Letter #46

Why Bill Clinton Cannot Fall

I have often said, “The man that makes you can break you.” That means that it you use the “Old Boy System” to attain your goals then one of the “Old Boys” can later break you. But a self- made man cannot be broken by anyone but the one who made him, himself. 

Bill Clinton is not a self-made man. He was manufactured by the News Media to carry out their socialist agenda on the United States. Therefore nothing he does will cause his downfall as long as his News Mafia master protects him. Look at how the News Mafia is doing everything in their power to scuttle Kenneth Starr’s investigation while refusing to condemn Clinton’s moral bankruptcy. Why? They are still desperate to use him to help communism and weaken our military. As soon as they feel he is no longer useful they will abandon him. Once he’s out of office they will release stories exposing  even more corruption and shake their heads sadly at his “fall” 

Then they will exalt Hellery as the next “Joan of Arc”!

The Scam of the Polls

When Congressman Lieberman condemned Bill Clinton’s filthy actions in the White House he unwittingly exposed the lies of the polls that the News Mafia has been using to try to make us give up on hoping to see justice done. Congressman Lieberman’s office has been receiving calls of support at a 20 to 1 ratio. No freedom loving American wants Bill Clinton in office.

But the pollster will go on calling a mere 600 people of our population of 275,000,000 and try to convince you that you’re in the minority if you disagree with their Liberal findings. 
Don’t give up!
 Call your local TV station and tell them you don’t believe them anymore.

The “Torch” That Fizzled

This month we saw not one but two “Million Youth March” whose total attendance wasn’t even 20,000. Both the Black Muslims and Jesse Jackson failed (their News Mafia owners dare not use that word) miserably with their simultaneous hate rallies in New York and Atlanta.

They were billed as efforts to “pass the civil rights torch” to a new generation of blacks. The nation’s young blacks “voted with their feet” and simply ignored the hate rallies. Why? Because a young black man, driving his Lexus; wearing Calvin Klein clothes; listening to his CD and sitting on a pocket full of money very simply has a hard time seeing himself as “discriminated” against by “whitey”. In spite of the boring drone of “Investigative Reports” in the News Mafia trying to convince us that “Racism isn’t dead!…uh and the sky is falling too!” young blacks in this country know they’ve got it good. They have no reason to fill Jesse Jackson’s pockets with more money just to hear him tell tired stories of slavery and try desperately to apply them to the well fed, non-oppressed black youth of today. So the rallies fizzled…they FAILED!

But don’t expect to hear that from the News Mafia because they own the civil rights movement and use it to intimidate whites and divide Americans against each other. There would be no racial unrest in this nation if the Media didn’t constantly instill hatred for whites by inferring that “racism” is still a horrible problem. When, in fact, it is almost non-existent except on TV news shows which are used to divide the nation. Wake up and start thinking for yourself!

Meeting the 7000

Homer Smith

Bro. Homer Smith founded Word For the World Missions over 18 years ago and God has used it in a mighty way to reach the world with the Gospel. Anyone who knows Bro. Homer knows that he lives to help missionaries. Of course some are “horror struck” at the thought of sending missionaries out through something as “unscriptural” as a mission board, but fortunately, God doesn’t share their “conviction”, as WFTW has grown to well over 100 missionaries on the field. (I always love it when men have stronger “convictions” than God!

WFTW started with  one man’s vision and has reached around the world with literally  countless souls saved. What could God do with you if you had a visioninstead of just complaining about someone who has? 

America is the BEST!

The American auto industry has long built the best cars on the road. Unfortunately, Americans quit thinking for themselves the day after they bought their first TV. Since their TV God demands that they criticize American cars they can do no more than obey their God. 

While mindless Americans are vacantly parroting their TV God, the U.S. auto industry has been receiving acknowledgment of their supremacy from the strangest places…their competitors!

Japanese automakers have been buying Chrysler Neons trying to figure out how to build an inexpensive small car. Not the Germans. They bought the whole company!

But go ahead. Keep bad-mouthing the U.S. auto industry. Your TV God will allow you no more than that and you can do nothing less than obey your God. 

Looking For An Investment?

If I lived in an house I would buy a piece of property and put up self-storage buildings. Think about it. Once you put up the buildings (Steel! The concrete one need painted.) Your investment is basically over. You have no employees, union contracts, payroll problems, etc. to deal with. The buildings just  sit there and make you money.
Americans have tons of junk and they’re only getting more. They need a place to put it all. I can’t do this, but maybe you can. What do you think? 

You Don’t Live In Your Neighborhood

Americans are constantly bemoaning the death of the neighborhood. “I don’t know my neighbors.” “No one cares about each other anymore.” etc. What has happened? It’s simple. You don’t live in your neighborhood anymore. Fifty years ago people’s lives  revolved around what went on on their block. But now TV news has made us so world conscious that our interests are fixed on Bosnia, India, the rain forests of Brazil and countless other locations far removed from our own street. We have become convinced that what happens two continents away is more important than what happens two blocks away! But don’t worry. You can’t stop it! You gave yourself to your TV years ago. You’re not about to change that now! 

Lamentations 3:36-

To subvert a man in his cause, the Lord approveth not. 

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