Letter #51

Our Democratic Whoremonger/Warmonger

We have never had a President in history who was such a warmonger as Bill Clinton. Since becoming King he has invaded, bombed or killed people in more countries in undeclared wars than any President in history. He invaded Haiti and has since used the U.S. military to kill people in Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Bosnia, Somalia, Iraq (His “Wag the Dog” Monica bombings) and now Kosovo, for not obeying him. And the News Mafia and the Democrats in Congress are in full agreement with the death he has caused. Bill “The Beast” murders anyone who doesn’t obey him.

The blame for any grief that comes to this nation due to “Bloody Bill’s” actions since his acquittal falls squarely on the News Mafia and the partisan Democrats in Congress who voted to protect a fellow Democrat rather than the nation.

Bill Clinton & Rape

A rapist forces his will on someone weaker than him. Our IMPEACHED president has been accused of doing that very thing with an unfortunate woman in Arkansas. Whether he did it or not, Bedroom Bill Clinton has the same mentality as a rapist. Since becoming King he has worn the military on his shoulder like a chip and used them as helpless assassins to force his will on any country he wants to. He’s a “Bully with a B-52”. He’s a rapist. What would he do to us if he could?


We know that Bedroom Bill doesn’t really care about human rights or he’d be bombing his owners in Peking, where his boss works. So why Kosovo & NATO? Think! When he tried putting U.S. troops under the United Nations, Americans roared their disapproval. But NATO is already a military organization that U.S. troops are subject to. He’s not only destroying Kosovo. He’s destroying U.S. sovereignty! Bill Clinton hates America!

Women: Gullible, But Not Stupid

With the help of the mean-spirited News Mafia and the hateful NOW organization women in America were beguiled into voting for “Bedroom Bill”. Now the word is that women are becoming more conservative due to The Beast’s filthy actions. He’s finally turned a woman off!

Cut Your Budget!

Could you live on less money than you made in 1985? Could you sustain your family if your income dropped every year for the last fifteen years?

The budget of the U.S. military has been cut every year for the last fifteen years!

New Bonds

The government is issuing three new types of bonds. The “Al Gore”, which doesn’t draw any interest, the “Monica Lewinsky”, which has no maturity, and the “Bill Clinton” which has no principle. Maybe they’ll use the money for bombs to kill us!

Meeting the 7000

Alan Ryman

Alan Ryman is Nuts! You only have to meet him to know that. But Alan Ryman loves the Lord. Bro. Alan lived a hard life before getting saved and he has never gotten over what the Lord did for him as well as to him. He took a small church in Delaware and has built it up to over 200 people. He’s unpredictable. He’s down right scary! But his love for Christ has never ebbed!

Six Month Resurrection

Mark it down. They have said that “Bedroom Bill” is done for. I say inside of six months you will hear or read a “news” story that waxes “astounded” that “Bill Clinton had made a comeback”. How will it happen? Easy. It has already been decided by the News Media. They will say it so it will be so. His murder of Yugoslavia is part of the package. And then you’ll have air-brained Americans saying, “Wow! Look how Bill Clinton has made a comeback!” like they had thought of it themselves.

It’s Backwards. It’s ALL Backwards!

The communists in Russia’s Parliament are trying to impeach the non-Communist Boris Yelsin. Isn’t that a scream! In the old Soviet Union, the land of communism, the communists are trying to impeach a non-communist President. And in free America our non-communist Congress just failed at trying to oust a communist President! (Think we could trade Bill for Boris?)


Unfortunately for the folks who are scaring everyone who will listen with horror stories on “Y2K” (Did you ever notice they all want to sell you their book on the subject?) progress is actually being made to correct the problem.

  1. Two companies have written programs that correct the COBOL computer language. (I learned COBOL when I went to college to be a computer programmer back in 1970.)
  2. One computer program has been correcting 100,000 lines of code in a day instead of taking 30 days like we’ve all been told.
  3. 28 securities and 12 stock exchanges in this country simulated trading during the last business week of December 1999 and the first week of January 2000 and passed with “flying colors.”

–The New American , Sept. 14,1998

AIDS and Y2K

We became aware of the disease called AIDS in 1981. This was followed by a tidal wave of books, secular & Christian, that terrorized us with statements like, “The AIDS virus can live for fourteen hours on a toilet seat!”, “AIDS can be spread by mosquitoes!”, “AIDS can be spread through the air!”. Stop and THINK! It’s been almost twenty years. If AIDS spread as easily as we were told it would indeed be an epidemic. We’d all have it. From airplanes, trains, elevators, public restrooms, etc. But the “high risk group” today is the same as it was in 1981; homosexuals and intravenous drug users.

Now we’re getting the same scare sale on Y2K. From the same people!
Why don’t you turn off your TV long enough to produce an original thought?!

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