Letter #63

The Real Question on George W. Bush

  1. President Bush’s Cabinet is more Conservative than Ronald Reagan’s was.
  2. When U. S. officials went to visit the 24 crewmen that the Chinese Democrats knocked out of the sky President Bush told them to make sure they took all of them Bibles incase they were there over Easter.

The real question on George W. Bush is: Do we have a President who is even more Conservative than Ronald Reagan was?

Who Hates Our President?

  1. The Communist Chinese Democrats. (They are the largest contributors to the Democratic Party!)
  2. The crooked Liberal Democrats in Congress.
  3. The Democratic News Industry.
  4. The liberal dogs in the entertainment industry. (They have created a new comedy called “That’s My Bush” designed to insult and degrade him and his wife Laura.)
  5. You if you join the above in bad mouthing our President. Just whose side are you on?

The King is DEAD!

Although Fox News is only viewed in 64 million homes as opposed to CNN being in 81 million, Bill O’Reilly has passed Larry King as the most watched television talk show. O’Reilly’s viewership is up 126% while King has dropped another 7%. If you want to get good conservative, fair reporting watch The O’Reilly Factor. If you suffer from insomnia watch Larry…(yawn)…King.


The average game attendance for the XFL is 26,000 people. I was raised in Massillon, Ohio where Pro football got its start. Our high school football stadium seats 26,000 people. The XFL is competing with high school football. Even Jesse “The Jerk” Ventura’s babbling couldn’t get a crowd. (Who’s minding Minnesota?)

When Homosexuality is Protected

If the Liberals, education and the News Industry ever succeed in gaining protection for queers the following will become common.

  1. Your son will be publicly propositioned for sex by a queer and you will go to jail for trying to stop it.
  2. Your daughter will be publicly propositioned for sex by a queer and you will go to jail for trying to stop it.
  3. Your husband or wife will be publicly propositioned for sex and you will go to jail for trying to stop it.
  4. Queers will engage in sex publicly and you will go to jail for trying to stop it.

Homosexuality is the death of any society. Anyone who promotes or defends it is trying to destroy this country. They are the enemy of this country and should not be elected to office. They should be jailed!

The News Industry Knows the Truth

The News Industry knows the truth about the murder of Madeline Murray O’Hell and they’re covering it up to protect the atheists. If the pig had been killed by a Christian they’d be screaming about it.

Meeting the 7000

George & Ardell Bunting

The Buntings live in Ashboro, NC. They are two of the sweetest people you could ever meet. Bro. George is 84 and has been saved 54 years. He still has a spring in his step, a ready smile and gleam in his eye that tells you, “I’m ready to go!” Mrs. Bunting is 82 And has been saved 70 years. She is a sweet, godly woman. These folks are faithful to church and exhibit genuine Christian love for those around them. They have stayed with the Lord all their lives.

If the Lord tarries His coming, will they say that about you?

Blueprint For Apostasy

The May/June 2001 issue of Rev. magazine gives a ten step plan for pastors, wishing to lead their churches into apostasy, to follow. For brevity, I will condense their attack on the cause of Christ. You will note that pastors are told to turn to young people to help steer the church into apostasy and to abandon older church members as irrelevant.

  1. Have teenagers design an “exciting” worship service for your church.
  2. Add gospel, hip-hop, R&B, praise and worship, Latino, salsa, jazz and country to your music program.
  3. Form a new, separate congregation if older members resist this approach.
  4. Get ideas for changing your church from other churches.
  5. Let young people lead the effort to instill “new styles of worship and relevant music.”
  6. Emphasize the youth of certain Bible characters to “connect with this group.”
  7. “Find every resource and resource person you can on this topic.”
  8. “Don’t be hindered by what your current congregation thinks.”
  9. “Be intentional about reaching youth and young adults.”
  10. “Spend time praying about raising up a new generation of worshipers.”

What This Blueprint Produces

The church used to be for God. That meant people came to church and changed themselves to fit the church so God would be pleased. Now the church is for the people and the church has to change so they will be pleased.

The church used to preach against movies and theater. Now they can’t “worship” without a movie screen and “Christian drama.”

The coffee houses used to be full of greasy, unclean hippies moaning out folk songs. They still are but now the coffee houses are in the church.

If your church has gone this route, it and your pastor are apostates. Get out! You’re not going to change it. Think about it. If it got this bad with you there how do you think your presence will reverse it?

Fight On!

During the battle for the bridge at Arnhem, in World War II, the British “Tommies” were receiving air cover from American fighters. On one pass a P-51 was shot down by a German machine gun nest. Rather than bail out the pilot “dead sticked” his plane in among a field of British gliders. He leaped from the plane, ran over to a bunch of Tommies and grabbed the Sten gun of one of them and said, “Give me that! I know where that [Democrat] is that shot me down and I’m going to go get him!” He took the Sten gun and ran off into the woods and took out that machine gun nest. Fight on!

Times HAVE Changed!

Recently Kathy and I visited an Amish restaurant. They couldn’t seat us yet so they offered us a pager and invited us to shop next door while we waited. We did. While browsing the Amish goods next door I saw a sign above the counter that said, “Shop with us online at www.Dutchland.com”. Now that tells you times have really changed! We also saw an Amish teen with his hat on backward! (Think about it.)

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