Letter 163

What Happened to Them?

Over the years I remember some really high-profile Christian men who had very high-profile ministries
and a great number of followers. There was Bob Harrington, “The Chaplain of Bourbon Street;” Johnny Todd, the converted witch; Bill Gothard and his “Basic Youth Conflicts” are just a few.

I feel no animosity for these men or any others like them. But they don’t seem to be anywhere around now. They shot up fire works on the 4th of July and then seemed to disappear just as fast. I do not claim to know what happened to them, but I do know they didn’t seem to have any connection to a local church. Was this their fatal weakness?

I have evangelist-friends: Mark Rogers, David Spurgeon, Ken Dean, Rick Drummond (now pastoring),
Buddy Blunkall (with the Lord) who haven’t been preaching for months, or years, but decades. You may say that they don’t have the fame of the first group. True. But they’re still in the saddle! They are all faithful members of a local church and they’re all still on the road, serving the Lord.

No, I don’t believe Jesus Christ was a Baptist and started Baptist churches, and I’m not going crazy of
“Pastoral Authority.” But, I do believe God uses local churches. When you read Revelation 1-3 you see that at the end of this age He is still dealing with local churches. All my evangelist friends minister to people around the globe, but they are also ministered to by their pastors and help their local church when they can.

Maybe that doesn’t give a ministry “Meteoric Fame” but maybe it adds a spiritual stability that can’t be found anywhere else.

Who Can Help Us?

If the Lord tarries His coming I hope Donald Trump is again elected to the presidency in hopes of four
years of sanity which will undoubtedly end with us enjoying 4 more peaceful years leading up to our Blessed Hope. You may have another candidate in mind but if he’s another professional politician you need to rethink your confidence. The guy that did the most good for this country, Israel and God was not a professional politician. Why do you keep doing the same thing, voting for professional politicians, and expect a different result? Haven’t the “conservative” Republicans fooled you enough yet?
I remember right after Trump was elected and the Dems were trying to get him out of office, some timid
Christians whined with misguided hope, “Well, if they get Trump out we’ll still have Pence.” Pence is just
George W. Bush with white hair! Do I believe he’s saved? Yep. Would I trust him running this country. Yes,
as much as I would trust Mitt Romney or any other Republican professional politicians. Christians keep going back to the same crowd for help that has sold them down the river year after year. Why? Maybe it’s because they’ve been hit in the head too many times…or not enough!

Put the Party on Hold

When Pompeo was the dictator of Rome he had to fight Julius Caesar’s army. He outnumbered them and
had such great confidence of his upcoming victory that before he went to battle had his victory party all laid out, awaiting his return. But he lost to Julius Caesar and all his pre-battle victory celebrating was for naught.

Do you remember the pre-election victory celebrations conservatives had before the 2020 and 2022
elections? When will Conservatives get this great truth through their thick heads, “Just because someone is wicked that doesn’t mean they’re stupid.” Quit celebrating victory we haven’t had yet!

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