Letter #49

“As I Understood It…”

Reprobate Bill Clinton claims that when he did vile, unspeakable things with a child in the Oval Office he was not having sexual relations “as I understood it”.(What did he think he was having?!) Well, impeachment “as I understood it” meant the President was removed from office. Therefore, “as I understand it”Bill Clinton is no longer President of the United States. Bill Clinton is now “The Guy IFront of President Gore” (GIFG) when President Gore appears on TV.

President “Zombie”

A “Zombie” is a living dead person. Someone who is alive but possesses no soul. That is a good description of our new President. Several years ago Gore saw statues of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson and asked, “Who are these guys?” Then recently at the “White House Christmas” he was seen randomly opening and closing his mouth to “Hark the Herald Angels Sing” because he didn’t know the words! Think about it. Here is a man, born & raised in the USA who is completely disconnected from it spiritually. He cannot relate to two of the most common heritages of our nation, its history & its reverence for Jesus Christ. He somehow grew up here as a foreigner! We’ve replaced a child molester with a Zombie! A man without a soul!

“So Did Bill”

1. Adolf Hitler was elected to office. “So was Bill Clinton.”
2. Adolf Hitler said the issue was the economy. “So did Bill.”
3. Adolf Hitler used hit men to eliminate his enemies. “So does Bill…the News Mafia.
4. Adolf Hitler believed in “gun control”. “So does Bill.”
5. Adolf Hitler had support of the News Media. “So does Bill.”
6. Adolf Hitler had a mistress while in office. “So did Bill.”
7. Adolf Hitler was popular in spite of his crimes. “So is Bill.”
8. Adolf Hitler waged war arbitrarily. “So did Bill.”
9. Adolf Hitler ruled as an absolute dictator. “So does Bill.”

Thanks Bill

Since whatever Bill Clinton did with Monica Lewinsky in the White House wasn’t sex men in this country are now apparently free to ask any woman for the same favors and don’t have to worry about being sued for “sexual harassment” since none of that is “sexual relations”.

Thanks Larry

Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt is going to run Republicans out of office by exposing their past immorality. (There is question that his information is coming from the FBI files Clinton pulled and examined.) That’s great! Larry Flynt is going to make it so only moral men will be able to run for office as a Republican! That should make the Republicans a better party.

Meeting the 7000

Lanny Hasbrook

Bro. Lanny Hasbrook pastored for 25 years before going into evangelism seven years ago. Bro Hasbrook has been a blessing to many churches. He and his wife, Karen, have traveled relentlessly despite his having open-heart surgery a few years back. Recently Lanny was back in the hospital. He needs open-heart surgery again but his heart is too weak.

Bro. Lanny had been maintaining 45 weeks per year in meetings. That’s a lot, but every week an evangelist doesn’t preach is a week “without pay.”Could you live on 45 weeks’ pay per year? Now, due to his poor health he is cutting back and hoping to be able to preach two meetings per month. (Could you live on 24 weeks’ pay per year?!) Friends we have got to help our Brother!

Kathy & I are going to support Lanny for the next 12 months to help him till his heart improves. Why don’t you!? Someone may say, “but I don’t like Lanny Hasbrook.” So what! He’s still your brother-in-Christ and we are supposed to help a brother in need. (It’s called “Christianity.”) Would you consider helping the Hasbrooks for one or two years? I John 3:18.

Birds of a Feather?

Millionaire terrorist Osama bin Laden has been accused of setting off the bomb at Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia that murdered 19 U.S. servicemen. New living quarters are now being built for our service personnel by a construction company owned by…Osama bin Laden!

Thanks Dad

Hollywood & the News Mafia have made the vile & degenerate acceptable to our families.

When you watch your TV you now accept; foul language, nakedness, bed-hoping, little children cussing, abortion. What have they made unacceptable? The Bible, religion, prayer, public mention of God. What is next for your family’s acceptance? Euthanasia and homosexuality.

Amazing! And they didn’t break into your house to corrupt you and your family. You invited…no…PAID THEM to come into your house to corrupt your family. Gee. Thanks, Dad!

In Spite of You

In spite of the fact that many of you can’t accept “life without Disney” there are many who refuse to support Disney’s anti-family, pro-homosexual agenda. Due to the boycott, Disney’s profits are down 28%. How much Disney stuff did you give your kids this past Christmas? Aren’t you proud of the part you’re doing for the cause! But, which cause?

“Activist Oatmeal”

Recently Luke was making a packet of oatmeal. The outside of the packet told about a 12 year old boy who became an activist and “stopped construction” of a industrial plant near his home and “saved the drinking water” of his town. What has happened when even oatmeal is used by propagandists to turn our children into environmentalists? Yet we can’t get our people to boycott Disney (If Y2K really does destroy us…we deserve it!)

Prov 22:4 By humility and the fear of the LORD are riches, and honour, and life. 

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