Letter 161

Quit Dancing! Start Praying!

I have always Christians weren’t supposed to dance. Yet I have watch so many of them”dancing” a victory dance over victory we haven’t experienced yet, the November “Red Wave!” I hear conservatives and Christian boasting over a victory they haven’t had talking about the “changes we’re going to make when after we win the House in November. NOBODY wants that hope to become a reality more than I do But I seem to remember the same crowd doing the same dance and crowing the same things in the Fall of 2020 about our coming “victory” in November. How did that turn out?

Oh, I know, you just said, “Well we would have won if the Democrats hadn’t cheated!” correct. Correct! but are you absolutely sure they can’t do that again this November? Do you think they don’t see the coming wave? What, and they’re saying, “Well Guys, looks like we’re going to lose the House in November. Oh well. Better luck next time.”?

Quit “dancing” and start fervently praying God will deliver us and our country from the plans they are making right now!

Yes, It Could Happen

Recently I heard a conservative postulate a theory about the 2024 election. Not long ago communist, Gavin Newsom visited the White House. When did he visit? When Traitor Joe wasn’t even there! He was busy stumbling around Europe trying to figure out where he was.

So why would he visit when the most important person, it would seem, wasn’t there? Maybe, to meet with those who are really running the country. This guy theorized that, what if they said, we’re going to make Harris a deal she can’t refuse and she’ll resign. Then Biden (who isn’t even the president!) will be told to appoint Newsom as the new vice president. Then Biden will be forced out (or eat the mushrooms) before the 2024 election and Newsom will enjoy the advantage of being the incumbent. Could it happen? Why not!

My Apologies!

I owe some folks an apology. Unfortunately, they’re dead & buried. I, like so many history buffs, have often exclaimed, “Why didn’t the Germans do something to stop Hitler in the 1930s when they saw he was becoming a dictator?” Now I know the answer. They didn’t stop him because they couldn’t. What are we doing to stop Biden as we watch him shamelessly doing the same thing here? Well, we’re still crying that the Democrats stole the election. Good, I’m sure that will make Biden leave the White House! We constantly point out the hypocrisies of the Dems. I’m sure that embarrasses them! And… we have some “killer” memes that truly are funny. I’m sure their hearts are broken!

If time were to go on for another 75 years the people of that generation will condemn us with the same charge, “Why didn’t they stop Biden from becoming a dictator?”

Claiming Scripture

I have noted many Christians claiming verses that assure us all that God will save us from destruction. Did they miss this one? “And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand.” Mark 3:25

Just a Young Man

A few years ago a Christian young man, whom I had never met, called me with some questions. I helped as best I could. Then from time-to-time he would call back telling me how much he wanted to serve the Lord but explaining the obstacles that prevented it. A short while ago he called and asked, “What should I do if I think God wants me to preach?” My answer was straight and to the point. Get in your car and get out here and learn the Bible so you can better minister. Great idea, he thought. Then he began lamenting all that prevented or hindered it.

The next day he text me and said he was coming, then explained the obstacles. I told him to come. He said he would. I figured I probably would never see him. Last week he introduced himself to me… in one of my classes! Yep, he ignored every “obstacle” and just decided to actually do something! How about you?

“One Picture is…USELESS!”

We have all heard the adage, “One picture is worth a thousand words.” Apparently some “chest-beating” Conservatives really believe that. To show how fierce they are and to warn Liberals of how much trouble they’re in they post pictures of themselves boldly holding their AR-15, dressed in camo with a “Come & get it” grimace on their face. They just want everyone to know how ready they are for “the Big One.” (And to give the FBI a picture of the weapon they have so they’ll know what to confiscate.)

If they’re so “ready” to fight for freedom I wonder, do they actually have some kind of a plan to follow when things go south? Do they have a plan for the day the computers, phones and Internet all quit working at once? Do they even have a plan to take every public camera from traffic cams to building security cameras so their movements can’t be tracked? DO they have some kind of prearranged plan to meet up with their fellow “Camera Patriots?”

Or do they already know the next picture they’re going to take of themselves in order to paralyze the Liberals with fear. Do they already have the next wave of mocking-memes that they are sure will bring all America-haters to tears. Do they have plans? Or just pictures?

Fight On!

On August 2, 1877, between 1,500 and 3,000 Indians attacked 32 soldiers and civilian wood cutters who were supplying timber for Fort Phil Kearney six miles away on the Bozeman Trail. A fleeing civilian logger his way through the attack to inform three soldiers stationed at an outpost of the attack. The four men, on foot, started a quick but orderly journey to the woodcutters’camp which was a crude horse corral constructed of a circle of wagon boxes. But Indians were springing up all around them and soon the four were running for the wagon box corral with a horde of mounted Indians closing on them. They would never outrun the Indian ponies! As an Indian closed in for the kill he suddenly flipped backwards off his horse. Then another. And another! They looked ahead to see one lone soldier, Sgt. Max Littman, a 22 year old German emigrant who couldn’t even speak English, down on one knee calmly aiming, firing and dropping a hostile with each shot. All four men testified they would never have made it back to the corral if not for the steady fire from that one young soldier. Fight on!

Caution: Genius at Work

Imagine you and a friend are out and he falls and breaks his legs. You help him to your car and say, “I’ll take you to the hospital!” and he stops you and says, “No! I refuse to go there. I’m mad at that hospital.” Pretty stupid, wouldn’t you say? The hospital is there to help them. Them not going there when they need it isn’t hurting the hospital, it’s hurting them.

Yet this is the exact attitude some Christians have about going to church. They get mad at a church and leave and say, “I’ll never go back there again!” as though their absence is going to close the church’s doors. Yet the church, not understanding their importance, just keeps going on for God.

I’m not in favor of dictatorial, cultish pastors, but they don’t eradicate the need the average Christian has to be in church regularly. Dropping out hurts the Christian, not the church.


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