Letter #65

Not My Idea

Obviously, I get to talk to a lot of pastors. I have one who has a keen political insight. Here are two of his suppositions for the near future.

1. John McCain may bolt the Republicans and become a Democrat in 2004 to run for President. He would promise to deliver the moderate GOP vote to them. (My opinion? Possible but iffy.)

2. Bill Clinton has his eyes set on a new political office…Secretary General of the United Nations. He wants to replace Koffi Anan when he leaves office. (My opinion? A real strong possibility! It would be the only office that Clinton would see as being more powerful than the U.S. presidency and would offer the opportunity to force his politics on the whole world. Imagine Bill Clinton ordering his blue-bereted troops into any country he desired!)

This is My Idea

In light of the above prediction of Bill Clinton as Sec. Gen. Of the UN, now imagine the very real likelihood of Hellary Clinton becoming our next president. With the News Industry’s vow of silence of their underhanded, murderous affairs they would team up to finally eliminate the last vestige of sovereignty of our country and solidify a One World government.

(I told you that so that all you folks with left over Y2K supplies would have something new to be terrified about! God forbid we don’t have a crisis on the horizon to tremble about.)

Gary Condit, CAUGHT!

Yes, I saw the video of it on the news myself. Gary Condit was caught wearing his suit coat rather than carrying it on one finger like his Hollywood groomers (ala Bill Clinton) told him to.

Someone needs to point out that all Gary Condit is doing is carrying the “Bill Clinton Manual for Damage Control” out to the next logical chapter. Clinton taught him that interns were just Democrat’s sex-toys. Then he taught him that acting bold and unrepentant will help keep you in office. But Condit learned that an absolute cold-shoulder works even better than saying anything. If…I say IF…we learn that Chandra Levy is dead and Gary Condit had something to do with it then we will know that Condit simply took Clinton’s tactics to their logical end. And Clinton will think, “Why didn’t I do that?”

Gun Control

In March of 1996, in Britain, Thomas Hamilton conveniently shot and killed 16 students, their teacher and then himself. Liberals used the horror to slam the door for gun ownership closed. By 1998 gun ownership fell by 9% and armed crime rose by 10%.

Gun control isn’t about stopping crime. It’s about disarming private citizens.

Volcanos And the Ozone Hole

Chloride is supposedly the cause of the hole in the ozone over Antarctica. Mt. Erebus, in Antarctica, has been spewing 1,000 tons of chloride into the atmosphere for over a century. In 1813 the volcano, Tambora shot 211million tons of chloride into the atmosphere. It would take humans 282 years to produce as much chloride as this single volcanic event. The ozone hole is definitely cause by hot air!

Meeting the 7000

A Truck Driver

Being “roadies” we have a natural attraction to fast food. One day, recently, we went into a Burger King to get lunch. Sitting at one of the tables was a professional truck driver reading his Bible, Zephaniah of all things. I asked if he was saved. “Yep!” He said he likes to take every opportunity he can get to read the Bible.

What about you?

Have Mercy!

I always keep a roll of breath mints in my pocket. Why? For YOU! It’s so my bad breath doesn’t gross out whoever I talk to. Why don’t you try that. I have talked with people whose breath brought tears to my eyes. Have mercy on the people around you. Have mercy on me! Get some mints or talk into an air filter.

You Got “Saved,” You Didn’t Get “Smart”

Before some of you got saved you had done a thorough job of messing up your life. You were in a real “ditch” when the Lord saved you. Then you got saved and, according to 2 Cor. 5:17, got a brand new life. And somehow you, who had ruined the only life you had ever had, thought that now you knew the right way to live a life. And now you’ve messed this one up too! Hey! You got saved! You didn’t smart! Why don’t you quit trusting the person that messed up your first life and trust the God that saved you to run this new one for you?

The “Bottle Neck”

The bottle neck of life through which everyone in this country used to have to pass used to be church. That’s why in previous generations even lost people had: a general knowledge of biblical truths, a fear of God, common courtesy and a peaceful sense of liberty.

Now the bottle neck through which all Americans have to pass is public education. That’s why this generation, along with being totally void of the above, is preoccupied with: environmentalism, homosexual rights, gun control, and sex..

These kids never had a chance! Unless maybe you want to give them one?

Fight On!

On May 16, 1811, the British fought the French outside a little village in Spain named Albuera. The Brits had 10,000 troops to the French 24,000. On top of that the French Calvary did an end-around and exploded onto the British right flank. In a battle that they should have lost, the stubborn British, who simply wouldn’t accept that they were defeated finally turned the assured French victory into a defeat.

Each British regiment carried two flags, or “colors.” One was the regimental colors and the other was the king’s colors. (Similar in respect to our national flag.) French lancer killed the 16 color bearer of the 2nd Regiment and made off with the regimental colors. Then the king’s color bearer, Ensign Charles Walsh, was wounded and the colors were transferred to Lt. Matthew Latham. The French horsemen converged on Latham. A slash of a sword cut away the left side of the young lieutenant’s face. Another tore off his nose. As he fought to defend his king’s honor his left arm was cut off. Latham was slashed with sabers and stabbed with lances until he was finally knocked from his horse. He fought on.

His strength waning, Lt. Latham stuffed the flag under his coat and fell on it. French lancers surrounded the fallen Brit and drove their lances into his body repeatedly.

After the battle a sergeant with the Royal Fusiliers stumbled onto Latham’s bloodied form. He was alive! And he still had the king’s colors!

Those were the days before the British army issued medals for valor. But his fellow officers later presented the scarred but steadfast Lt. Latham with a solid gold medal they had made to commemorate his courage and devotion. Fight on!

Regret: What you get when you compare what is to what could have been. (Billy Allen)

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