Letter #29


If you’re one of those people who hates to hear anything good just skip this section!

1. Liberals, both Democratic and Republican, are bailing out of Congress at a record rate. Liberals will only “play” if they have the power to force their will on others. When they feel weakened they quit. (Like US)

2. Bill and Hellery Clinton have been receiving negative press reports like never before.

3. America hater Phil Donahue has lost his program due to a lack of viewers. Think about it. Phil Donahue is now among the unemployed!

4. ATT supported the queers and now has had to lay off 40,000 workers.

5. K-Mart wouldn’t repent of selling pornography through its Waldons bookstores. They are now in financial trouble and have had to sell Waldons.

6. Many of the forests in the Northwest that were closed to logging due to the spotted owl have been reopened by Congress.

7. Many strong arm tactics of the EPA are being curtailed by Congress.

Is this revival? No! But it is refreshing to see our side win some victories! Any Christian who wants to see America fall is suicidal!


Since the Berlin Wall fell the Mormons have sent over 30,000 missionaries to the former Soviet Union. Meanwhile we Christians have been occupied the the really important things. We’ve been back biting each other, braking fellowship over stupidly insignificant issues (Of course, YOURS is important!), and tried to destroy each others’ works. I’m sure the Lord Jesus Christ is proud of us and can hardly wait to reward us at His judgment.


A pastor visiting Russia asked a Russian what they thought of America during the days of the Cold War. Expecting to hear that they feared or hated us he was stunned by the answer. The Russian said, “We pitied you.” It seems that all the Communist news media ever showed them about the USA was stories about crime and economic hardship. That’s all they thought America was; crime and poverty.

I thought, “Those are the same two subjects that the American new media always shows. Are the same folks running our news media that ran theirs?”

Then I thought about this: Every place I go in this country they’re building new houses. Yet the news media says our economy is bad.

  • Everywhere I go in this country they’re building new malls. But the new media says our economy is bad.
  • Everywhere I go in this country new businesses are starting. But the news media says our economy is bad!

QUESTION: What would YOUR opinion of America be if you formed it on your personal input instead of on that of the news media?!


The Senate Subcommittee on Terrorism condemned the FBI, the BATF, Louis Freeh and Janet Reno as follows. “This country can tolerate mistakes made by people like Randy Weaver, but we cannot accept serious errors made by federal law enforcement agencies that needlessly result in human tragedy.” AMEN!


Vern McQueen

Bro. Vern entered the Army years ago with the promise that they would teach him how to do something. They made him a driver. They taught him everything about rigs & roads. He spent 20 years driving everything from semis to generals’ staff cars. Years after retiring from the Army he got saved.

When I met Bro. Vern I heard him tell a church, “The only thing I know how to do is drive so I’m going to spend the rest of my life driving for the Lord.” He spent his life delivering tracts in the US and Mexico. He hobbled along on a cane and served the Lord the only way he knew how.

I recently heard that Bro. Vern has had a stroke and is in a bed in a nursing home…BUT at least he gave God what he had while he had it! And you?


An F-15 pilot died when his plane crashed in Germany. Two crewmen and three people on the ground died in the recent crash of a Navy F-14. An F-15 pilot ejected safely before his plane crashed into the sea near Japan and an A/0-10 pilot ejected when his plane crashed in Alaska.

Bill Clinton, the man who wrote, “I loath the military.” is successfully “murdering” our soldiers through his defense cuts. He really hates this country.

During WWII America had over 12,000 fighter aircraft. In 1992 we had only 700. In 1995 the USAF had only 306. He REALLY hates this country!


The current rage of women getting tattoos, nose rings and the wearing of excessive rings on their fingers is all from Hinduism…PAGANISM. I once saw a Youth Director’s wife with 11 rings on her fingers! That’s Hindu! That’s PAGAN! Have you surrendered to Hinduism in the name of “style?”

The “Trend Setters” want to instill pagan practices into our culture.


Other than our God, Liberals HATE the independence that is an integral part of the American people. That’s why you hear them cry, “Interdependence! Not independence.” That’s why Clinton wants an American military too weak to achieve its goals independently. That’s why Liberals hate private ownership of automobiles. They hate independent Christian schools. And they hate people not to be getting some sort of government subsidy.

Maintain your independence! Resist the desire to take the “easy” way!


Victory by Peter Schweizer, The Atlantic Monthly Press, 841 Broadway, New York, NY 10003′ documents the secret economic war that Ronald Reagan waged against the Soviet Union which resulted in its ultimate collapse. It includes accounts of physical military attacks on the Soviet soil.

The Pink Swastika by Scott Lively & Kevin Abrams; available from American Opinion Book Services, P 0 Box 8040, Appleton, WI 54914. This book extensively details the integral part that homosexuals had in the Nazi party. It includes accounts that the first homosexual activist group in America was the German-based Society for Human Relations, founded in 1924. It points out that the Nazis were known as a “gang of homosexuals, thugs and drunks.” A doctor from an institute that treated homosexuals in prewar Germany claimed, “Not ten percent of those men…were sexually normal.” It documents that Hitler appointed homosexuals to key positions in his government.


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