Letter #26


Recently the state of Florida passed a law allowing citizens to carry firearms. What happened?

Homicide is DOWN 22%! Gun related killings are DOWN 29%!

Ask yourself, “Why haven’t I heard these statistics quoted on major network news programs?”


Have you ever seen a sparrow chasing a crow? Have you ever seen a black bird chasing a hawk? Why does such a large bird run from such a small one?

It is because the large bird knew what it was doing was wrong! (ei raiding the smaller bird’s nest.) There is a power in being right that even nature cannot ignore.

Queers know that they are wrong. So do the other enemies of God. Use your advantage! Go at them with all of the righteous indignation of a sparrow chasing a crow and see what happens. Quit pretending that you are the one who is wrong and challenge those who truly are wrong. God will protect you.


Recently I enjoyed fellowshipping with a young friend of mine whom I had advised not to marry the girl that he married. There were several reasons why I didn’t think that the marriage would work out. They have now been happily married for several years and are raising a fine family. Could I have been wrong? No. Could it be possible? Well…Ah…er.

We Christians seem to have an opinion on everything and are instantaneous in breaking fellowship with all who refuse to bend to our “divine!’ wisdom. If you love somebody, you desire to continue having fellowship with them. Can you find it in yourself to allow a friend to ignore your counsel and still be kind to them? I know it is hard to believe, but you just might be wrong!

I’m thrilled that my friend’s marriage has worked out and even more blessed that he hasn’t held my bad counsel against me.


World War I began in what is now called Yugoslavia when the Archduke Ferdinand was assassinated by a young man who was a member of a group called “Young Bosnia”. The nations of the world decided to “punish” the Serbs and WWI resulted, killing millions.

During WWII Hitler sent his Waffen SS troops into the same area and they were defeated.

Now “Killer” Clinton and the UN are intent on starting a war there. These are not the people to mess with! Clinton is hot to see one American soldier killed there so he can excuse himself for prosecuting a war there. Recent UN actions have made that inevitable. Now it is only a matter of time.

Janet Reno!

In Maine a man yells “Janet Reno” and his children, who were playing, fall flat on the floor.

Another man is overheard talking on the phone to a woman named “Janet,” and his fearful son asks, “Is that Janet Reno?”

A child sees an Army convoy on the highway and asks if the troops belong to “Janet Reno.” 

While the news media tries to lionize this murdering Lesbian, among the citizens of this country her name has become synonymous with fear and death. 

My, my. President Clinton knows the “nicest” people! 


Phil SeelyBro. Seely has been helping Bro. Tom Benson in Plainville, CT for a numberof years. He has been faithful to the Lord and to his duties at the church.He has now entered the field of Evangelism. 

Bro. Phil’s stated desire to be a help to pastors and their churches. Hedoesn’t have the “Let’s kill them all!” approach to evangelism. 

If you’re interested in him, you can contact him at 203- 585-6659.


I am not one of those people who feel moved (other than to throw up)by poetry. But here is one that crossed my desk a number of years ago thatI thought you might like. (PLEASE! RIGHTEOUS Christian. Don’t write aboutthe “doctrinal problems” that you see in it.) 


I love the man who dares to face defeatAnd risks a conflict with heroic heart;I love the man who bravely does his partWhere right and wrong in bloody battle meet.When bugles blown by cowards sound retreat,I love the man who grasps his sword againAnd sets himself to lead his fellow menFar forward through battle’s din and heat.
For he who joins the issue of life’s field Must fully know the hazard of the fray, And dare to venture ere he hope to win; 

Must choose the risk and then refuse to yield
Until the sunset’s light shall close the dayAnd God’s great city lets the victor in.

— Ozora S. Davis 


When you have just finished eating and you are walking away from the table full and satisfied, you should take a moment to say “Thank You!” to God for being so good to you as to allow you to know the pleasure of not being hungry. We take our American bounty for granted to the point that we never thank the Lord that He has protected us from the hunger that most of the world has to endure.

You should also thank Him for the positive things being done by the new Congress that at least push back some of the government oppression that the Liberals have been instituting over the years. It’s not a “revival,” but it is worthy of our vocal appreciation. Keep praying that the forces of wickedness in our government will continue to be pushed back. 

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