Letter #33

John Adams on The Bible

“Suppose a nation in some distant region should take the Bible for their own law book, and every member should regulate his conduct by the precepts there exhibited…what a utopia; what a paradise this region would be!


1. The Queers (Nothing they do is “gay”) were handed two major defeats in Congress recently. Congress passed a bill outlawing same sex marriages and upheld the right of business to choose not to hire perverts. Glory to God!
2. Prior to the 1994 voter revolution the Oregon legislature was opened by homosexual choirs or some screwy liberal college professor reciting poetry about evolution. Since 1994 it has more Christians than it has for years. Now it opens its daily sessions with prayer from an conservative Christian pastor as well as having Bible study groups.
3. In Houston, TX a monument to the Bible which had stood since 1956 and had been removed in 1988 because of the anti-Christian hatred of the homosexuals has been returned to its original Fannin Street location due to the 1994 conservative voter landslide in that state.
4. Legislation is pending in Congress that will protect the right of parents against the oppression of the federal government.

Auto News

1. Dodge, which prior to the 1994 restyle of its Ram truck sold a mere 70-80,000 trucks per year has sold over 201,000 in just the first six months of 1996. (We see them everywhere out West where they have become known as “The Cowboy Cadillac”)
2. Now Dodge has restyled its popular Dakota pickup to match the mean looking Ram. Add the available 318 cu. in. engine (That’s about 19 gazillion worthless centimeters!) and you’ll have a real street racer. Dodge is promising a Suburban type Dakota named “Adventurer” also.
3. I’ve been checking and many owners of GM cars have been reporting extraordinarily high gas mileage from their full-sized cars. We don’t need anymore mileage or clean air rules for our cars.
4. A mere $185,000 can put you in one of the most hideous Porsches built. The unsightly Lime green 928 sports purple interior with green leather seats. Options? The leather seats cost $24,817.The purple leather steering wheel cover runs $1,315, the instrument pod is $1,899, door handles $408, turn signal & wiper stalks $561, Seat adjustment switch surrounds $1,074, Ashtray cover $272, A/C vent trim $1,477, and the speaker trim $832! (Right! German engineering!) Meanwhile Porsche is preparing to introduce the ugliest Porsche since the 914, the Boxster.
5. As I told you before, the 1973 “Gas Crisis” was a farce designed to pressure American car makers into building small unpopular cars while giving the Japanese and the Europeans time to catch up with the Americans. Now, while the American car companies are trying to figure out why their small, 4 cylinder, front drive cars aren’t selling we are about to see V-12 engines introduced in rear wheel drive Mercedes’, BMW’s, Jaguars and Toyotas. Plus Volvo is considering a V-10.

Meeting the 7000

Levi Smith
Bro. Smith was a lumber-jack and lay preacher in Washington state until he was 63 years old. At 63 he went to Japan as a missionary! He was there for 33 years! At 96 he came home, spent one year in the U.S. and said, “God’s not through with me yet in Japan.” At 97 he returned to Japan. He died there at age 98! What testimony will you leave behind?

A Proud Heritage!

Everybody knows that the Indians are a noble people with a proud heritage. After all, they are the inventors of the…um…they came up with the idea of the…ah…well they’re responsible for the…um…they gave the world the… uh…birch bark canoe! Yeah! That’s it! They gave us the birch bark canoe. And where would the world be without the birch bark canoe!?

Child Molesters

What do child molesters do to children? I won’t be graphic but they force them to take their clothes off and then do things to them physically against their protests. This is exactly what happened recently in an East Stroudsburg, PA public school when 59 girls, 11 years old, were forced, by school “health” officials to strip and then be sexually probed by a female (thankfully!) doctor. Many of the girls tried to leaved but were blocked by a nurse. Weeping and terrified they protested that their parents would not want the exam performed. They had their pleas coldly and cruelly ignored.

The goal of public schools is to destroy the youth of our country, not help them.

Programmed Frustration

If you want to frustrate somebody all you need to do is give them a job to do, prevent them from doing it and then rub their face in their failure. The first experiment in mass frustration was carried out on U.S. troops in Vietnam. They were told to win, prevented from doing it and ridiculed for losing to a tenth rate power. The result? Troops became frustrated and depressed. They turned to dope and began killing their superior officers.

The next victims were the law enforcement agencies around the country. They were told to stop crime, put in jail for doing it and ridiculed for their failure. The result? Disheartened cops who went on the take, became disinterested in justice and took out their frustration on the citizens they were supposed to protect.

The latest application is to you. You are told to “live the American dream”, prevented from doing it by high taxes, oppressive environmental and animal rights regulations and reminded constantly by TV “news magazines” how unhappy you are. What will happen when the average American turns on his tormentors? Maybe that’s why they want to take your guns away from you!


Proverbs 21:17
He that loveth pleasure shall be a poor man: he that loveth wine and oil shall not be rich.

Are you serving God or the “American Dream”?

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