Letter #43

James Madison on Bill Clinton

“We have staked the whole future of American civilization, not upon the power of government, far from it We have staked the future of our political institutions… upon the capacity of each and all of us to govern ourselves, to control ourselves, to sustain ourselves according to the Ten Commandments. “

Whose Fault Is It?

How did we get a man as President who has managed to take the “it” out of “White House” and replace it with an “or”? A man who has turned the Oval Office into a brothel? The fault belongs to none other than the News Media! They knew back in 1992 that Bill Clinton had the morals of an alley cat, but they refused to expose him because they both take the same Liberal, pro- queer, pro-baby killing, anti-military, anti-freedom political stand. 

The Bible used to be the conscience of America. It wouldn’t have tolerated Bill Clinton’s morals. But the Bible has been replaced as the nation’s conscience by the immoral News Media. Therefore, Americans can’t get upset over anything that the News Media doesn’t get upset over. 

What do you think all of the TV parroting idiots who whine that “it’s none of our business” would say if President Alley Cat had been accused of telling a racial joke in The White House?

“Ellen’s Dying!”

No, not from AIDS. From a lack of ratings. The queer comedy that the Disney Empire kept on the air when Jerry Falwell had gotten GM, Chrysler, and Johnson & Johnson to pull advertising from is dying from a lack of interest. Just like I told you it would.

Hollywood’s Perverted Fixation

Why is it lately that television and movies seem intent on showing scenes that include the inside of men’s restrooms with special attention given to the urinals? When you see this, you need to ask yourself, “What kind of person has a fixation with a urinal?” Then answer your own question with, “The kind of person who I am allowing to entertain my child! “

Another Victory

Maine voters just repelled a “Gay Rights” law that had been passed in that state. P are no longer awarded special privilege in that state.

More Good News

The FBI sniper that murdered the wife of Randy Weaver is to be tried for murder by the State of Idaho. Janet Nero’s…I mean Reno’s…corrupt Justice (?) Department will be defending him.

Bill Clinton is the New Media’s President

Meeting the 7000

Evangelist Ken McDonald

Bro. McDonald is a full time Evangelist. He has pastored and along the way endured the hardships associated with that and also with the uncertainties that arise in the ministry. Ken has refused to quit on God in spite of several hard years of isolation that the Lord sometimes puts a preacher through to equip him for the work He has for him. He has a deep-seated heart’s desire to help churches. At least a dozen times I have gone to a church where Ken has preached and had a Pastor or member to spontaneously exclaim of the blessing that Bro. McDonald’s ministry had been to them. He travels with his wife, Terri; his son, Nathan; and daughter Rebekah. They are a tremendous example of a Godly Christian family. You can contact him at: 209-928- 1821.

We Need To Help Them!

They’re losing their jobs! They’re being put out of their homes! They’re losing the health care that was promised to them! Their retirement benefits are being revoked! Their hopes for the future are being destroyed! Should we send in the U. S. military? We can’t. They are the U. S. military! This is the same military that immoral Bill Clinton wants to be willing to give their lives in Iraq to make him look good and get the public’s mind off Monica. (What does Ted Kennedy have Bill Clinton wishes he had!… A dead girlfriend!) 

If the economy is doing better than ever; if there is so much money that Clinton says we will have a surplus, why don’t we have money to spend on Defense? The money for Defense is there!

“Gun Control” is hitting what you aim at!

In 1991, Philadelphia’s “Gun Buy Back” program paid $21,000 for 1,000 guns. The murder rate jumped from 440 in 1991 to 465 in 1993. 

In 1991, San Francisco paid $89,500 for 1,730 guns and has watched its murder rate climb every year smce. 

Meanwhile! Since Kennesaw, GA passed a 1982 law requiring all citizens to own a gun there have been only two murders…with knives. Crime fell 74% the year after enactment and another 45% the next year. Armed robbery, burglaries, and rape have all declined. 

Anyone in favor of “gun control” hates Americans and desires to increase the crimes of murder, robbery, burglary, and rape. “Gun controllers” need to be put behind bars with the rest of the criminals in this country.

George Washington said, ” ..firearms stand next in importance to the Constitution itself:”

Pastor! Here’s an Idea!

I have met many Pastors who have become Chaplains for their local police or sheriff’s office. Most law enforcement officers are good folks who are put in a tremendous emotional squeeze by the natural difficulty of their jobs plus the handicaps that the Democratic News Media puts on them. You could check and see if your local police or sheriff or Highway Patrol has a Chaplain and offer your services if not. These folks are our friends.

Ps. 102:18 

“This shall be written for the generation to come:
and the people which shall be created shall praise the LORD 

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