Letter #39

The Lord God Whips “Allah”!

Anyone who saw the second Holyfield/Tyson fight on “Pay per Chew” knows that Tyson cracked because his god couldn’t stand up against the Lord God of the Bible. Tyson was humiliated by Holyfield in their first match and Tyson was intimidated by having to face Holyfield and his God a second time. Tyson, whose mouth has gotten him into trouble before, “Sucker-Munched” Holyfield in the 3rd round and showed that “conversion” to Islam was a great way to reduce a once feared champion to a whining little boy who bit off more than he could chew!

Who Said Pollacks Were Stupid?

There are a lot of “ethnic” jokes out there and I tell them all. I figure, if flag burning is “Constitutionally Protected speech”, so are my jokes. But if there was ever a group who have been the brunt of jokes undeservingly it’s the Pollacks. The Polish people have consistently stood out throughout history in an exemplary manner.

It was a Polish colonel who came over here during our Revolution and organized the U.S. Cavalry. During WWII there was a squadron of Polish pilots flying P-51’s that was the most decorated of the war. Also, Col. “Gabby” Gabreski was the #1 fighter ace of the European theater in WWII.

Now here are two more testimonies that Pollacks aren’t as dumb as the jokes we tell make them look. Poland just overturned that country’s pro-abortion law. Those “dumb Pollacks” have more sense about human life than Liberal Americans!
Also, Poland is looking into making legal changes to make it easier for its citizens to buy guns. The Polish Interior Minister, Leszik Miller says, “One needs a gun at home in case of robbery or physical assault.”

If you think abortion and gun control are a good idea I have a question for you…How does it feel to be dumber than a Pollack!

Typical Liberal Hypocrisy

The remote smog sensors that analyze the exhaust emissions of cars as they drive past it are powered by Honda generators and emit as much pollution in one day as 40 late-model cars! (Now let’s see. If we got rid of all of the “Smog Sensors” how much would we clean up the air?)

Support the Disney Boycott!

There was a day when the name “Disney” was synonymous with good family entertainment. Most all of us have a good childhood memory associated with something Walt Disney produced. But today’s Disney Empire has become just as famous for being anti-family. From “Queer Day” at DisneyWorld to owning “Ellen” Degenerate, the Disney Empire is an enemy of your family. You griped about Ellen admitting her perversion on TV. Now do something about it!Join the boycott of all Disney products. What does it make you to complain about Ellen Degenerate and then run out and buy your child the latest Disney video or Mickey Mouse shirt?

Meeting the 7000

Art Dean

Bro. Dean pastors the Berean Baptist Church in Bangor, Maine. He started the church 10 years ago in a state that is as spiritually cold as it is weather-wise. For eight years he labored on with a small following until two years ago he came to the place where he felt he should quit…but he didn’t! The last two years have seen the church grow steadily. The church is now looking at a piece of property they want to purchase so they can build their own building.

For the last five years Bro. Dean has been down preaching at the “Queer Day” parade. All the perverts do is blow whistles as they pass his spot. He receives numerous positive phone calls and the local paper even did a fair article on their efforts this year. See what happens when you don’t quit and you’re not afraid to make wicked people mad!

I Didn’t Say This!

Rev. Malachi Martin, a Roman Catholic priest says of the Catholic church, “…among the cardinals and hierarchy there are satanists, homosexuals, anti-papists, and cooperators in the drive for world rule.” New American June 9,1997

Japanese Desperation

Nissan had to discontinue its 300ZX because no one would buy it. Now in a desperate effort to sell something they are refurbishing old 1970’s model 280Z’s and offering them to suckers for a mere $24,000! I’m sure you’ll want to rush right out and buy one!

You Can Trust the News Media

That’s right. You can always trust the News Media to put a negative spin on any good news that they report. Here is a classic example.

Recently I heard a news broadcast that reported that Americans are eating more fish. They said that this was good because fish is good for you. As I heard this I said, “Now how will they put a negative spin on this.” Almost at that moment the commentator said, “But American fisherman can’t supply all the increased demand so we’ll have to import more fish…that will hurt the balance of trade,” (They must really hate to tell us anything good!)

Communists, Not Socialists!

If someone cheers when a sports team wins and cries when they lose and then tries to tell you they are not a fan of that team it should be pretty easy to establish that they are lying.

When Communism fell in 1989 Hollywood and the news media displayed their sadness. News programs even played the Soviet national anthem! They should have been rejoicing and playing our national anthem!

Now, when Hong Kong is surrendered to the tyrant Communist Chinese it was Hollywood that spent millions of dollars to provide the floats in the celebration. They simply could not hide their joy that their team had won one. They are Communists! Not Socialists.

Don’t read books about a Book you won’t read! 

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