Letter #35

Samuel Adams on Forgiveness

“First of all, I…rely upon the merits of Jesus Christ for a pardon of all my sins.”

John Witherspoon, (signed the Declaration of Independence)
“I shall now entreat…you in the most earnest manner to believe in Jesus Christ,
for ‘there is no salvation in any other’ [Acts 4:12]…If you are not clothed with the spotless robe of His righteousness, you must forever perish.”
(WHO told you this country was not founded as a Christian nation?!)

Programming Your Thinking

In fulfilling their agenda of forcing you to think like an environmentalist the anti American News Media makes sure to report any chemical spill, no matter how remote its location, as being near a “delicate” or “sensitive” area. What does that mean? It really means that it happened out in the middle of NOWHERE and isn’t a threat to ANYTHING! But you who have accepted TV news in place of thinking dutifully feel anguish at the report of such “tragedies”.
Stop letting your TV think for you!

Just Say, “I Don’t Care.” 

You Americans are the best, the kindest, the most compassionate people in the world. No other people do as much for “others” as Americans. While I write this, somewhere an American; individual, organization or the military, is busy doing something they don’t have to do just to help someone less fortunate than us.

The News Media knows this so they attempt to “highjack” our national compassion by forcing false guilt on us about things which are undeserving of our compassion but are part of their elitist agenda. They try to make you feel sorry for murderers, homosexuals, animals, the environment, tailormade minorities, lazy bums (homeless) and every other pervert they can scrape up from the garbage cans of life. Just watch the parade of low life scum that are the objects of “compassion” and “understanding” on any of the vile tabloid TV programs.

This has the effect of overloading our consciences till we either harden ourselves to all pleas for help, worthy or not, or we give in and waste our grief on undeserving scum. It doesn’t have to be that way. The next time some bleeding heart Liberal tries to hold your emotions hostage because you “feel no compassion” for his favorite pervert, look him, or her, right in the eye and say without an once of guilt…“I don’t care.”

A Compassionate Liberal

Dr. LaMont Cole, an environmentalist at Yale University said, “To feed a starving child is to exacerbate the world overpopulation problem.” This man would withhold compassion from a worthy, helpless child and yet demand that you feel guilty about a tree, a rock or an animal. This man, like all environmentalists and animal rights advocates, is mentally ill and needs to be institutionalized so that he doesn’t harm anyone. I’m NOT kidding!

Meeting the 7000

Pastor Rocky Shanks

Bro. Shanks and the Open Door Baptist Church of Battle Ground, Washington, had been told by county officials that they couldn’t use their church building as a church because of “zoning violations”. Bro. Shanks was harassed by neighbors, falsely accused by the TV news and intimidated by the FBI in an attempt to get him to submit to the county. But Bro. Shanks is “the wrong guy to mess with.” He hung on, disincorporated his church and fought back. In October of last year he won in court and then had that victory upheld by the Washington state Supreme Court. He was helped by the Rutherford Institute and Bill Clinton! In 1993 Clinton signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act which helped turn the court in Shank’s favor. It is said the this victory will help churches across the country. Bro. Shanks is now suing the county for damages.

Read the enclosed “Third Page” for details and see what can happen when you refuse to buckle to oppression in spite of your fear!

Liberal Environmental Dictators Cause Mass Death

During WWI more soldiers died from tyfus fever than bullets. During WWII none died from tyfus. What made the difference?

In 1948 Sri Lanka had 2.8 million cases of malaria. By 1963 they had only 17! Why?
Between 1953 and 1962 India reduced the number of malaria cases from 25 million to under 5 million and increased the national lifespan from 32 to 47 years. How?
In 1959 the number of malaria cases in Mexico dropped from 140,000 to about 40,000.
In Washington, Oregon and northern Idaho 700,000 acres were protected from defoliation by the tussock moth.

What was the friend of humanity that was responsible for these benefits? DDT! The use of DDT has always benefited both man and the environment. I know. You’re thinking, “But DDT has been proven to cause cancer.” FACT: DDT has never been responsible for one human death nor ever been proven to harm either man or animals. The data used by environmentalists to villianize DDT has been intentionally altered to promote the banning of its use.

Environmentalists HATE humans and DON’T CARE about the environment. Their only goal is the destruction of America and its benefits to mankind. Proof? In answering a question concerning the ban on DDT Dr. Charles Wurster who was at the time the chief scientist for the Environmental Defense Fund stated that there were too many people in the world and of the DDT ban said, “this is as good way to get rid of them as any.”

If you are in any way sympathetic to the environmental or animal rights movement you have been deceived. Anything you do on their behalf is an effort for the Devil. Are you serving him today?

Another Liberal, Another Lie!

Did you know that the “consumer advocacy” group that Ralph Nadar founded is on the third story of a building and doesn’t offer handicapped access?! Tell me. Why doesn’t some “handicapped advocacy” group sue this hypocritical organization?


Proverbs 26:5
Answer a fool according to his folly, lest he be wise in his own conceit. 

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