Letter #40

Cars. A Thirty Year Cycle

The automobile was invented around the turn of the century, 1900. Automobiles have hit a technological high approximately every thirty years. 

By 1930 we had Dusenburgs, Stutzes and Jordan Roadsters along with V-16 Cadillacs. Then came the Depression and the auto industry was flattened. It wasn’t until the 1960’s that we cars equaled their excitement like the GTO, Mustang, Camaro and the whole raft of “Muscle” and “Pony” cars. Then came the government created “Gas Crisis” and “clean air” legislation the auto industry was again emasculated. It has taken another thirty years to recover but now in the 1990’s American ingenuity has once again presented us with cars that are loud, fast and exciting to drive. It’s time for the auto industry to take it in the neck again! Watch for an artificial crisis, manufactured by the government to again injure and cripple our auto industry. Why? As I’ve said before:

A strong America is a detriment to a One World Government!

Just Say “Queer”

When I preach I use the word “queer”. Why? Because it offends Christians whose “God is their TV” and who fear some Liberal newscaster more than God. I defy the “Religious Left”. Now before you start whining about how “offensive” that word is, answer this question; How many times have you heard a foul, four-letter word used in your living room, on your TV and weren’t as upset as you are by the word “queer”? Why? Because your Television Masters have trained you to accept any filth they spew into your living room while all the time teaching that “No one should say ‘queer’.” So, you can do no more than obey your master and be more upset with me than with the vile television set you bought to corrupt your own children!

It was a Dumb Idea!

I thought I had a good idea but when I thought about it I realized how foolish I was. I thought; Since there is so much trouble with “dating” (I didn’t say “bed hopping”) I thought I’d offer Christianity a solution. I thought I would promote the Muslim doctrine of “Betrothal” as Christian. Fathers would be told that it is their Scriptural right to pick out their daughters’ husbands just like the Muslims. Only I would pretend the Bible taught it instead of the Koran. I’d just pull some passage out of the Old Testament…hoping no one noticed the verses allowing multiple wives and concubines. I thought I’d call it “Courting” or something like that. I’ll write a book! It will eliminate any chance of a bad marriage. (or at least a “Jerk” son-in-law!) I’ll preach it in meetings all over the country! It will be great! I can…Nah! It will never work! What American Christian in there right mind would be fooled by such a thing? It was a dumb idea!

The “I” Word

The House Judiciary Committee investigating President Clinton’s illegal campaign financing is finally using the word “Impeachment”. Both Clinton and Al “The Talking Tree” Gore are targets of the investigation. Forget Clinton! Let’s pray they can nail old Algore’s hide to the barn door before the 1999 primaries. Maybe the Democrats will draft Janet Reno!

Meeting the 7000

Tom Johnson
Tom was two years behind me at PBI back in the ’70’s. He graduated and moved to Washington state. There he helped start a church and generally just remained faithful over the years. Then, the Lord called him to Papua New Guinea. After a brief deputation period he is just preparing to leave. God uses faithful men! If He needs another, will He look your direction?

Oddball Giving

For you folks who are always looking for a new way to give to the Lord, try some of these.
1. Save all of the money that you find on the ground in one year and send it to a missionary.
2. Balance your checkbook yearly and if you end up with a surplus, send it to a missionary.
3. Throw your pocket change in a jar at the end of the day and send it to a missionary at year’s end.
4. Just support a missionary from your regular income.
5. Send missionaries birthday and anniversary cards with a gift.

Please don’t send the money to us! I love to get money! But I am not giving you these ideas to try and weasel money out of you. Send this money to a foreign missionary. The foreign field is difficult enough. A little surprise help from you can be a greater blessing than you can imagine.

GM Bean-Counters

The main problem with General Motors is with their management. GM picks their Division heads from their financial branches. Chrysler picks “car guys”. That’s why Chrysler builds cars for people while GM builds cars for markets. Therefore you end up with an unexciting new Corvette, an “invisible” new Malibu and a new truck that looks like the model it replaced.

GM added a third door to their pickup trucks. They held “Consumer Clinics” to find out how to do it. So they added the third door to the right side of the fullsizetruck because their clinics told them that fullsize truck buyers carry more passengers. They added the third door to the left side of their compact S-10 pickup because their clinics told them that compact truck owners travel alone but carry more gear. The “bean-counting” geniuses at work! What did Chrysler do? They simply put an extra door on both sides of the fullsize Ram pickup so you can do what you want to regardless of “Consumer Clinics”! GM needs to concentrate on making cars instead of money!

How Long Will It Be?

It has been two months since Princess Diana died. How long will it be before we hear that:

1. She was murdered by the Royal family
2. She is still alive and living in hiding (Probably with Elvis!)
3. Mother Theresa shows up and says she and Diana are having a great time in Heaven?

NASA Fails the Evolutionists AGAIN!

Remember the big hurrah prediction that the Mars Pathfinder would find life on Mars? Once again NASA has failed its religion. Just like the last time we are hearing a bunch of silence. Have they admitted being wrong? It makes me wonder…Is there intelligent life at NASA?!

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