Letter #48

The Queers Lose Again. BIG TIME!

The vicious homosexual lobby lost two more major battles last month. (October is the month they claim. So, a loss in that month is even more devastating!)

1. The perverts sued the city of Cincinnati for not passing a law preventing “discrimination” against perverts. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of Cincinnati and threw the case out!

2. France in not known for being “prudish” or “homophobic” but the French Parliament voted down a proposed law that would have treated homosexual couples like normal married people. 

Normal people – 2, Queers – 0!

The News Mafia knows that the homosexual lobby isn’t very strong. Therefore they use all of their means to portray them as undefeatable so you will give up and not fight against them. Imagine how much good you could do if you took a public stand against them!

Blacks Don’t Count!

Apparently the News Media is a very racist organization. They only care what happens to white people. Everyday helpless, innocent blacks are being slaughtered in Africa but they never report it. It isn’t “news”! But we are constantly bombarded with the slightest infraction against whites in Bosnia or Kosovo. Why doesn’t the New Media care about non-whites?

You Want Polls? We Got Polls!

The News Mafia is quick to force “Poll Results” on you concerning “The Best Little White House in Washington” that makes Bill Clinton look good. Well, here are some poll results you will never see on the evening news. Gallup took a poll in June on the public’s confidence in major American institutions. When asked what institutions they had confidence in, Americans said:

(The first percentage figure is “A great deal of confidence”, the second is “Quite a lot.”)

1. The Military – 33%, 31%9. Public Schools – 16%, 21%
2. Church/Organized Religion – 34%, 25%10. Medical System – 15%, 24%
3. Police – 26%, 32%11. TV News – 15%, 19%
4. Small Business – 25%, 32%12. Newspapers – 14%, 20%
5. Presidency – 25%, 28%13. Big Business – 11%, 19%
6. Supreme Court – 24%, 26%14. Organized Labor – 11%, 15%
7. Business/Industry – 18%, 33%15. Congress – 10%, 18%
8. Banks – 17%, 24%16. Criminal Justice System – 9%, 15% 

Another Brave Christian Soldier

I recently spoke with a young Army private who told me about his Drill Sergeant. He was a muscular, black, Christian who wouldn’t apologize for his Christianity.Any recruits that cussed had to “Drop and do 40!” (As in Pushups) There are quite a few members of our miltary who take a militant stand for their Saviour. Do you?

Meeting the 7000 

Don Mangus 

Bro. Mangus pastors the Landmark Independent Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky. Bro. Mangus has been in the ministry for almost forty years. Bro. Mangus labors under the burden of an illness that takes away his ability to swallow or even breath. Yet, you will not find a kinder, more gracious person anywhere. He is also one of the best preachers around. I call him “A Shotgun With A Silencer”. He never raises his voice but BLAM! There’s “blood on the walls” when he’s done. Got a physical problem. It will only defeat you if you let it!

That’s Not Them!

No. You can’t see Bill and Monica through the window of the White House on the back of the new twenty dollar bill.

Those Ever Helpful Americans!

No other nation has ever been as kind to others or as ready to help. Here are more testimonies of the good that still exists in this country in spite of how far we have gotten from God.

  1. Air Force transport have delivered over 20,000 lbs. of supplies to Papua New Guinea in the wake of the 30 foot tidal wave that struck that island recently. Where were the Japanese? Where were the Europeans? Where were all those nations who whine about “20% of earth’s population having 80% of the wealth”?!
  2. An E-3 AWACS airplane flying over Canada intercepted a radio distress call from a lost pilot and guided her to a destination and a safe landing.
  3. Another Air Force aircraft located and circled over a downed woman pilot in Washington state until help arrived.

No one is nicer than Americans! No matter what the News Mafia or some preacher told you!

Meanwhile, Clinton Kills Them

While our Armed Forces scramble to help people all over the globe, Bill Clinton continues to enjoy watching them squirm as he slowly disassembles their ability to fight and win.

In 1991, the Air Force had an 83.4% “Mission Capable” rate. Due to Democratic, News Mafia backed budget cuts, that rate was down to 74.6% in 1998. That means every fourth airplane in the Air Force could not fly by this year. In fact, the Air Force is now cannibalizing planes to keep others in the air. Bill Clinton & the Democrats hate America!

“Hate Crime” Farce

Hate crimes are not defined by the “hatred” that the person committing them supposedly has. They are defined by what the News Mafia HATES. Examples:

  1. The News Mafia HATES any normal people who resist their pro-homosexual agenda. So, when a queer gets killed by a normal person, it’s called a “hate crime.”
  2. The News Mafia HATES Christians. So, when an atheist who threatened to kill Christians murders four Christians while they’re praying, the News Mafia refuses to call it a “hate crime.”

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