Letter #50

John Adams on Bill Clinton

“We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled bymorality and religion…Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” 

Where’s the Apology?

Remember when Gary Hart was running for President and the News Mafia drove him from the race with revelations of his sexual immorality? Where was he any different than Clinton? If “It’s just about sex.” then the News Mafia owes Gary Hart an apology!

Have you figured out what really happened? Obviously Gary Hart refused to adhere to some portion of the News Mafia’s agenda. So they assassinated him! They’ll do it again to anyone who doesn’t tow their line. Just ask Bob Livingston. (Aren’t you glad your savior isn’t Larry Flynt!?)

Let’s “Not Have Sex”!

If what former President Clinton did with Monica Lewinsky wasn’t “sex”, why did all his Liberal defenders keep whining, “This is all about sex“? In fact, do you think buck rabbit Clinton would be upset if his daughter, Chelsea or his wife had the same “non sexual relations” with a man that Monica had with him. Would his Liberal, partisan, Democratic defenders allow their daughters to have the same “non sexual relations” with a man as “Bedroom Bill” and Monica?

More Clinton Fraud

The “chemical weapons”facility that Bill Clinton destroyed in his attack on “Terrorism” has been verified to have been nothing but a pharmaceutical plant that made medicine for diarrhoea! (What does Clinton have against that?!) Rescue workers worked freely amidst the debris without any protective clothing and with no ill effects. (Blame the News Mafia. They made him President.)

How they “Spin” It

USA Today made a big deal about “Jose” being the most popular new name in Texas and California. Then they foisted the falsehood that America’s demographics are changing. Why didn’t they make a big deal about the fact that “Jacob” was the most popular boys name in 28 states and that “Michael” was 2nd in twelve states? Why didn’t they make a big deal about these decidedly Jewish names being so popular? Because they want you to think that the nation is becoming more Hispanic rather than European. The News Mafia hates America!


We’ve already had an occurrence of the “Y2K” bug. When January 1, 1999 rolled around some airline computers miscalculated the date and spewed out LOWER airline ticket prices! Wow! Head for the hills. We are doomed to cheaper airline tickets if they don’t fix the computers.

Meeting the 7000

Ben Bohanick

Bro Bohanick pastors the Blessed Hope BC in Hurley, Mississippi which he started a few years ago. I have known Bro. Ben for years and have never seen him when he didn’t have a smile on his face. His wife, Pam, suffers daily from severe health problems and yet neither of these two ever show a “bad side”. Ben lovesPam. He calls her “My Hero.” because of the bravery with which she faces her problems. Ben has always a kind word for her and all those around him. He works a secular job, pastor’s a young church and cares for and loves his wife. Yet he is always full of the joy of the Lord. 
So what’s your problem?


I’ve heard that the prophesied “Y2K Crisis” will devastate the country as a judgement from God. Wait! Stop and think for once. If the crisis really comes and you really believe that it is God’s judgement on this country…what made you think YOU could escape it?! What made you think that you should? Hiding in the trees didn’t spare Adam! If God is angry enough at America to judge it then you are part of the problem! Quit acting so innocent! You deserve the judgement as much as any crooked politician. It’s too late to hide now! But there still might be time for you to get right!

What happened to the “the”?

Recently I have noticed the “in” thing to do in Christian circles is to drop the definite article when referring to the ministry. These new groupies say “I’m in ministry” rather than “I’m in the ministry.” Why? I don’t know. Some new kick I imagine and insecure, small minded people always want to be “in”. All I know is that the Bible…our final authority always says “the ministry”. So I think I will stick with the Bible rather than chase some fad.

The UN Versus the U.S.

Since the United Nations murdered the nation of Rhodesia and replaced it with the dictatorship of Robert Mugabe unemployment has tripled to 30%, wages have fallen by 1/3, and the standard of living has plummeted. But of course, Mugabe’s answer is typical UN tripe: suppress the people and raise taxes!

These are the same folks that brought death and destruction to Somalia, Bosnia and now Kosovo. The UN has never left “peace” behind it anywhere it’s ruled!

The United States on the other hand sent troops to Panama, Grenada, Haiti and Kuwait and then left those nations free to govern themselves. The United Nations has brought no peace

“Up with the United States!”

Where were the “Polls” Then?

The vast majority of Americans think: capital punishment is proper, homosexuality is wrong, abortion is murder, prayer in schools is OK, don’t want to change to the metric system and think it is right to spank a bad child. Why didn’t the News Mafia push these items? 

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