Letter #20


“The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. A well regulated militia, composed of the people, trained to arms, is the best and most natural defence of a free country…” 


1. “Legalist” Anybody with one more conviction than I have.

2.”Liberal” Anybody with one less conviction than I have.

3. “Unpardonable Sin” To disagree with ME!

4. “Sin Unto Death” To cross ME!

5.”Heretic” Anybody who believes something that I don’t believe.

6. “Cultist” Anyone who doesn’t follow the man that I follow.

7. “Lost” Any Christian that I’M mad at.

8. “Out of God’s Will” Anybody who doesn’t do what I tell them to do.

9. “God’s hand is off of them” Anyone I don’t like.

10. “Charity” What people need to have more of for ME

11. “Not qualified to preach” Anyone who has ever been divorced no matter what the circumstances.

12. “Qualified to preach” Anyone who lies, cheats, steals, gossips, commits adultery, destroys ministries, spreads hatred, intimidates, is proud, snobbish, merciless or vindictive, AS LONG AS THEY’VE NEVER BEEN DIVORCED.


The test to see if a law is scripturally valid is simple. The Bible states that “the powers that be” are there to be an adversary to evildoers. (Rom. 13:3,4 & 1 Pet. 2:13,14) Therefore a law that prohibits something that is evil is a scripturally valid law.

Is it evil to murder someone? Is it evil to rape someone? Is it evil to not wear a seatbelt? Is it evil to rob someone? Is it evil to own a gun that you will never use for evil purposes? Is it evil to fill in a swamp?


Word is that a group of “Patriots” is going to march on Washington DC on September 19th and “arrest Congress”. If this group of idiots really goes through with an armed invasion of Washington it can end up two ways. Both bad.

If they succeed (sure!) we will have anarchy.

If they don’t succeed we may end up with suspension of the Constitution and Marshall Law.

Either way, WE ALL LOSE! (NOTE: We are scripturally bound to our Government which gains its legitimacy from the Constitution. If the Constitution is suspended, the Government loses it legitimacy and we are no longer scripturally bound to it.)


We Christians love to place ourselves so far down as underdogs that we can’t seem to accept any kind of victory. We have had several lately but we have been too busy bemoaning our situation to proclaim them.

1. House Bill #6, which was directed against all Christian education, was altered to exempt us due to massive Christian protests.

2. The bill forbidding Christian employers from displaying their Chrlstianity was altered for the same reason.

3. The Supreme Court ruled that you cannot be forbidden to display any signs in your yard.

4. A court ruled that footbal1 stadiums cannot prohibit scripture signs.

5. Could the avalanche of problems besieging the Clinton administration be a direct answer to our prayers? Come on! Rejoice in some victories!



Bro. Harwood pastors the Calvary Baptist Church in Gaylord, MI. He has been in the ministry for 23 years and at Calvary for about 14. Bro. Harwood can best be described as a ‘”Gentle Giant,,. During a public arm wrestling contest, Bro. Harwood went down and competed against some bikers. He smiled kindly while he beat them. Recently a camp resort was going to host a “Gay Family Day”. Bro. Harwood single handedly campaigned against it and it was canceled. (See! We can have victories if we’re willing to fight.)

If your tired of “standing alone” remember that you’re not.


Since 0. J. Simpson is innocent until proven guilty. I have a suggestion for what they should do with him.

Turn him lose and let him go home. Gather his family and friends to the total of about 90 people. Then, surround the house with BATF and FBI tanks and BURN THEM ALL TO DEATH. That’s what they did with David Koresh, who was as guilty of a crime as 0. J. Simpson.


Although we declared our independence from Britain in 1776, the Constitution was not ratified until 1787. This means the United States is actually 207 years old and not the 218 that many people think. Slavery was only an institution in this country for 77 years. (1787-1864) yet we’ve been being punished for it for 130 years. (1864-1994) When will this great injustice (slavery), be paid so we can get on our national business?!


I have always said that you should trust nothing but the Lord to keep you safe through any disaster. I still stand by that.

I have always advised people to own a gun for two purposes. If national trouble comes you will need it to get your food and to keep your food.

If a national disaster strikes, two things will happen quickly. Grocery stores will empty permanently and your money will be worthless. I think it would be wise to secretly store some food supplies. Since money will be worthless you may want to get extra salt or sugar to be used like money to barter for food. REMEMBER! Keep your supplies secret. Anti “hoarding” laws will give the Government an excuse to steal your food. Even worse, your neighbor may kill you to get it. (Don’t forget batteries and medical supplies.)

There is talk of a new currency being issued in 1996. If this happens it will probably be a 2-l exchange. One new dollar for two old ones. This will also flush out any hidden cash you might have. If you can, turning your money into gold coins may get you through the exchange. NOTE Keep your receipt with the coins to prove that it’s not “drug money”. Suspected drug money can be legally (?) confiscated on the spot by police and not returned.


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