Letter #45

Samuel Adams on Bill Clinton

“He who is void of virtuous attachments in private life is, or very soon will be, void of all regard for his country. There is seldom an instance of a man guilty of betraying his country who had not before lost the feeling of moral obligations in his private connection… Nothing is more essential to the establishment of manners in a State than that persons employed in places of power and trust be men of character. The public cannot be too curious concerning the characters of public men.”

Ellen Is Dead!

When Ellen Degenerate first announced she was a queer, I told you her TV show would be canceled. It is with the greatest of joy that I tell you it has been. It seems queer Ellen grossed out so many people she worked with (as all queers do) that they couldn’t stand to work with her any longer. The perverts are lamenting the death of her show in what has become a major defeat for Disney, homosexuals, and the queer agenda of television. Christians are celebrating yet another victory over the devil’s crowd.

Isn’t it nice to win!

Yet ANOTHER Victory!

The House National Security Commission has voted to separate men and women during basic training in the Army, Navy, & Air Force. (The Marines already had that much sense!) Not only is this a major defeat for the America-hating women’s libbers, but it will have a positive effect on the training of the men who have to fight the wars.

Hard-hearted Al Gore

Like all lying Liberals, A1 Gore presents himself as a “man of compassion.” How much compassion does our VP have with his nearly $200,000 a year salary? He cares so much about “the poor” that he couldn’t help but give all of $353 to charity last year! Yes, another lying Liberal who gives us nothing but words while he hangs on to his money with both fists and tries to get ours.

I Was Molested

When a woman was arrested for hiring a hit-man to murder her husband; her lieyer said, “Yes she did it… but she was molested when she was 6 years old.”

When a wicked 13-year-old boy murdered four children at a school, his lieyer quickly announced to the world, “He was molested as a child.”

So, if you ever hear that I’ve robbed a bank, gotten drunk, or killed someone…I was molested as a child. If I’m caught not wearing my seatbelt…I was molested. If there’s something you don’t like about me…I was molested. (So lighten up!)

But if I never do anything wrong, I want you to know that I wasn’t. (How’s that for covering all the bases? And I didn’t even need a professional LIEyer!)

Meeting the 7000

Sal Varsalone

Brother Sal is on the board of the World Bible Quiz Association. This group started doing all their quizzing from the NIV in 1979 when they threw out the King James Bible. Two years ago he was a close-minded NIV user. He was given a copy of An Understandable History of the Bible and is now a staunch advocate of God’s perfect Bible.

Last year Sal got the WBQA to start a separate “King James” class. This year they have 13 NIV teams and 5 KJB teams plus others who are showing an interest.

If you would be interested in haying your child quiz, call Sal at: 330-493-1171 or 493-0749.

What are you doing “for the cause”?

Not N.O.W.!

The Liberal liars of the National Organization for Women claim to be the spokesmen for all abused women. They have now forfeited that office by admitting that they only represent Liberal women. They have said they will not stand against our Liberal President in the Monica Lewinsky case (although they jumped at the opportunity to attack Conservative Clarence Thomas!) because they don’t want to help Conservatives.

The next time they try to claim to represent women, we need to remember that they are nothing more than a Iying, Liberal, special interest group.

Did Clinton Buy-off John Trivolta?

When Bill Clinton found out Scientologist, actor John Trivolta was playing the part of a Bill Clinton clone in the movie “Primary Colors” which is about a President who has an immoral affair with a young girl while in office, he invited him to a private audience. Trivolta emerged from the meeting with a promise from Clinton to ask German Prime Minister Helmut Kohl to ease up on restrictions against Scientology in Germany if he would present a “kinder & gentler” President in the movie. This President is absolutely shameless in his pursuit of self magnification.

Deceiving JW’s

In some parts of the country the Jehovah’s Witness cult is disguising itself in door-to-door solicitation. Instead of identifying themselves as JW’s, they present themselves as a group promoting environmentalism and stress management. A wolf will use any sheep’s clothing!

Our Churches Are STILL Growing!

A while back I reported to you about all the King James Bible churches that were buying, building, or adding on to their buildings. Well, since that report I have encountered even more Bible believing works that are growing. I’ve been in churches that had 250 people that only had about 50 just a few years ago. I’ve seen even more new buildings going up and others adding on to what they’ve got. If you’re in a King James Bible believing church, stay there! You’re hooked up to a winner!

When you’ve died, what work for the Lord will you have left behind?

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