Letter #37

Ellen is a Prostitute!

A prostitute is someone who sells themselves and their convictions for money. Ellen the DeGenerate is just that. She only “came off” as a queer for money. Her unfunny comedy show’s rating were falling and she needed something to draw viewers. She’s no “pioneer for gay rights”. She’s a sex pervert who sold herself for a buck. Just like any other cheap prostitute!

Your TV Hates Your Children

All of the boring, nauseating attention given to the queer queen, Ellen by YOUR TV should tell you that it is their desire that your daughter end up just like her. If she does, ask yourself; “Who was the enemy of my poor helpless child?” Well. Who bought the TV in your house?

Dennis Rodman is a Better Man Than You

Dennis Rodman, another perverted darling of your TV is a better man (if it’s a man) than most of the Christians who claim to detest his perverted lifestyle. Why? Because he knows you hate him for the way he is but that doesn’t stop him. He doesn’t care what you think of him. Yet most of you Christian “men” are afraid to make anybody mad with your Christianity! You don’t want anyone to dislike you. Rodman, perverted as he is has more courage than you.Here’s what you need to do. Go to a mirror, look into your own eyes and say… “I am a Coward! Dennis Rodman is a better man than me.” (So is Ellen DeGenerate!)

News Media Intolerance

Our Liberal News Media is one of the most intolerant, hateful, cruel organizations on earth. They have grace with queers, abortionists, flag burners, pornographers and every low life scumbag in the country. But some golfer tells an “ethnic” joke and they ride him unmercifully.
These hypocrites will line up to interview a sex pervert but cringe at a racial joke. Which one is worse? They will make a hero out of Larry Flint but seek to bully and destroy anyone who doesn’t obediently echo their party line. When are you going to get tired of their intolerant hatred?

A Logical Suggestion

Since animal rights lunatics and environmental psychopaths have demanded that Western farm lands be repopulated with wolves because they were there originally, why don’t we repopulate New York City with bears, since they used be there also?

Atheist versus Atheist

Two atheist groups are wondering where Madalyn Murray O’Hair and $600,000 of their money has gone! The money disappeared last year at the same time the old hag did. Wonderful lady! Why haven’t those “seekers of truth” in the news media done a thorough “investigative report” into this scandal? Don’t you have “a right to know”? You can bet they would shoot it from the rooftops if it was Jerry Falwell or some other Christian. Of course, if you have a television you aren’t allowed to think like this. Your master might get upset. Aren’t you proud to be a loyal TV viewer?

Meeting the 7000

Ray Purdy

Brother Purdy has pastored a church in Pennsylvania for 14 years. In the last few years he has taken a stand on the infallibility of the Word of God, the King James Bible. Recently a rebel deacon who “used” to be in the occult started a whispering campaign against the pastor and a Bible believing evangelist there in the church because of their stand on the Bible. (I thought only King James Bible believers split churches!) Pastor Purdy chose to resign his church due to this ungodly man and his Bible rejecting followers. 

I recently spoke with Pastor Purdy. He was extremely brave and has plans to start a new church 20 miles away from the apostate one. He is an example of a wounded soldier who refuses to quit or pity himself.

What are you going through right now? Better yet. How will you come out of it?

Demon Seekers

Schools, colleges and universities that teach students to seek to commune with “spirit guides” are in reality teaching them to seek demons and invite them in. Public education is trying to create a generation (X) that is pagan and directed by demons. That’s why they “act like that”!

The World Exalts “Nuts”

The most influential Person in history has been Jesus Christ. For centuries the desire of the world has been to get man’s attention off of Him. To do that they had to find someplace else for us to place our attention. The “Movers & Shakers” decided to direct our attention to:

  1. Sports figures; by exalting the worthless things they do.
  2. Actors; by exalting their lifestyles, etc.
  3. “Artists”; by exalting anyone who is depraved:

a. Van Goe, a tormented nut who cut off his own ear.
b. Edgar Allen Poe, a mentally unstable poet.
c. David Helfgott, modern pianist who spent years in an asylum.
d. Pablo Picasso, a mental case who laughed because his work was called”art”.
e. Any other depraved “Genius” who is abnormal and could drawattention away from Jesus Christ. 

Newspeople, critics and historians want the worthless achievements of man to overshadow those worthy achievements of God’s Son. They exalt the depraved actions of men until we are too intimidated to say they are insane and instead, not only accept them as “normal” but even worse…as great! They want youmore impressed by man’s feats than those of Jesus Christ. How well has this worked on you?

An Interesting Thought!

Recently at one of my meetings I mentioned that Christians don’t think it strange to read 50, 60 or 70 pages of an uninspired book but think I’m unreasonable for recommending 10 pages of Bible reading everyday. The next day a lady told me, “I have the entire collection of Louis L’Amour books. Last night I added up all of the pages of those books. If I can read all those pages of Louis L’amour, I can read 10 pages of the Bible everyday. How about you? 

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