Letter #53

A Victory!

A judge in New York state has issued a court order to stop certain New York public schools from forcing children to worship the earth. Among other outlawed practices was teaching helpless students to pray to “Mother Earth.” The original complaint was brought by parents.

Without battles, there are no victories!

Another Victory!

The courageous Topeka, Kansas Board of Education has abolished all references to Darwin’s failed and flawed theory of evolution. Local schools are now free to teach biblical creationism.

Without battles, there are no victories!

And Yet Another!

Several Kentucky public schools have placed the Ten Commandments in every classroom, to the ire of God-hating liberals. The plaques were purchased by local people.

Without battles, there are no victories!

“Adolf” Gore Shows His Colors

The Vice-Zombie admitted that he would steal the legally own guns from law abiding citizens if he could. Following yet another staged shooting, this one at a Baptist church in Texas, Gore admitted that he didn’t want private citizens to be able to defend themselves from such actions. Over one million crimes per year are stopped by private citizens carrying the guns Gore wants to steal. Do you suppose he wants innocent Americans murdered?

A REAL “Hate” Crime
  • Britain
  • France
  • Russia
  • U.S.A
  • Germany
  • Meeting the 7000

    Nick Serino

    Bro. Nick has been a missionary to Arctic Alaska for over sixteen years. In that time he and his family have braved temperatures of -58 degrees and wind chills to -128. Yet he has started churches in Point Lay, Wainwright, Barrow and Point Hope. Presently in Point Hope the Serinos are isolated by cultural differences. Bro. Nick doesn’t beef or romanticize he situation. He only has a desire to serve the Lord. Would you consider just sending them a letter of encouragement?

    Nick Serino, PO Box 203, Point Hope, AK 99766-9999
    The Americans at Le Mans

    The Americans swept the GT class at Le Mans this years with Dodge Vipers finishing in the first six places and the American Panoz finishing seventh while the “great” Germans cried. Watch for new regulations that will restrict the Americans.

    Is This Discrimination?

    20% of the population of this country is black, (Colored, Negro, Afro-American, Black, African-American or whatever new term they have allowed the News Media to pin on them this year.) Therefore if a company has 100 employees it should have 20 black employees. If there are fewer than 20% employees the bully-boys in the federal dictatorship claim it must be because of discrimination in hiring.

    Then shouldn’t every basketball team legally have four white players and one black one?

    Speaking of Discrimination!

    It has been reported that 87% of the people in the News Mafia voted for “Bedroom Bill” Clinton. It is further reported that only 4% are Republicans and only 2% are Conservative. Does that not indicate that there must be discriminatory practices going on in the way the News Mafia does its hiring? Do you suppose the News Mafia will do a “hard-hitting investigative report” on this subject? (Don’t hold your breath!)

    I Agree With God

    In Genesis 4 God was displeased with Cain’s offering (the fruit of the ground) and was pleased with Abel’s offering (meat!) I agree with God. If you’re preaching the “No meat” gospel…You’re a follower of Cain! Who do you want to agree with?

    Y2K Death Wish

    Here’s a legitimate Y2K problem that you’re not going to fix with a ten years supply of freeze-dried pizza, 30,000 round of ammunition, a bunker or changing a few lines of code. Think of all the cemeteries out there with granite stones people already bought that have “19__” for the date of death for those still living. Now they have three months to make good on their purchase!

    Environmentalists are DESTROYERS. They build nothing and live to destroy the progress of others. They destroy dams, roads and buildings. They need to be institutionalized.

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