Letter #64

Now I’m REALLY Scared!

I have never been intimidated by the “experts” who keep waving the horror of “too high cholesterol”. (God forbid we don’t spend our every waking moment in fear!) For years I have watched friends go through agony trying to bring down their cholesterol level, only to see minor successes.

Well, here it is. The same experts now say that having too low a cholesterol level can also be bad for your health! This is madness! Now you have to worry about lowering your cholesterol level while you are also worrying about lowering it too much. We call that “walking the cholesterol tightrope”.

Haven’t you Americans figured it out yet? You are so blessed and so safe that these people have manufacture things for you to worry about. Why? Because you can’t control a people who are not afraid. Americans have no real reason to live in fear so your “expert” tormentors make things up! (When’s the last time you heard about “Radon gas”?)

Shame on you if you live your life jumping through every hoop that some “expert” orders you to. You’ll probably have a heart attack caused by worrying about how high or low your cholesterol level is. And you’ll deserve it!

Are you a Mormon?

Many Fundamentalists like to pretend that they are Bible believers by saying they believe the Bible is the word of God where it is correctly translated. If you are one of those, you now qualify for membership in the Mormon church. The Mormon church has 10 articles of faith. Following is the 8th of those articles. Delete the second phrase and Mormons are Fundamentalists and visa versa.

8th Mormon Article of Faith

“We believe the Bible to be the word of God as far as it is translated correctly; we also believe the Book of Mormon to be the word of God.”

Tattoos & Hepatitis

In Lev. 19:28 the Jews were told not to make cuttings in their flesh or marks on themselves. Now doctors have found that tattoos are a major factor in the spread of Hepatitis C. 22% of people with tattoos have Hepatitis C while only 3% without tattoos do. Gee, maybe God knew that when He had Moses write Leviticus!

Amazing! Isn’t it?

To hear some folks talk, every single doctor is either incompetent, greedy or crooked. None of them are sincere. None of them care about their patients and if they did they lack the ability to help anybody anyway. Strangely though, every nutritionist is sincere, knowledgeable and always correct. They care about their patients while doctors only care about their patient’s bank accounts. Now try thinking once. Do you really believe that all doctors are bad? (No, of course. The one you go to is the only good one. Right?) And will you acknowledge that just maybe some nutritionists might be incompetent, greedy or crooked? (But not yours!) Don’t get mad! I’m just trying to keep you honest.

Meeting the 7000

Tom Sandiford

Bro. Tom Sandiford is not a pastor. He is the assistant pastor at Hope Baptist Church in Toledo, Ohio, where Bro. Rick Sowell is pastor. He has been the assistant there for eight years. But Tom is one of those very rare individuals who do not crave the spotlight. He does not need to be noticed or rewarded. His single desire in the ministry is to make Bro. Sowell’s job a little easier. He wants nothing more than to be a help to his pastor. He jumps at a chance to take something off Bro. Sowell’s back. He stands ever ready to serve any guest in the church. He can be given a job and you will know that it will get done. I can testify that there are truly very few such men in our churches… Could you be one?

Their Boats Are STILL Sinking

I’ve told you before that you (Christians) have tremendous power that you do not realize because the News Industry knows that they dare not let you find out how powerful Christians are. But two companies that were the focus of Christian boycotts are still losing financial battles. AT&T is spinning off another unprofitable segment in its continuing effort to regain its pre-boycott strength. Meanwhile, the Disney empire continues to crumble. The movie “Pearl Harbor” has been lagging badly at the box office and Disney stock has been down. I wonder how well HBO would do if Christians no longer felt it was necessary for them to have “Sex in the City”, “Real Sex” and R rated movies in their living rooms?

It Ain’t a Movie!

The Predator is not a movie starring Arnold Schwartzenegger. It is an unarmed, unmanned reconnaissance drone. But recently the U.S. Air Force hung a Hellfire-C anti-tank missile under the wing of one and blew up a tank. Soon tanks and SAM missiles may be targeted by remote control. Ah yes! Americans do love the remote!

“I Have A Loving Mother…”

While becoming the first woman to climb Mt. Everest, South African mountain climber, Cathy O’Dowd, happened upon the stricken American climber, Frankie Arsentev. Rather than rescue the injured woman she left her there to die. “…we had to leave her there…It was upsetting but it did not stop me from scaling Everest.”

My, my, what a loving woman! Sports certainly brings out the best in women. Shoulda been a nurse!


In 1386 France was planning an invasion of England. In preparation, they had 1,200 ships, over 100,000 men, 2,000 tons of biscuits, 200,000 metal pointed arrows and a portable fort! The fort was 600 ft. in diameter, covering 800 acres. It had a 20 ft. high wall around it with a tower every 60 feet (750 in all). It took 72 ships just to transport the fort.

Meanwhile! Back in still undiscovered America, the Indians were sending up “smoke signals,” paddling birch bark canoes and wastefully running entire herds of buffalo off cliffs just to get a little meat. But they have a “proud heritage.” Somebody’s pullin’ our leg!

Fight On!

On September 1, 1968, Lt. Col. William A. Jones III was flying his A-1 Skyraider in search of a downed F-4 pilot. He flew down a tight valley and located the pilot but was slammed but automatic weapons fire from the valley wall which ignited the rocket motor of his ejection seat. The ensuing fire caused second and third degree burns to his face, neck, arms, and hands. He jettisoned his canopy to eject but his seat was powerless as the rush of air fanned the flames. As the flames finally died down he decided not to bail out. His radio was dead so he couldn’t call in the location of the downed pilot. As his eyes were swelling shut he flew the 40-minute trip back to his base. He manually lowered the gear and landed without flaps. After being lifted from his burned-out cockpit he refused painkillers until he conveyed the location of the downed pilot. Fight on!

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