Letter #62

Douglas MacArthur on America:

“It is an infallible reminder that our greatest hope and faith rests upon two mighty symbols…
the cross and the flag; the one based upon those immutable teachings which provide the
spiritual strength to persevere along the course that is just and right,
the other based upon the invincible will that human freedom shall not perish from the earth.”

Global Snow Job

The temporary hole in the Ozone (It only lasts from March to June) is over Antarctica. Since this hole is supposed to allow more ultra-violet rays in causing “Global Warming” you would think that it should have some effect on this frozen wasteland. Now “Global Warming” doomsayers are forced to admit that Antarctica is colder than the Arctic! Why? Because “Global Warming” is a lie designed only to destroy the economy of the United States.

Fight On!

During the Napoleonic wars, a troop of British soldiers was confronted by a French regiment in line. The French delivered a withering fire that sounded like a hail storm and drove the British to the ground, unable to move for fear of being hit. When all seemed lost a young British trooper named Priestly stepped out from behind a tree and declared, “Well! I’ll be hanged if I’ll be bothered any longer behind a tree, so here’s at you.”, and fired into the French line. Then, completely exposed he methodically reloaded and fired again. British troops sprang to their feet and followed his example. The astounded French turned and ran. Fight on!

The REAL Terrorists

Isn’t a terrorist someone whose desire is to spread terror to as many people as possible? Isn’t fear, insecurity and instability the desired end result of such a diabolically wicked person? Doesn’t a terrorist count himself a success only by how much terror he can spread?

Now stop and think for a minute. (If you can do that without your television set.) What has been the source of most if not all of your fears? What has found you, peacefully minding your own business, trying to enjoy life and suddenly drove a sword of fear and terror into your otherwise peaceful existence? Well, since you have a TV, and therefore probably are incapable of a thought independent of it I’ll tell you. It’s the News Industry!

Think about it. You were “fat, dumb & happy” and then the News Industry told you to be afraid of what you ate. They told you about cholesterol, salmonella, “killer” Mexican food, “killer” Chinese food, “killer” American food, dangerously dirty restaurant kitchens and…Alar!

Then they told you your doctor, mechanic and local politician was all incompetent. They made you afraid of everything. Most of the things you’ are afraid of right now you heard about from your TV set.

So tell me. Who’s the most successful terrorist in America?

Meeting the 7000

John Wheat

Bro. John is a missionary to Australia. In 1992 I preached in a church that Bro. Wheat had started and trained a national pastor for. Bro. Wheat is a tremendous witness. I spoke with one man he led to Christ whose salvation led to the salvation of 110 friends and family. I spoke with another whose salvation led to over 50 such conversions. Bro. Wheat is one of the kindest men you could ever meet but is tenacious for the Lord. He is still in Australia serving the Lord.

What are you tenacious about?

Thomas Jefferson Didn’t Do It!

In a desperate attempt to justify “Bedroom Bill” Clinton’s filthy lifestyle historians accused Thomas Jefferson of fathering a child by one of his slaves. Now researchers have discovered that the child was fathered not by Thomas Jefferson, but by his brother, which would account for the correct DNA.

But what does it matter? Had anyone claimed Jefferson fathered this child in the Oval Office while he was supposedly doing “what the people voted me in to do.”? After all. It’s just about sex. Right?

National Association of Spaceman Anglers

NASA, ever desperate to catch some evidence of life in space, (which doesn’t exist) has been dealt another horrible blow by the truth. In hopes of finding the life they have been near panicked to find planets that have an earthlike relationship to a star similar to our solar system so that they can continue on the mission of disproving the Bible. One of the requirements for life is a stable, circular orbit around its sun. Good news! They’ve found 17 star/planet relationships in space. Bad news! None of them are capable of sustaining life.

Eight of the planets have the necessary circular orbits but are too close to their sun to sustain life. One is so close it has a “year”, one complete circuit of its sun, of 3.3 days. The other nine have elliptical (egg-shaped) orbits which are known as “killer orbits” because they cannot sustain life and would tend to smash into any other planets in a circular orbit

Gee! It’s almost like our planet’s orbit is the result of an intelligent Creator! In fact, one scientist was forced to orate on our miraculous solar system by saying, “Look at how perfect this thing is. It’s like a jewel. You’ve got circular orbits. They’re all in the same plane. They’re all going around in the same direction. …It’s perfect, you know. It’s almost uncanny.” Poor guy. He just couldn’t bring himself to say it…it’s a miracle! It must have been created by an intelligent Creator!

More Bad News For Science

Duke University scientists have discovered that the “Neanderthal” man may have been able to speak. According to scientific wishful thinking, this guy supposedly lived 300,000 years ago. He’s not allowed to be able to talk or he would be a man and not a link in the hypothetical evolutionary chain. Duke’s findings have the scientific community scrambling to “prove” such a thing couldn’t be true.

So what’s new? Al Gore can talk (almost) and he’s Neanderthal! Isn’t that proof enough?

Nate Saint and “Spooky”

In the early ’50s, Nate Saint, missionary to the Auca Indians in Equador, found that he could lower a basket by a rope from an airplane and keep it stationary in one spot on the ground by flying a “Pylon Turn”. (A tight circle.) In the 70’s this story came to the attention of the Air Force who used the principle to produce the AC-47 (and later AC-130) gunship, call sign “Spooky”, that fired on ground targets while flying a Pylon turn.

A nation is as STRONG as it is RIGHTEOUS.

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