Letter #56

World Socialism is WHITE!

The difference between whites and the colored peoples of the world is tribalism. Whites came from tribes just like any other race. But white Europeans allowed the Bible & Christianity to break down tribal lines which in turn allowed them to develop stronger as a race. Christianity would also allow blacks, Indians, Eskimos & other colored races to leave tribalism behind and melt into a strong biblical society. That’s why the Global Elite hates Christianity & the Bible and white European culture. Therefore, through the News Industry & education, they have turned coloreds back into tribalism with the “You’ve got a proud heritage” lie. This effectively stops quality men of color from entering the world of the ruling WHITE elite. They are busy talking about “restoring” their “proud heritage” and their talents & abilities are lost to society. This leaves just a few white elitists to run the world.

I Told You So!

In the last letter, I told you that I believed that Comrade Clinton’s goal before leaving office was to normalize relations with every communist country that ever hated us. (That’s what “Elein Gonzoles” was all about.) Here’s a quote from the January 2000 issue of Air Force Magazine. “Perry (former Sec. of Defense) reported his findings to the President in September and called for continued engagement with the communist government in Pyongyang (North Korea) with the goal of normalizing relations that have been hostile since the end of the Korean War.”

Fight On!

The day before Waterloo French Colonel Jean-Baptiste Sourd was sabred so badly that his arm had to amputated. During the amputation, Sourd dictated a letter to Napoleon stating that he wished to remain in command of his regiment even if he had to refuse promotion to general. After the operation, he signed the letter left-handed and mounted his horse and rode to rejoin his men. Fight on!!

Where Do They Come From?!

The vast majority of Americans do not want liberal policies. California has passed many well thought out conservative laws. Then they are immediately set aside by the liberal whim of one, lone liberal federal judge. (That must be what they mean when they say, “One man. One vote.) New York has passed the death sentence numerous times only to have the same thing happen. How is it that so many federal judges are out of touch with the will of the American people? It is because the judicial system, along with the News Industry, entertainment and college faculties have been taken over by that small portion of our society, the ultra-liberals? They then go about ruling by decree rather than the votes of the people. Think about it. If they force their corporate, ultra-liberal will on us by the sound of the gavel and the stroke of the pen without a care about our desires, what will it be like if they succeed in confiscating our guns?

Meeting the 7000

Shawn Scribner

Bro. Shawn is an amazing individual. He had a great job with the Burlington Northern railroad but left it all to become the assistant pastor in a church in Montana. Then after several years, he left there to pastor Heritage Baptist Church in Yuma, Arizona. All this time he was single. Rather than marrying “the wrong one” just to have a wife, Bro. Shawn waited for God’s choice and got married when he was 42 years old. Now his church is doing well. He is happily married. And God has been glorified.

No job is worth keeping if the Lord wants you to leave it. And no one is worth marrying just to keep from being single.

We Beat the News Industry AGAIN!

Once again a Gallup poll shows that the American people put far more trust in organized religion than in the News Industry. In fact, Both the military and religion pound their sworn adversary to sand. Here are the results. The combined answers of those with either “A great deal” or “Quite a lot” of confidence in the following organizations work out as follows:

  1. The military 68%
  2. Church or organized religion 58%
  3. The police 57%
  4. The computer industry 50%
  5. The United States Supreme Court 49%
  6. The Presidency 49%
  7. Banks 43%
  8. The medical system 40%
  9. Public schools 36%
  10. Television news 34%
  11. Newspapers 33%
  12. Big business 30%
  13. Organized labor 28%
  14. Congress 26%
  15. The criminal justice system 23%
  16. News on the Internet 21%
  17. Health maintenance organizations 17%

Since you’re Americans and Americans can’t think without a remote in their hands go hold your remote and I’ll point some things out. First, the military, which the News Mafia hates enjoys twice the public confidence as the News Mafia. Organized religion enjoys also twice the confidence. (Maybe the News Media is jealous of these two great American institutions!) Even after the whoremonger Bill Clinton turned the White House into a brothel, “the Presidency” still retains more public confidence than the lying News Media. Even though our public schools have turned into shooting galleries, people still trust them more than Dan Rather, Peter Jennings and Tom Brokaw combined! The medical system, which Hillary and her News Mafia masters want to replace, holds more public trust than USAToday, The New York Times or The Washington Post! Yet HMO’s, which is the kind of health coverage Hellery would force on the common people, hold the lowest rating. Think you’ll hear about this poll on CNN?

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