Letter #62

Is God FOR Us?

Our recent presidential election continues to reveal the handiwork of God in it.

  1. Immediately after George W. Bush was declared the winner the intolerant News Industry started yet another recount. Their goal was to be able to say on Inauguration Day, “Well, there’s George W. bush giving his inauguration speech but we now all know that Al Gore defeated him by several hundred votes.” They were hoping to destroy GWB’s ability to govern. (That’s called treason.) Yet when the newest vote recount was over GWB had gained six votes. This absolutely destroyed the News Industry’s game plan.
  2. The hate monger Jesse Jackson and his liberal “Rent-a-Riot” crowd was going to hold demon-strations on Inauguration Day. But the day before Jackson’s immoral lifestyle knocked him into seclusion.
  3. The thugs from N.O.W. and others were poised to disrupt the inaugural parade. But God let it rain on them which dampened their spirits and subdued their demon-strations.

God is doing his part for America. Will you?

Think! Don’t “Believe”

In 1990 the mouth-breathing, car-hating liberals in Los Angeles’ government mandated that by 2000 they would only allow vehicles in downtown LA that had zero emissions. That meant electric cars. Of course, they later had to back down on this ridiculous demand. But what if they had won? With major power shortages in California, where would they have gotten the electricity to charge all those electric cars?! If the car-hating liberals succeed in forcing us into electric cars there won’t be enough power to recharge them all. Also the government will be able to stop travel overnight by simply shutting down the power.

Actively and loudly resist the push toward electric cars and maintain your independence.

Bush, the Soul Winner

There is a report being circulated, which is being denied by the News Industry, that then-candidate George W. Bush led a 16-year-old boy to the Lord at a campaign fundraising dinner. Although it hasn’t been verified it is known that President Bush (doesn’t that sound good?!) is shameless about his personal trust in Jesus Christ as his Saviour. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we had a president that was a soul winner?

Nay! There would still be some self-righteous, impossible to please, do-nothing Christians who still wouldn’t have anything good to say about him or America. The bus leaves in ten minutes…be under it!

“Gentlemen, Start Your Computers”

How many times do the words, “holy Spirit” occur in Scripture? How many of those times is the word “Holy” capitalized as part of the name and how many don’t capitalize it and use “holy” only as an adjective?

You might be surprised!

How many oil wells have you seen pumping lately?

Meeting the 7000

George W. Bush

That’s right! I said George W. Bush. After all, he is saved. That means he is one of us. Oh, that’s right, he’s probably not as “straight” as you are on the Bible. But he has the guts to take on the demons of the liberal News Industry which would have you & I hiding under our beds. Within a half-an-hour, after being sworn in he infuriated the bigots in the News Industry by boldly reversing the last of Bedroom Bill’s kingly Executive Orders. Then he fearlessly ignored their demands to forgo his tax cut and education plan and be “non-partisan” and ended up getting “non-partisan” backing from no less than Alan Greenspan and Ed Kennedy. President Bush also talks about the Lord without flinching and has stacked his cabinet with Conservatives in key positions. He simply refuses to be afraid of the Liberals. I wish you did the same.

The Clinton Legacy

The News Industry has been desperate to invent some kind of “legacy” for Bill “the Pig” Clinton so they can deify him. Yet they consistently refuse to acknowledge the true legacy he did leave our country:

  1. In January 1993 gasoline sold for 83 cents a gallon.
  2. There was no shortage of electricity anywhere in America.
  3. Our children have heard of vile, immoral actions that they never should have.
  4. He defiled the office of President.
  5. He defiled the President’s office.
  6. He violated our nations laws and left office laughing at us.
  7. He and his gang of vandals robbed and defiled the White House and our President’s airplane.

Is CNN Watching Fox News?

If you have cable you are doing yourself an injustice if you’re watching CNN instead of Fox News. Fox News reports the news with a much more conservative bent. So much so that viewers are leaving CNN by the droves and turning on Fox. Word is that CNN’s rating are way down and has had to lay off some employees. Wanna bet that CNN has been watching Fox to see why it’s happening? I wonder if CNN will start to pay conservatives more “lip service” in hopes of regaining their once mighty empire? We’ll know who they’ve been watching. Won’t we?

Fight On!

On July 18, 1966, 1st platoon, K Co. Third Battalion, Fourth Marines, led by 26-year-old Staff Sgt. John McGinty was rearguard for K Co. when they were suddenly hit by mortars, automatic weapons fire and then attacked by over 1000 NVA regulars. The three squads (about 12 men each) of 1st platoon were cut off from their company and each other but fought on valiantly. Although wounded himself, S. Sgt. McGinty charged through enemy fire to tend to his wounded Marines. (Their corpsman was dead.) He reloaded their weapons, shouted encouragement and called in supporting artillery fire. He then killed five charging NVA soldiers with his pistol. Finally, the rest of his company returned and relieved his brave Marines. They left stacks of enemy dead behind them. For his actions, S. Sgt. McGinty later received the Medal of Honor. Fight on!

Whose Side Are They On?

There are three political groups in the world:

  1. Nazis/nationalists
  2. Capitalists
  3. Communists/Socialists

Whenever Hollywood makes a movie the villains are either glassy-eyed Nazis or bejeweled, greedy, white-collar Capitalists. They never make a movie where Communists are evil. Why is that?

It’s because they always portray their own enemies as villains. Hollywood hates nationalists and Capitalists because they are….(Figure it out yet?)

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