Letter #60

The “1950 Studebaker Ugly Car Award”

The 1950 Studebaker was ugly…from any angle. There have been a few contenders for “uglier” over the years: the Porsche 914, the 1999 Mercury Cougar, anything made by Citreon. But the 2000 Pontiac Aztec is unquestionably the ugliest thing you will ever see. It is ugly from the front, the back and the sides. General Motors’ attempt at stylish boldness makes a red-headed step-child look attractive. Therefore the “‘50 Studebaker Ugly Car Award” goes to the Pontiac Aztec.

The runner-up? Hillary Clinton. (She demanded a recount!)

Don’t “Believe”…SEE!

Quit sitting in front of your TV set with your mouth hanging open and take a look around! Gas prices are skyrocketing. Why? “Because of a shortage,” we are told. LOOK AROUND! Are there any oil wells in your area? Are they pumping? I have been traveling through Ohio & Pennsylvania and I have seen NO oil wells that are pumping. Think. Think! If oil is around $30 a barrel, isn’t this the best time for oil companies to be pumping their own rather than buy it? For every barrel they pump they save $30 and can sell for $30. Why aren’t they pumping oil? Because the “shortage” is a fraud. No, not designed to make oil companies rich. To force Americans out of big cars, trucks, and SUVs and into Geos. Quit believing news reports and open your eyes!

The News Industry Continues to Lie

The man mainly responsible for the church burnings, that we all heard decried as “racist” has plead guilty to setting fire to 26 churches. Jay Scott Ballinger of Yorktown, IN pled guilty to the largest majority of organized church arsons. Is Ballinger a “black-hating racist?” NO! He’s a Satanist! Monica Lewinsky’s boyfriend’s own federal task force found there was no anti-black organized church fires. In fact, in four months in 1996, 160 churches were burned. Only 58 of those were black.

But the News Industry perpetrated another hate crime against whites by blaming them for the fires. Not to mention the act of willfully withholding the truth about the church fires. What about our “Right to know.” Were all Americans’ rights violated when the News Industry withheld the truth about these church fires?

It’s “Wisdom”, Not a Village

We all know that those who hate the children of this country discourage parents from correcting them with proper spankings. They have since invented a thing called a “time-out” where a besieged parent attempts to quell an errant child by reasoning with them and having them stop what they’re doing and reflect of their errors. Yeah. Right! So you can imagine my concern when I recently heard a good Christian mother ask her child, “Do you need a ‘time-out’?” The child looked terrified and changed its ways. Turns out these wise parents call a spanking a “time-out.” So when they are in public they can address the issue of discipline with the child without Hellary or Janet Reno burning their house down.

Maybe your child needs a “time-out” after all!

Meeting the 7000

Larry Theofanopoulis

Bro. Theofanopoulis is of Greek descent. (Can you tell?) Years ago he went to Greece to be a missionary. He had such a burden to reach the people of his heritage that at that time he changed his surname from “Theros” to the original Greek rendering, Theofanopoulis. He labored in Greece and successfully started a church there that survives to this day. Circumstances then returned him to the U. S. But Bro. Theofanopoulis’ middle name is “Don’t Quit.” He promptly found a large Greek population near Ontario, Canada, and has been there ever since, again establishing another church.

What does it take to stop a man? Whatever he will let stop him. Bro. Theofanopolis hasn’t found that yet. Have you?

Target Teachers

Feel like you’re doing nothing for Christ? Figuring on entering Heaven empty-handed just because God hasn’t called you to preach? How would you like an opportunity to earn eternal rewards while affecting your area for Christ? We all know the corrupting influence public education is on the children of this nation. Why don’t you “target” public school teachers? No, stupid! You don’t shoot’em! You win ’em. Why don’t you arm yourself with material about evolution, abortion, and even American history and make a regular concerted effort to win a school teacher to Christ? Reason with them. Argue with them. Show up at PTA meetings. But think of the good you could do for kids you don’t even know by winning their teacher to Christ.


Recently a pastor showed me a copy of the “King James 21st Century Version.” He asked me to look it over. I never got past the flyleaf. On the back flyleaf (hard covered.), the publisher explains the need to “update” certain “archaic” words. They list three. (All they could find was three?!…No. Two!) One of those listed was “dehort” which was changed to “dissuade.” I had Luke read it. Luke is only 15. He’s on his eighth time through the Bible. I asked, “What do you think?” He looked incredulous and said, “Dehort isn’t even in the Bible!” The KJ21 publishers couldn’t even find three “archaic” words in the King James Bible and so they had to make one up. And they were “deported” from that by a fifteen-year-old!

I Agree With God

In Genesis 4 God was displeased with Cain’s offering (the fruit of the ground) and was pleased with Abel’s offering (meat!) I agree with God. If you’re preaching the “No meat” gospel…You’re a follower of Cain! Who do you want to agree with?

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