Letter #42

Noah Webster on the Bible

“The principles of all genuine liberty, and of wise laws and administrations are to be drawn from the Bible and sustained by its authority. The man therefore who weakens or destroys the divine authority of that book may be accessory to all the public disorders which society is doomed to suffer.”

Another Victory!

A Federal Appeals Court has ruled that the 160 Canadian gray wolves released into Yellowstone National Park will have to be removed because they were placed there illegally.

Here’s How Much POWER You Have!

In the December 6, 1997 issue of US Today was an item that concluded that 43% of Americans claim to be born-again Christians. They defined “born-again” as people who believe they would go to Heaven when they died because they have “confessed their sins and accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior.” Now wait a minute! You know as well as I do that’s the right question and the right answer! Instead of criticizing it, figure this: if that survey is overrated by 10%, that means that 33% of this country has trusted Christ. Weigh that against the fact that only 1% of our population is homosexual! If only 33% of Americans are Christians, that makes it 85,800,000 Christians against a mere 260,000 homosexuals! (If it’s correct, it’s 111,800,000!)

If we pull our money out of any business (let’s say Disney) and all the queers put their money into that business…the business will still fold up! We have the power to influence this nation for Christ! So why are the queers enjoying more political successes than we are?

Because, while they are lobbying Congress, we are arguing over the color of the new church auditorium. While they are taking a public stand for their perversion, we are afraid to “offend” anyone with the Truth. While they spend their time and efforts on furthering their perverted cause, we spend our time and efforts decorating our homes!

We have more power than they do! But we refuse to use it for the Lord.

What could you do if you turned off your TV and got “ugly” for Christ?

“Grace” in the Wrong Place! 

Isn’t it amazing that your televison will say something that offends you or makes you mad, but you keep coming back for more! But if your Pastor says something that offends you or makes you mad, you leave the church! You’ve got grace with your Godless TV but not with your Pastor!

I Think We Can Quit Worrying Now

For years I have heard, “They’re going to quit printing King James Bibles.” Well, the King James Bible is now so well entrenched on the Internet as well as countless Bible programs that I don’t think we have to entertain that “sky is falling” fear. Add to that the multitude of church printing ministries, and I think that we can put that false worry to bed.

Meeting the 7000

Mike Hauenstein

I was saved on June 14, 1970. Unbeknownst to me, three days later a young soldier in Vietnam was struck by a bullet that entered at his shoulder, followed down his spine, and exited above his left knee. He lived but was rendered paralyzed from the waist down. His name was Mike Hauenstein. It would be another eight years before Mike trusted Christ. Bro. Mike got saved and ended up running Charity Baptist Institute at the Charity Baptist Church in Dayton, Ohio.

Bro. Mike never let his handicap make him bitter. He is one of the finest Christian men you would ever want to meet. A little over one year ago, Bro. Mike was found to have Lou Gehrig’s disease. He and his family have been tremendously brave through this ordeal. Presently, Bro. Mike is bedfast and can do no more than blink. He and his family are waiting for the Lord’s call.

Please pray for Bro. Mike and his family. He never quit! Have you?

Ladies! Repeat After Me!

It has come to my attention that “Mauve & Blue” is dead! I have been informed that “The colors are now maroon & dark green.” Ducks and geese are gone, too. It’s now Magnolias. Soooo ladies, repeat after me…”I like maroon and green…I like maroon and green…I like magnolias…I like magnolias.” After all, God forbid that the Lord would return and find our houses not decorated with the right colors! Let’s take care of the important things.

EPA Royalty

Gestapo government has always lived by a different set of rules than those that they force on “the mere mortals” that they rule. The Environmental Protection Agency maintains a fleet of luxury cars that average 6.9 mpg. That’s 75% lower than the “standard” they force on you.

“Promise Keepers” for Women

Word is that the folks who created Promise Keepers for men are going to start a branch for women. Might I suggest the name “House Keepers?” I am certain this means that after they have drained the financial coffers of women as they have men, they will have to start a program for fleecing teenagers.

The Gestapo Among Us

Bill Clinton’s FBI agents detained, searched, and handcuffed at gunpoint a dozen teenagers in that “Hotbed of right wing militantism” Lancaster, PA because they were standing by a car which had bad signs saying, “We will miss you, Terry” and “Beep in memory of Terry” supposing that these evil teens were backers of Oklahoma bombing suspect Terry Nichols. They were doing it in memory of a teenager named Terry who had been killed in a car wreck! Clinton’s Gestapo forgot to apologize for this violation of these teens’ constitutional rights.

Bacterial Murder?

How come there is suddenly a bacterial danger to eating meat? Could it be that the same people who would “spike” trees would also poison meat hoping to destroy that industry? 

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