was brought down by passenger hostages who heard about the attacks on the WTC and realized their fate and overwhelmed their Arab terrorist captors and forced the plane into the ground.

They made a mistake

The Muslim terrorists who murdered thousands of Americans; sons, daughters, mothers, made a major mistake. Americans will turn against these enemies rather than cower before them.

The day of the murders I heard a man say, “I have never thought this way before today, but if these Muslims think killing innocent civilians will send them to heaven, we should kill them all.” This man’s attitude was caused by what these Muslims did. He was from Lebanon!

Clinton’s Final Legacy?

Was the massacre at the World Trade Center the final chapter in Bill Clinton’s curse on this country? It is a known fact that the man Clinton appointed to head the CIA, John Deusche was inept and possibly guilty of criminal activity. He had a CIA computer at home on a non-secure phone line. Was vital CIA intelligence taken from that computer, with or without Deusche’s knowledge? Also, under the Clinton reign the intelligence community, like the military, was dismantled. If so, Bill Clinton, that great hater of this country, was a partner in this great crime.

It’s not the first time

Following the attack on Pearl Harbor, Navy divers dove on the wrecked ships. In the USS Arizona, they retrieved an unexploded Japanese bomb. But it was n’t a bomb. It was an old U. S. 15 inch artillery shell that America had sold to Japan years earlier for scrap metal. Rather than melt them down, the Japanese rearmed them, welded fins on them to make them spiral down as bombs and dropped them on Navy ships in Pearl Harbor. It’s not the first time America’s benevolence was used against them.

Fight On!

After the attack on Pearl Harbor, only two ships were beyond all hope of repair. The USS Arizona and the USS Utah. On board the listing, capsizing Utah the lights flickered. But fireman 2nd class, John Vaessan manned his post so the fleeing sailors had light to abandon ship until it was too late for him to escape. Vaessan was trapped when the ship capsized. After two days in dark, flooded compartments, in 150-degree heat, thirty-one sailors were rescued from the overturned Utah. Vaessan was the last man off.

Two days later Vaessan died. Fight On! Fight On! Fight On!

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