Letter #36

John Dickinson, (signed the Constitution)

“To my Creator I resign myself, humbly confiding in His goodness and in His mercy
through Jesus Christ for the events of eternity”

Charles Carroll, (signer of the Declaration of Independence)
“On the mercy of my Redeemer I rely for salvation and on His merits;
not on any works I have done in obedience to His precepts”

(Do you STILL believe this country was founded by “Deists”?)

Indians, the Eternal Losers

Before the white man came to this continent the Indians were pagans who worshipped the sun, animals and various other false gods. They were indescribably merciless to their enemies.
Because of this the Lord God sent Japeth (the white man, to “inhabit his tents”. Gen. 9:27) Worshipping the pagan gods of the Indians had brought the end of their supremacy here and the death of their culture. Our God whipped their god!

Yet now they had the opportunity to learn the truth of Bible salvation. In fact, George Washington told a gathering of Indians, “You do well to wish to learn our arts and ways of life, and above all, the religion of Jesus Christ. These will make you a greater and happier people than you are.”
Now, Christ rejecting, Indian hating liberals are urging the Indians to return to their pagan gods. The worthless gods that lost them their way of life and got them thrown off their land.
This time they’ll lose their souls!

Growing Churches!

The churches I preach in are King James Bible believing churches. While we all love to bemoan how “bad” things are, let me tell you what has happened within the last three years among the churches I preach at. 

Ten have built new buildings, nine have bought new buildings and ten more have had to build additions. One church in Ohio was forced to buy two buildings in one year because they bought one, outgrew it in a few months and had to buy another. 

These figures do not include the numerous pastors I’ve talked to who have told me about how they have grown within their existing buildings.

While the Bible rejecting churches are scrambling to figure out how to stop the vast migration away from their churches, OUR CHURCHES ARE GROWING!

Someone Lied, Someone Died

Someone lied to a naive, trusting soul. That soul believed this charismatic leader and soon someone was dead. Was it “Heaven’s Gate”? Of cource not. Applegate only managed to deceive 39 people out of 260,000,000 in this country. Abortionist murder more than a million a year!

Let’s chain ALL the environmentalists to trees!

Meeting the 7000

A Christian Mother

It was Christmas and a little girl in public school had a part in the school play, The Nutcracker. Before the performance the Jerk, liberal, nerd director got up and prayed a stupid prayer to “The One Who is everywhere and nowhere, Who knows all and knows nothing etc…” 

Following the program the little girl’s mother went up and complained to the school principal. She found two other mothers there with the same complaint. The Jerk, liberal nerd was fired on the spot! You lose because you never fight!

Clinton Wins,Wins

Just before the election last year King Clinton, by “divine decry”, stole 1.7 million acres of land in southern Utah. He did this without consulting Congress and just one week after denying that he would do it! Why did he do it?

To win re-election by courting the environmentalist vote.

To win favor with his money masters in the Indonesian Lippo Group. You see, the 2,700 sq. mi. that Clinton set aside as protected wilderness was about to be mined for its enormous low sulfur coal deposits. Now that can’t be done. So everyone will have to buy low sulfur coal from the only other source. The Lippo Group of Indonesia. Clinton treasonously sacrificed America’s future to pad his own pocket.

Arrest the Child Abusers!

Public teachers and officials who invite Lesbians and homosexuals in to speak to little children and lie to them in trying to recruit them into perversion are abusing those children sexually. They need to be arrested and jailed for child abuse.

A government which is so quick to invade the privacy of a home to harass parents with accusations of child abuse because they “care about children” should be doubly quick in raiding the public school child abuse centers.

Some teachers need to go to jail!

What Are You Afraid of Now?!

What do your friends in the news media have you afraid of now? Are you afraid of bad air or bad water? Are you afraid of our resources being wasted or of “censorship” on the Internet? Are you afraid of cholesterol or chemicals in your food? Are you afraid of someone stealing your kids or of getting AIDS?

Don’t you see? “Fear” is a great motivator. It is a great way to control a large number of people. A population that is always afraid will willingly do whatever they are told to in order to “protect” themselves.

Did you ever wonder what you would be afraid of if you didn’t have a TV to order you to be afraid of things? Why, you might even begin to think of your country as a good place!
So how are the fear mongers controlling you?

I John 4:18 

There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love. 

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