Letter #54

Samuel Adams on Bill Clinton

“A general dissolution of principles and manners will more surely overthrow the liberties of America than the whole force of the common enemy. While the people are virtuous they cannot be subdued; but when once they lose their virtue they will be ready to surrender their liberties to the first external or internal invader”

My Secret Y2K Preparations

I have always said that there is a chance that Y2K might be bad. Maybe even as bad as all the professional doomsayers have predicted. Therefore, even though I never told you, I have made secret Y2K preparations. What did I do? I “stockpiled” 9 Old Scofield Reference Bibles! Actually their not even for me. I already have two new ones for myself. Here’s how I see it. If Y2K is as bad as they predict then we may already possess the last bible we’ll ever have. Well, Nathan is called to preach. Jon isn’t but, who knows? Luke still doesn’t know. So, on the assumption that all three of my sons get called to preach I bought them each 3 new Bibles apiece. That’s it. No “freeze-dried pizza” or 10,000 rounds of ammunition for our “high tensile strength” fiberglass “bunker.”

Here’s a blessed thought. If Y2K isn’t bad, then I probably already possess the Bible I’ll be using when the Lord comes back. Now, that’s exciting!

The REAL Y2K Threat

January 1, 2000, will be one of the most devastating days in the history of this country. No, it has nothing to do with computers. On this date, per Liberal Democrat Jimmy Carter’s plans, the United States will turn its property, the Panama Canal over to the Communist government of Panama. Following that historic mistake, the Communist Chinese government is poised to take over control. Fidel Castro is scheduled to be there to help celebrate.

Slow Victory

Years ago a power-mad Congress pushed to have a new constitution written for this country. (I wouldn’t let these idiots write a restaurant menu!) 35 states had to ratify the request. By 1980, 32 had. Now, four of those states have rescinded their vote. Alabama, Florida, Louisiana and most recently, Idaho. Another Liberal threat to this country is dying!

Bad News For Science

Duke University scientists have discovered that the “Neanderthal” man may have been able to speak. According to scientific wishful thinking, this guy supposedly lived 300,000 years ago. He’s not allowed to be able to talk or he would be a man and not a link in the hypothetical evolutionary chain. Duke’s findings have the scientific community scrambling to “prove” such a thing couldn’t be true.

So what’s new? Al Gore can talk (almost) and he’s Neanderthal! Isn’t that proof enough?

Meeting The 7000

Stephen A Coston Sr.

Brother Coston is not a pastor, but he has provided a great service to all of us. Brother Coston wrote a book entitled, King James, Unjustly Accused. Several years ago he got into a “paper debate” with a friend over whether King James was a homosexual or not. The friend, having never researched the issue, simply parroted the standard lie that he was. But Brother Coston is both analytical and tenacious. He buried himself in the research and even traveled to England & Scotland to seek the truth. The result is a masterful work that explodes the myth of King James’ supposed homosexuality. You owe it to yourself to get and read a copy. Call: 1-800-659-1478.

What could you do for the Lord if you griped less and set to work to make a difference?

Environmentalists Fail Again!

Several years ago environmental fanatics stopped the hunting of Canadian geese in certain parts of Canada. Now the geese have so damaged their own environment that it can’t support them and they are dying. Environmentalists can’t fix anything. We need to get them off the streets and put them where they can’t harm themselves or others!

I Agree With The Pope!

I never thought I’d say it but I do. In India recently he claimed that every individual had a right to change their religion. I agree! Now let’s go get them Catholics!

Japan is in Trouble

The Renault car company, which has never successfully built and marketed a car here, recently purchased financially troubled Nissan Motors. Now they are closing five plants and dismissing 21,000 workers. (So much for “Jobs for the rest of your life.” in Japan!) Furthermore, two major banks are merging and will cut loose an additional 9,300 workers.

Now, who was it that told us we should pattern our workforce after the Japanese?

Bill Clinton & Jerry Springer

John Deutch, the incompetent idiot that impeached & shamed Bill Clinton appointed as head of the CIA, has lost his security. He was found to have highly classified material on a home computer. (So it could be e-mailed somewhere?)

The only difference between Bill Clinton and TV scum-bag Jerry Springer is that Springer takes the scum of the earth and puts them on his TV show. Clinton takes the scum of the earth and puts them in his cabinet! (Birds of a feather…)

Death by Clinton

16 F-16 fighters have crashed this year alone due to the lack of maintenance forced on the military by Darth Clinton’s “Slash & burn” budget cuts to the military. While he forces our military to do his Gestapo work abroad he and his liberal politics have cut the heart out of the greatest military in the world. It is his sincere hope that he will be able to weaken our military so that it will lose the next war he gets them into. Liberals HATE America!

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