Letter #28


The News Media has a objective for you. All news reports are designed to either make you mad, afraid or hopeless. Check yourself out the next time you watch or read the news. See if you didn’t find yourself mad about something (that is probably none of your business) or afraid for your health or welfare or if you don’t feel like there is no way to resist what is happening in the world around you.

Tell me. Do you enjoy being around someone whose goal is to destroy your peace of mind? Then why do you take the news so seriously? The News Media hates you and your family! You need to keep that in mind whenever you are submitting your mind to it by watching or reading it.


Have you noticed that the world has been putting more and more emphasis on Halloween and less and less on Thanksgiving? That’s because “Halloween” is a day strictly dedicated to the devil and Thanksgiving is strictly dedicated to God. It shows where the heart of the world truly lies.


“‘Deadly Bill” has wreaked more devastation on our military. In the last few months; the pilot of a U-2R was killed when it crashed, 2 people died when a T-38 crashed into an apartment complex, 8 people were killed in the crash of a C-21, 24 were killed in the crash of an AWACS plane, 4 died in the crash of a Navy helicopter, a soldier was killed by a 500 lbs.. bomb that was dropped on him. Plus there were three injured when a HH-1H helicopter crashed. Meanwhile the pilots of; an A-10, an F-16,, an F-15 and the X-31 ejected safely when those airplanes crashed. Also, on August 8 two engines fell off of a B-52 over Bossier City, LA.

Now the Department of Defense has begun to sell unused stockpiles of metal and rubber in order to keep operating. There is also word that the size of the military will be reduced even more starting in 1997. (maybe Clinton is hoping someone will attack and defeat us militarily?)

Thanks for cutting the defense budget, Bill. You really showed that you can handle the job!


The archaic word “eschew” appeared in two separate issues of Motor Trend magazine, used by two different editors. On page 111 of the Sept., 1995 issue John Huffman uses it in an article about the new Pontiac Grand Am. Then on page 17 of the Nov., 1995 issue Karl Tsigdinos also uses it in describing the new Toyota RAV4!!!

Don’t these guys know that this word is “archaic?” Why people get rid of Bibles for such offenses. But then, if it is used in 1995 it isn’t really archaic. Is it?

The archaic word “sundry” appears in large letters on Albertson’s “Sundries Center” on Eagle Road in Boise, ID. AND it was used audibly by no less a personage than the great King James Bible critic James White during our debate on the John Ankerberg Show.

Why don’t you just ignore the critics of the King James Bible?!


Malcolm Dickman

A number of years ago Bro.. Dickman came up with the idea of making scripture signs and having people put them in their yards. God blessed his idea and his scripture signs and bumper stickers have literally gone around the world. He has somewhere around 20,000 scripture signs posted around the world. When I was “in the boobies”” recently I was surprised and blessed to suddenly see several Filipino homes with Bro. Dickman’s scripture signs in the yard. Only the Judgment Seat of Christ will reveal the silent but effective witness for Jesus Christ that Bro. Dickman’s signs have been around the world.

Isn’t there something that you can do for Christ? Don’t give up!


Why did the News Media give so much publicity to Louis Farrakhan’s 400,000 man march on Washington? Because the News Media’s agenda requires promoting racial hatred. Up until now the primary vehicle they used was the NAACP. But now everyone knows that the NAACP is all but dead. (Watch for the Media to try to resurrect it just like they do the long dead OPEC.) The Media needs a militant black organization to help it promote racial strife. Louis Farrakhan has therefore become their “anointed prophet” of hatred.


We Americans are forever being told that any original natives of a country were “at peace with their environment” and that only we ever do anything to harm the ‘”fragile ecosystems” around us. Well check this out!

King Kamehameha I of Hawaii wanted a regal robe made solely of the feathers of the rare Mamo bird. Each bird produced only 6 or 7 usable feathers. He had 80,000 birds slain to gather 450,000 feathers. The bird is now extinct because of this! Maybe the king had some American blood in him somewhere’ (I wonder what a Mamo drumstick tastes like?)


When, not if, Quebec votes to become an independent (communist) nation, Canada will be split in two and may cease to exist. The Maritime provinces; Newfoundland, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia are likely to seek entrance into the United States as states. PROBLEM! If they do, watch the anti-Americans in this country use it as another excuse as to why the rest of our country should go metric. (Even the Canadians hate the metric system!)


Are you afraid to tell “ethnic” jokes? You’re intimidated!

Are you worried about the environment? You’re intimidated!

Are you concerned about “animal abuse”? You’re intimidated!

Do you dislike toy guns or kids playing “army”? You’re intimidated!

Do you disapprove of the word “queer”? “You’re intimidated!”

You have lost the ability to think independently. You cannot hold an opinion contrary to what your Master (your TV set) does. Will you ever break free of New York and Hollywood? Will you ever find the courage to be independent of the brain washing tactics of the world system?


Proverbs 20:3 “It is an honour for a man to cease from strife: but every fool will be meddling.”


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