Letter #57

William Penn on America

“If thou wouldst rule well, thou must rule for God, and to do that, thou must be ruled by him…those who will not be governed by God will be ruled by tyrants.”

Al Gore Goes to the Dogs

All Gore’s presidential campaign is in serious trouble. Bu the News Industry is going to do everything they can to hide that fact from you. Witness:

  1. Gore romanced liberal Jesse Ventura and Ventura stood right next to him and said, “I am not endorsing him.”
  2. He next romanced liberal John McCain and McCain thought him so repulsive that he fled to George Bush and endorsed him.
  3. The latest picture I saw of Gore had him posed with two dogs. (Making it a total of three dogs!) But it didn’t work. The dogs didn’t endorse him either.

Communists laud their Successes

In the winter issue of the communist journal Dissent Michael Walzer extolled the victories the Communists have had in America in the last few years. Of these he listed:

  1. “The visible impact of feminism.”
  2. “The effects of affirmative action.”
  3. “The emergence of gay rights politics, and…the attention paid to it in the media.”
  4. “The acceptance of cultural pluralism.”
  5. “The transformation of family,” including “rising divorce rates, changing sexual mores, new household arrangements…and, again, the portrayal of all this in the media.”
  6. “The progress of secularization; the fading of religion in general and Christianity in particular from the public sphere – classrooms, textbooks, legal codes holidays, and so on.”
  7. “The virtual abolition of capital punishment.”
  8. “The successes in the effort to regulate and limit the private ownership of guns.”

The New American, July 5, 1999

Abortion Industry Nets Million$

Last year Planned Parenthood, the premier abortion provider in this country netted over $58,000,000 through its Federally protected abortuaries. But wait! There’s even more money to be made after the innocent child has been murdered. How? Cut up the bodies and sell the parts. That’s right. Need a baby liver to experiment on? Want a couple of baby eyeballs? Many abortion clinics are making millions selling the dissected bodies of unborn babies. Will Congress investigate? They did! Implicated abortionists never showed up for the hearings while jaded Liberal Democratic congressmen bushwhacked the main witness and nothing was done.

Abortion is more than murder. It’s big business! Just ask Planned Parenthood.

How Do We Overthrow the News Media?

Meeting the 7000

Pastor Mike Pooler

Bro. Pooler pastors the Bible Believers’ Baptist Church in Los Alamos, NM. I had a meeting with him the week before the government’s “Controlled Burn” destroyed thousands of acres of land in New Mexico. (And these are the guys that want to take away our guns!) Bro. Pooler is one of God’s “Draftees”. He was “just a man in the church” who God drafted into the ministry when there was no one else available. (Now hundreds of “dead-heads” will use this statement to justify their “call”.) Bro. Pooler has a tremendous group of people in his church.

Bro. Pooler and several folks in his church lost everything they owned when their houses burned down during the fires. Where was he while his house was burning? He, his family and several church families were sitting serenely in church at another revival meeting I had in Rio Rancho, NM. They didn’t whine or whimper. They simply took the cards the Lord dealt them They are a great example of what a “Christian” is supposed to be.

Want to help? Send any help to: Mike Pooler, 3909 Arizona Ave. #C, Los Alamos, NM, 87544-1528. The Post Office is still getting mail to them. Let’s help our brothers-in-Christ!

Tiger Woods Is NOT a Slave!

In slave days a wicked slave owner would publically beat a slave that didn’t do his bidding. During the recent News Industry campaign to persecute South Carolina for flying the Southern battle flag from the capitol building a female news journalist (read that “Slave Owner”) tried to get Tiger woods to voice outrage at the practice. He didn’t bite. He’s his own man and wasn’t going to be led around by an intolerant news media. What did the vicious, vindictive witch do? She publically whipped Woods in print for not being a good slave and obeying her wishes.

The News Industry is the slave owners of the blacks in this country and if any of them step out of line they are publically beaten. (Remember Clarence Thomas?)

Fight On!

Captain Sam Whittemore, a native of Massachusetts, was a veteran long before the 1776 war for Independence. As a young man, he was a member of His Majesty’s Dragoons and fought the French, Indians, and renegades. At age 51 (1745) he helped capture the French fort of Louisburg. He helped take the fort again in 1758 at age 64. He then retired to farming in Menotomy, Mass. In 1763 Chief Pontiac staged an uprising in the Mid-west and at 68 Whittemore rode off to once again fight the Indians. He then returned to his wife, three sons, and five daughters in Menotomy. He was working his fields the morning of April 19, 1775, when he hard his next call to battle. The British had opened fire of colonists at Concord. He went to his house and loaded his musket, two dueling pistols and gathered his saber and was off to fight the British at age 80! As British troops marched through Menotomy (now Arlington) he leaped up and shot three British soldiers. Killing two and wounding another. Then he attacked the rest with his saber. A British soldier shot him point-blank in the face. The other bayoneted him no less than thirteen times. When they left, his neighbors hauled his perforated body back to his farm to die. He didn’t. He healed and lived, disfigured and lame, another 18 years, dying on February 3, 1793 at age 98! Did he regret his wounds? No. He said to any who asked him, “No! I would take the same chance again!”

What battles have you engaged in? Fight On!

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