Letter #34

George Gallup on God

“I could prove God statistically. Take the human body alone- the chances that all the functions of an individual would just happen is a statistical monstrosity.”

Lot Vexed His Righteous Soul

Lot vexed his soul by continual exposer to the vile life styles around him. Although he didn’t partake of his neighbors’ sins it had an adverse effect on the values of him and his family.
If you put a good man in a bar for a long period of time it will affect him. He may not drink or commit adultery but he will eventually; start telling off-color jokes, look at women lustfully, make friends of unclean people and go soft on sin.
How many years have you been watching television?

Don’t Worry! It May Not Be That Bad.

Yes, Bill and Hellery are back in D.C. But don’t shoot yourself yet. He discovered during his first term that destroying America was harder to do than he thought. Most of the things he tried were thwarted by Congress. Now, even his cabinet has bailed out on him. 
What will his next four years be like? He will attempt to form another cabinet. Remember! He got his “best” people the first time around and was surrounded by scandal & incompetence. His “second shift” should really keep him busy! He also faces a more conservative Congress. Plus. Quite frankly I am looking forward to watching him squirm as his legal battles intensify.
I think our “White Haired Hippie” may be too busy fighting his personal problems to cause us much grief.

New Convert Materials

Here are two little booklets that will come in handy in getting someone grounded after you lead them to Christ.

The first is called The Bible Believer’s Helpful Little Handbook by James Melton. It is a little booklet that defines Christian terms for the new convert to understand. Call: 901-536-0348.

The second is called A New Day Has Dawned by Jack Mayes. It’s a 56 page booklet that answers the new convert’s questions about such things as; sin after salvation, Satan’s attacks, doubts, how to study the Bible and much more. Call: 304-523-3693.

Evil Communications

Communication is vital to doing either good or bad. 
1. Evil communication corrupted Lot & his family.
2. God disrupted the Tower of babel by destroying their communication.
3. The devil disrupts our communication with God by casting doubt on the Bible.
1 Cor 15:33 “Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners.”
What is your communication like?

Meeting the 7000

Tim Rose
Bro. Tim is one of the missionaries we were with recently in New Zealand. Since arriving there several years ago he has been assailed by a fellow Christian who is a self-styled dictator. Later he was blasted by an American who has never spent one day on the mission field but portrays himself as an “expert” (Rememberwhat an “expert” is!) on missions. The friendships of fellow missionary Jeff Williams and local pastor Dennis Lloyd plus his pastor Herbert Noe have helped, but the close relationship with the Lord that Tim and his wife Dawn have maintained has been the deciding factor in the fact that they are still serving the Lord with a sweet spirit.

They are home on furlow, but recent developments in New Zealand seem to indicate that the the government of New Zealand is reviewing their case and the darts of the wicked brethren may be defeated, allowing them to return to the country they love to continue their ministry there.
Is somebody bad mouthing you? Look! The only person that can stop you from serving the Lord is you. So either keep on going for God in spite of what people do to hurt you…or quit. But don’t blame it on someone else!

Real Art

Real art is by no means the scriblings and scratchings of some demented freak that is passed off as art today under the term “Abstract”. There are some truly talented artists out there. If you’re interested in art look up some of their work.

Perhaps one of today’s most talented artists is Thomas Kinkade. Kinkade lives in Placerville, CA and is famous for the “Light” that he paints into his pictures. He is saved and is shameless about witnessing for Christ. Every picture he paints has “John 3:16” written below his name.

Some of the most moving art you’ll ever see is that of military artists such as Don Troiani 203-262-6680, Dale Gallon 717-334-0430, R. Caton Woodville 540-373-1861 or Stivers 540 882-3855.

Shoot That Soldier!

Here’s the scene. Two soldiers are huddled in a foxhole, low on ammunition and hopeless. Suddenly a fellow soldier crawls up and passes them food and ammunition saving their lives. “Thanks!” they cry as their hero turns and crawls away to help other stranded comrades. As he turns, one of the residents of the foxhole takes aim and shoots and kills the man who just saved their lives.

“Why did you do that?!” exclaims the other. “He just saved our lives!”

“Yes he did,” responds the cold-blooded murderer. “But he was divorced. And I have a conviction about such things.”

Aren’t “convictions” wonderful?!


Pro. 18:21 Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.


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