Letter #32


Several years ago New York City initiated a “Guns for Cash” program to “get guns off our streets”. The program was the brain child of a Dominican named Fernado Mateo. Like all liberty hating Liberals Mr. Mateo thinks you should surrender your gun yet he never turned in his own .38. His excuse? “I once saved someone from being killed. Why should I give up my gun?” 
That’s the same reason I won’t give up Mine!


1. The crime rate has plummeted in states that have allowed citizens to carry guns. The murder rate in “pro-gun” states is 5.5 in every 100,000 people as compared to 13.1 in “anti-gun” states. Robbery is 121.3 compared to 258.2 and aggravated assault is 282.6 compared to 487.8!
2. Lieutenant Lowell Duckett of the Washington DC police department has called for repeal of the city’s ridiculous anti-gun restrictions. He said, “Gun control has not worked in D.C. The only people who have guns are the criminals. We have the strictest guns laws in the nation and one of the highest murder rates.” Lt. Duckett is president of DC’s Black Police Caucus and Asst. Chief.
3. The BATF recently purchased 22 OV-10 ground attack aircraft. WHY?
4. The 4th Infantry was recently told to register every gun within 100 mi. of Fort Hood. The NRA got wind of this dictatorial plan and it was stopped.
5. The militias worked! Say what you want. If the FBI wasn’t afraid of the constitutional militias they would have quickly turned the Freemen into the same ashes they did the Branch Davidians. Guns in the hands of “the People” stopped tyranny and murder.
6. “Earth First!” put out a list of people that they said should be killed. The Unibomber attended “Earth First!” meetings and two of his victims were from this list. Why doesn’t the media condemn left wing extremists?
As long as you get your news only from the prime networks you will be ignorant of what is happening in this country.


One-Worlder, William Knoke in his book Bold New World: The Essential Road Map to the Twenty-first Century says that through the World Trade Organization, “member governments have voluntarily yielded sovereignty over domestic laws governing the environment, food, safety and way of life.”


A logging helicopter crashed suspectiously while lifting logs, killing a passenger. When authorities reached the scene they found an “Earth First!” sticker on the helicopter’s cockpit bubble. (New Am March 4, 1996)
A logger was killed during an anti-logging demonstration by environmentalist. On the day of his funeral environmentalists sent his family a card saying his death was punishment for “murdering” trees.
Environmentalist are anti-God, anti-American, and anti-human. They are insane and need to be institutionalized. If you are pro-environment you are pro-murder and anti-God, Christian or not!



A West Virginia coal miner
As you travel the interstate have you ever noticed “The Three Crosses”? The middle one is gold while the outer two are blue. They appear all across America in fields bordering the nation’s highways. 
Thw story is that a Christian coal miner was among several trapped by a cave-in. He told the Lord, “If You let me live I’ll erect a testimony to you all across America.” The miners were rescued and “The Three Crosses” are the fulfillment of his promise to God.
So what have you done because of God’s graciousness in your life?


NASA researchers now believe that solar substorms, which produce nitrogen oxides, may also damage the ozone layer above the poles.


Explosive experts have concluded that the damage to the Alfred P. Murrah building could not have been caused by single truck explosion. They say that the columns destroyed by the blast could only have been dropped by attached charges. 
Furthermore, The FBI warned the OKC fire department to be ready days before the blast to be on increased alert.


When asked why no BATF employees were present in the Murrah building at the time of the blast a BATF official claimed they were there. He said that two BATF staff even survived a five story free fall in an elevator. After about a half-an-hour they escaped the elevator and left the building, heroically leading out about 15 other survivors.
BUT! It just so happened that employees of the firm that maintained the elevators were just arriving at the building at the time of the blast to do their regular inspection of the elevators. Within ten minutes after the blast they had checked all of the elevators for trapped victims. They reported that no one was trapped in any of the elevators. Furthermore they stated that none of the elevators suffered broken cables and none had activated emergency brakes which deploy automatically in a free fall. The BATF had lied!


Why are the lying animal rights and environmental criminals winning the battle for America? Because they are dedicated to their cause. Meanwhile, you men are preoccupied with ESPN and your golf scores and you women are busy down at the Mall buying more junk to hang on your living room walls. Meanwhile, the world goes to Hell without Christ and America is taken hostage by liberal terrorists. BUT PLEASE! Don’t do anything that would be inconvenient!


The 1996 Lincoln Town Car, the largest car built in America is more fuel efficient than the 1976 Pinto was. The American auto industry has done a sensational job of building fuel efficient cars. Why hasn’t someone acknowledged this work and admitted that we don’t need to go farther? Because they need to always badger you about “not doing enough”. They need to always keep you frightened of some fictitious shortage so they can manipulate you.

II Chron. 15:7 Be ye strong therefore, and let not your hands be weak: for your work shall be rewarded. 

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