Letter #55

The Y2K Hoax

January 1 has come and gone and none of the disasters that the fear-mongers threatened happened. Watch out! They will now insult your intelligence in two new ways.

  1. They will claim that Y2K wasn’t bad because they had warned us so that everything got fixed. That is a lie! I have a friend who works with computers. Here’s what he told me. He had an old non-Y2K compatible computer. He intentionally didn’t upgrade it to see what would happen. On Jan. 1 he turned it on. It booted fine. The data showed 1940. He reset the date and has used it ever since with no problems. At a hospital, he works for he intentionally didn’t upgrade an old non-compatible computer. On Jan. 1 it booted up with no problems at all. Also, he was on call New Year’s Eve for emergency maintenance for six hospitals. He didn’t get one call! It was all a hoax and right now a bunch of your money is in the pockets of the those who sold you books and tapes designed to scare you to death.
  2. They will promptly announce a new threat. (I call this “Crisis in Waiting.) I’ve already heard from three different sources to, “Beware the solar flares.” Ahh Nuts!

The real threat to your peace of mind are the folks who are forever scaring you!

Blacks Know the Truth

Whether you like him or not, Franklin Delano Roosevelt did a lot for the black people in this country. They so loved him for it that the nation is full of black men named “Roosevelt”. (Remember Rosie Greer?) I remember a black kid in my high school named “Roosevelt”.

If Martin Luther king had done anything to help black people here the country would be full of black men named “Martin” in his honor. I’ve never met one black man named Martin in 50 years. Why? Because the black people of this nation know the truth. Martin Luther king didn’t do anything for them. He helped liberals not blacks.

Regulate the News Media

During the Clinton impeachment, the News Media abandon even the charade of being “honest brokers of information.” They made it plain that they were actually a political entity that would destroy anyone who got in the way of their liberal political agenda. That wasn’t the first time. Remember when they published the names and addresses of the jury who acquitted the cops who arrested Rodney King, hoping that angry blacks would kill them? The “press” that is protected by the first Amendment no longer exists in this country. The News Mafia that has replaced it does not merit constitutional protection. Therefore some people are calling for the News Mafia to be regulated by law. What could be done that would not hamper their freedom to print the lies they do so well? Apply a rating system similar to the one used by the movies. Have all news papers and programs rated as “Liberal” or “Conservative.” Thus, newspapers like The Washington Post, The New York Times and USA Today would have a banner across the front page informing readers that the stories found within would be slanted to favor the “Liberal” point of view. The Washington Times readers would be informed that it leans to the right. The same could be done with periodicals like Newsweek, People, American Opinion etc. They could then print what they wanted to.

Meeting the 7000

Bob Aldridge

Bro. Aldridge is not a preacher. He is, of all things, a lawyer. Americans so love to hate lawyers that we forget there are some good ones. Bob has helped many Christians and taught pastors across the country how to avoid legal entanglements with the state. All this while constantly hearing from us how worthless lawyers are. But Bob is an exception to that belief.

What can you do for the Lord even though you might not be called to preach or even appreciated? Maybe we’ll never know.

Fight On!

This is a new segment of the letter and will highlight the value of fighting on and not giving up. I hope to have one in every letter from now on.

One night in Nov. 1944 an American Sherman tank was knocked out while guarding a crossroads in Europe. His crewmates all dead, the one surviving tanker single-handedly loaded, aimed and fired the damaged tank’s 76 mm gun at advancing German infantry. When those shells were gone he emptied the tanks .30 cal. machine gun at the enemy. Then he popped the turret and laid a stream of .50 cal fire on the confused Germans. With that ammunition expended the young tanker let loose with his Thompson submachine gun. That empty, he fought the enemy until his pistol ammunition was used up. Then he dropped back into the tank and “buttoned up” and waited for dawn. But! He still had a box of hand grenades! As German infantry swarmed his battered tank seeking to kill him he would open the hatch a crack and pop out a grenade until those were gone too. The Germans finally gave up and bypassed the young tiger. He was rescued amidst a sea of German bodies the next morning. Fight On!

“Thank God for Slavery!”

Those words came from the lips of one of the sweetest Christian ladies you could ever hope to meet. She is black and continued, “If it wasn’t for slavery my family would never have been brought to America and I would never have heard the Gospel.”

Only through the treachery of the New Mafia can Blacks enjoy the blessings of living in America and still hate the country because they’ve been programmed to by their TV. But it is apparent that not everyone has been deceived.

Attention Bible Correcters. Lie!

If you are a Bible correcter that can’t stand us Bible believers and you want to hamper our progress I would like to offer some help. Lie! Attack our character or some insignificant item. Why? Because if you dare to try to use facts to refute our arguments you will lose terribly because the facts don’t uphold your hateful position. So just lie about us. It’s all you have to work with.

Darth Clinton’s Legacy of Destruction

Since being given the presidency by his News Mafia masters in 1992, Monica’s boyfriend has eliminated 709,000 service personnel, 293,00 reserve troops, 8 army divisions, 2,000 Air Force and Navy aircraft, 232 bombers, 13 missile submarines, 230 missiles, 500 ICBMs with 1950 warheads, four aircraft carriers, 121 ships, plus the closing of numerous military bases. Liberals hate America. Destroying the U.S. military gives them great joy.

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