Letter #52

Darth Clinton!

When Ronald Reagan was in the White House he used the U. S. military only 18 times inn 8 years. George used it 14 times in four years. Darth Clinton, evil personified has used the U. S. military 52 times as a deadly club to promote his definition of peace… “Obey me or die!”

Colombine Villain Released?

For years it has been suspected that school shootings were orchestrated by gun control groups in order to promote the ultimate confiscation of our firearms. Now the Columbine shootings bring new light to this issue. Several guns purchased for the two boys who did the shooting were bought for them by a 22-year man whose family is active in a major gun control group. Did he supply the guns as an agent for the gun control totalitarians? Were the killings masterminded by gun control advocates? We’ll never know! It isn’t politically correct to prosecute Liberals and the liberal News Mafia will kill any story that makes the gun control terrorists look bad. More than once under this administration, we have seen that Liberals seem free to murder and The News Media, Congress nor the Department of Justice will do anything to prosecute the villains.

Environmentalists Can’t Fix It!

Until 1967 the elk herds in Yellowstone National Park were culled to prevent them from getting so big that they might damage the environment. Then in 1967, the radical, religious environmentalists got a moratorium on the herd controls. Now scientists say that the unchecked elk population has caused overgrazing on river banks so bad that they will never recover. Religious environmentalists are a threat to society and need to be institutionalized until their minds are right.

Let’s Resurrect the Vikings

Wherever white culture has flourished life expectancy has increased, diseases have been reduced and the Bible has been promoted. Then Liberals come in and bemoan the “death” of a culture due to Christianity. They promote the return of pagan practices and tribal laws. This happens in Africa, the South Pacific, and our own West. All non-white populations. Why have no Liberals called for the resurrection of Viking culture? Is it because that’s a white culture? Are the Liberals displaying their hatred for all that’s white?

Bring Back Reagan!

When he was President Ronald Reagan held the Oval Office in such high regard that he wouldn’t even take his suit coat off when he was in it. Now we have the News Mafia’s “Precedent” (sic) who can’t even keep his pants on in it. Even with Alzheimer’s Ronald Reagan would be a better man and a better Precedent

85% of Americans believe in God. Only 34% believe aliens have visited earth.
Why aren’t there more movies about GOD than aliens?

Meeting the 7000

Scott Espelin

Bro. Scott pastors Temple Baptist Church in Bozeman, MT. The church is fie years old. Scott was the assistant until a year and a half ago when the pastor left. Bozeman is a tough, liberal college town. Bro. Scott literally burns with a desire to build his church and to reach Bozeman for the Lord. It is super-tough but he has no intention of quitting. What about you?


For all of you folks relaxing in the confidence that you’re headed off the Y2K “disaster” by stockpiling everything, you need to make one more decision. You need to resolve yourself to shoot to kill the many desperate friends and family members who are going to come your way after the crash. How There will simply be no other way to stop them. “Lock & load!”…or “Love & lend.”

Is Disney Snake Bit?

Did you notice that every business that Christians boycott suffers monetary loses that they never recover from? Christians boycotted 7-11 stores (porn), K-Mart (porn through their Walden’s branch. Which they’ve since sold.) and AT&T (queer agenda). None of these companies has ever recovered from these boycotts. Now the anti-family Disney empire is being targeted for their dedication to perverts. Their profits were down 28% last year. They were down 41% for the second quarter this year. Also, a former employee is suing them for 250 million dollars. Will they ever recover? I doubt it. Unless you’re helping them by buying Disney products!

“Bedroom Bill’s” Chinese Masters Lose One

Congress has denied the Red Chinese company COSCO which it described as the Chinese navies “merchant marine” which ships Chinese weaponry all over the world, access to the Long Beach Navy Yard in California. So former President Clinton’s Communist masters will only be operating out of Washington DC, not Los Angles.

Guns Are Good!

Have you ever heard the tired old statistic, “There’s a car stolen every 20 seconds.”? Well here’s one the News Mafia doesn’t want you to know: A gun is used to stop a violent attack in the United States every 13 seconds. The News Mafia hates to think of you being safe & secure so they only tell you bad things about guns. They want to take your guns. Why? They want to rule you!

If There Had Been a “Y-1776-Bug”

T. Jefferson – “Men. The British are coming for us. We’d better prepare to run and hide.”
B. Franklin – “I’ve stockpiled ten years supply of food!”
J. Adams – “I have a bunker up in the mountains where they’ll never find us.”
P. Revere – “I’ll ride out and tell everybody to run and hide.”
A. Hamilton – “We’ll have to shoot anyone that comes for our food.”
G. Washington – “Men. Don’t you think it would be better to trust God and make the best of it? After all, great men don’t run when their country needs them!”

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