Letter #58

Ben Franklin on America

“Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom.
As nations become more corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters

A Prophecy

If George W. Bush somehow overcomes News Industry attempts to assassinate him and becomes President, I can predict the headlines you will soon be reading within six months reports that the economy is going bad. Will it be? Of course not. But the News Industry will want to punish Americans for not obeying them and putting liberal Al Gore in office so they will manufacture a new terrorist propaganda campaign designed to make Americans regret disobeying them.

No one hates Americans like the multi-millionaires running the News Industry!

“Industry” not “Media”

Don’t let your enemy define themselves. The News Industry likes to call itself the News “Media” as though it were an objective conduit of news. It isn’t. The News Industry is a multi-million dollar industry. It is run by liberal millionaires, has millions of dollars in assets and has no desire to report the “news” to anyone. It has a political agenda and only uses the news to accomplish its purpose. Call it the news industry not the news “media”. It’s not fair, objective or tolerant. It is a multi-million dollar industry that crushes all opposition.

An Act of War

Did you know that the Communist Chinese attacked the United States during Darth Clinton’s terror campaign on Kosovo? That’s right. The murderous Red Chinese tried to enter Defense computers to disrupt our war effort. That is considered an act of war. But don’t expect our shamed, impeached, crooked President to do anything to his Communist masters.

Our Friends at the U.N.

Did you also know that the United Nations was getting ready to charge U. S. pilots with war crimes for bombing Kosovo? Clinton, no defender of the U.S. military, realized the embarrassment such an action would be to him and squelched it. The United Nations is not our friend.

Panama Throws Us Out

Now that Comrade Clinton’s Communist Chinese masters are running that piece of U.S. property known as the Panama Canal, the Panamanian government has ordered the U.S. Air Force to vacate Howard Air Force base. Thanks to the treachery of Bedroom Bill’s mentor, Jimmy Carter, Communist Chinese will soon be sleeping in our beds.

Communists, Nazis and the News Industry enforce political correctness!

Meeting the 7000

Doug Baker

Bro. Doug is not a pastor, missionary or evangelist. He is a member of Branch Hill Baptist Church in Loveland, OH where he’s in charge of the teens. But more than that Bro. Doug is a good man. He has always been one of those men a pastor could count on. He is a bundle of energy and can’t seem to do enough for the Lord, the church or his fellow Christians. He is the kind of church member that pastor’s pray for.

What kind of church member are you?

13,500 More U.S. Families on Food Stamps

That’s right. Al Gore’s friend, Bill Clinton has cut military budgets so far that last year 13,500 families in the U.S. military had to apply for food stamps to feed their families. And then we demand they be willing to die and Congress gripes about military retirement while padding their own nest.

Military Degradation

A U.S. Senate report recently revealed that, due to liberal Democratic budget cutting, both the Air Force and Navy are producing pilots of “degraded skill and quality”. What will Al Gore do to harm our military even more if elected President?

The Next Threat

The 1999 U. S. National Intelligence Estimate reported, “We project that during the next 15 years the United States most likely will face ICBM threats from Russia, China, and North Korea, probably from Iran, and possibly from Iraq.”

Isn’t it amazing that these are the very countries with which liberal Bill Clinton has reestablished normal relations?! You can add treason to his long list of “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

Helping Them, Hurting Us

The Clinton/Gore team is selling 80 “Block 60” F-16s to the United Arab Emirates. These airplanes are more advanced than the newest F-16s in our own Air Force.

The “Heart” of Our Military

Alex sat in the cockpit of an Air Force fighter proudly displaying the pilot’s wings that had just been pinned on him, giving the crowd around him a “thumbs up”. He wasn’t grinning. He showed only a look of gratitude. Six months later he was dead. Liver cancer. Alex was only six years old. He had just taken part in the Air Force “Pilot For A Day” program that bestowed wings and even offers airplane rides to critically ill children.

Even while liberals are cutting the throat of our military they still have time for kids!

Fight On!

One day after the June 6, 1944 invasion of Normandy 600 U.S. paratroopers were tenaciously occupying the village of Ste.-Mere-Eglise when Lt. Waverly Wray set out to learn the enemy’s intentions. Lt. Wray was a Baptist from the Deep South and held to the Bible dearly. Moving quietly along a hedgerow he heard German voices from the other side. It sounded like officers. Wray burst through the hedgerow and in the ensuing fight killed eight German officers and their two guards. 6000 crack German troops were descending on the outnumbered Americans. By his heroic action, Wray unknowingly disorganized their plans and saved his fellow soldiers. The next day Wray returned and buried all ten men.

Fight On!

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